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Tomorrow Night the WOLF Howls

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The Republican Debase will be held on Can Not be News this coming Tuesday. Although, his poll numbers don’t warrant it, CNN bumped Rand Paul up to the Big Boys table. Why? Because Paul will ask Trump questions, that CNN won’t. For example, in a previous debate, Trump kept touting that the U.S. made the worst trade deal, and China got the upper hand. Did a moderator correct Trump? No, it was Paul: ‘China is not even part of the trade deal.’

Wolf Blitzer. Will be moderating the Republican debate. The Wolf is on all the time on CNN. I don’t think they called it a 24-hour news network, before his arrival. Has anyone ever noticed that Wolf is hardly ever out on the field? He probably needs to be close to a bathroom, since he’s on CNN almost all day. Since he’s a Wolf, he pees at CNN to mark his territory, so no other journalists can take his spot.

Donald Trump. Ban on Muslims. Does he honestly believe the words coming out of his mouth? I was wrong. Before I thought Trump was a circus clown. Now I know that Trump’s just a puppet, and someone with strings, is moving his mouth. Most likely Cheney. And like I said, Cheney doesn’t go to the devil to make a deal. The devil goes to Cheney.

The Republican Never Ending Party. The Republican National Committee (RNC) held a meeting last Monday. Chief discussion was the fear, that Trump may get the most delegates. And as it goes, who gets the most delegates, gets the nomination.

You know it’s bad when Republicans tried to prevent blacks from voting with Voter ID laws, are now trying to stop white voters. So under the brokered convention, the white votes for Trump won’t count. Anything to prevent Trump from being the Nominee.

We knew the Republicans had something up their sleeve, when JEB said, that Trump would never be the nominee. But did anyone think they’d go this far? The RNC Convention will be pretty interesting next summer, and definitely must watch TV, because I hear they eat their own:)

Meet the Mess. Ted Koppel was a panelist (oh the days, when there were real journalists on TV). Koppel told Chuck Toad:  “Donald Trump is, in effect, the Recruiter-in-Chief for ISIS. ISIS wants nothing more right now than to have the world divided into Judeo-Christian on one side and the Islamic world on the other. That’s exactly what Trump is doing for them. I think it’s time we start with thinking about what ISIS wants and then not doing it.”

Wide World of Sports. DC we have a problem. Houston Rockets lost to the Nets the previous night. But then the next night, the Wizards lost to Houston. I doubt Harden even knows how to cook. (Mom: Neither do you, and that’s why I’m not putting a stove down in the basement).

Beal is NOT the problem. Part of the problem is us. Why are there more out of town fans, than local? And don’t say, it’s b/c Washington, D.C. is transient. Boston is a college town, but you won’t dare hear someone at the TD Garden cheering for the Lakers, when they’re up against the Celtics. Two weeks ago at the Verizon Center in D.C., was nothing but “Let’s go Lakers”. But after losing to the Mavericks last week Sunday, the Wiz beat the Mavs, on their court last Saturday. The Wiz ended the week on a good note.

Jens Rule. Remember although you’re unforgettable, you’re not irreplaceable. (Exception: An excellent doctor).

Jens Rule #2. When I cry, I cry alone. (Mom: That’s not true, you cried after I delivered you. Jen: But you left me at the hospital. And when they called, you said, they had the wrong number.)

D.C. Commuting. Counterintuitive. As I was taking the bus home on Friday, I noticed another Metro bus in front of me. Every year like clockwork, WMTA cries about a shortfall, which will require an increase in fares. Why is it that Metro prices go up, but their services go down?

Well this certainly didn’t help. On the back of the bus, was a large ad from Uber, requesting drivers. Now Metro, why would you put up such an ad? Especially, when you know that the population in D.C. is rising astronomically, such that 3 buses will pass me by in the morning, due to overcrowding. Uber here I go. (Mom: They pass you because they see, you’ll make them over the weight limit. Jen: And off to Housing Court we go. That’s the last time, you call me a baby elephant.)

My dear readers, tune in next Monday, when we discuss what’s going on, what’s going down, and what’s …

Game time...



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Tomorrow Night the WOLF Howls


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