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The Third Man Endowed With Superhuman Abilities: Apollonius of Tyana

The Third Man with Superhuman Powers – Apollonius of Tyana:

In two previous blog posts, we talked about two men in the bible with superhuman abilities: Enoch and Jesus.

Another man with superhuman abilities from God was a man named Apollonius. Some philosophers believe he was the ultimate model that was later reinvented as Jesus by Christian Priests.

Philostratus, a Greek philosopher, wrote at length about Apollonius of Tyana. He wrote an account of Apollonius “restoring to life” a young girl of noble birth at Rome. Our philosopher seems to have met the funeral procession by chance; whereupon he suddenly went up to the bier, and, after making some passes over the maiden, and saying some inaudible words, “waked her out of her seeming death.”

Prof. Hilton Hotema in the prologue to The Gospel of Apollonius of Tyana wrote:

…Apolonius of Tyana is the mystery man of the Bible, the Jesus of the Gospels, and the John of Revelation. Lucius of Cyrene was one of the disciples of Apollonius, and had three different names, owing to the different languages in which it was written – Lucius, Lucas, and Luke. The Gospel according to St. Luke was originally written by him, and its hero was not Jesus, but Apollonius.

Lucius is referred to in the Bible as Lucius of Cyrene in Acts 13:1. Then he is mentioned in Romans 16:21. He is referred to in Col. 4:14 as “Luke the beloved physician‟ and as Lucas in Phil. vs. 24….”

…After the gospel Jesus was invented at and by the Nicean Council in 325 A.D; the first act of the church fathers was to burn all writings they could find, especially those of the first three centuries, which mentioned Apollonius as the spiritual leader of the first century.

That’s the reason why ancient libraries were burned, including the famous Alexandrian Library. The Chief Librarian, being warned of the plot to burn it, secretly removed some of the most valued writings and sent them to Arabia for safety…the church made every effort to destroy this work but failed. The work was preserved by the Arabs. Only in the early 16th century was it introduced into Europe and then it was immediately placed under ecclesiastical ban…

…The Life of Apollonius by Philostratus was not permitted to be published in Europe until 1501 A.D….Later an English translation was made and created such a furor further publication was banned by the church. More on Apollonius was published in 1809. It was burnt as soon as the church could get their hands on it. By 1907 two famous bookshops in London advertised in vain for a copy…

…It would be utterly impossible for any writing to be more of the nature of “a religious work of fiction‟ than the Four Gospels of the New Testament reciting the work of its Jesus…”

…In considering the Four Gospels, the conclusion seems indicated that the compilers of them utilized the story of Apollonius‟ miracles, merely embellishing and enlarging on them…

In concluding the Prologue Hotema wrote:

Jesus is unknown outside of the New Testament. But there stands the historic record of Apollonius, in undiminished greatness, the image of a prophet and philosopher. A man who strove for knowledge and self-improvement, and for the betterment of humanity. A sage whose love for his fellow-men extended to dumb animals, whose life was pure and saintly, and in whose name not a single human being was ever slain. A prophet who preached his way to the ultimate GOOD, not with fire and sword, but by reasoned argument and the example of a blameless life.

“Apolonius of Tyana is the mystery man of the Bible, the Jesus of the Gospels, and the John of Revelation.”

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My Thoughts:

I think it highly improbable that our Jesus was Apollonius, but he was certainly popular during his lifetime.

He was widely traveled and welcomed into sacred “lodges” in many countries.

In most cases, he made improvements on their rituals and improved their process of initiation.

What do you think of Apollonius?

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

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The Third Man Endowed With Superhuman Abilities: Apollonius of Tyana


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