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What To Do When You Can’t Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

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You really have the itch to write a new blog post and you are in front of your computer ready to go, but there’s one MAJOR problem. Nothing’s coming to mind. Have you ever experienced this? Believe it or not, there are things you can do to keep you completely busy even when you have writer’s block.

Your blog is like a house. It needs maintenance and tender-loving care every once and a while. When you are busy cranking out the blog posts, it’s easy to overlook other tasks necessary to keep your blog running and drawing in traffic. Let’s take a look at some of those things today!

1. Update old blog posts

Hey, some of the crap I wrote years ago is probably outdated. Those posts may still be drawing in some traffic, but the level of engagement has dropped tremendously. A good rule of thumb is to updated your blog posts every 6 months. Chances are, you’ll see increased engagement, and you’ll show your readers you want to keep the information you are sharing to them updated with the latest information.

2. Spend the day promoting across social media

Pick 3 posts you’ve written that 1) you really love and 2) get a lot of traffic. Share these posts across all of your Social Media accounts. If you participate in Facebook groups, spend time sharing these posts in your groups and engage with other bloggers.

3. Check for and repair broken links

Wait, what? I have good links on my site! No chance they are broken! WRONG! You’d be surprised, especially if you have been blogging for a while, how many links were good at the time you published a post, but have since broken. It happens. There are numerous free websites that will scan your site and report broken links. My favorite site is Dead Link Checker. Simply enter in your site’s URL and in a few minutes you’ll have a list of every broken link. Depending on the number of broken links, this will take some time to clean up, but it’s worth it!  Keep in mind that Dead Link’s free service only checks up to the first 2,000 links, so if you want to check more, you have to sign up for their auto-check service ($110/year)

Broken links not only damage your credibility and reputation as a blogger, but they also damage your site’s rankings in search engines. Trust me, this is a task you’ll want to complete regularly. Again, I shoot for every 6 months, but you can certainly do it on your own schedule.

4. Update your resources page

Please tell me you have a resources page. It’s one of the most critical pages on a blog – especially if you participate in affiliate marketing. I make it a habit to update my resource page every month, because I’m always coming across new products, websites, tools, and resources that I want to share right away.

5. Update your WordPress theme and plugins

New versions of WordPress themes and plugins are released all the time. Important security patches and enhancements can protect your site from vulnerability. Make it a habit to update these items as soon as the new versions are released. You can check for updates through your WordPress dashboard.

6. Backup your site

I hope you have a regular site backup installed on your blog. I can’t imagine what I’d do if nearly 2 years of blogging just disappeared. WordPress blogs can get hacked. It happened to me!  I use a free plugin called Updraft Plus Backup/Restore. There are premium options to this plugin, but the free options are sufficient for what I need. I save one daily backup of my files to Google Drive. Some plugins will save directly to your wp-content folder, but I advise against this in case the folder is unavailable, or is damaged – trust me, it happens!

7. Check your sidebar content

Take a few minutes periodically to check the content in your sidebar. If you have expired ads, remove them or replace them. Not sure what to put in your sidebar? Read my recent post: 8 Things You Should Include In Your Sidebar.

8. Check your comments queue

If you use WordPress, chances are you might have some comments pending your approval. This is a good opportunity to make sure there aren’t any legit comments sitting there. Be careful, as there is almost always going to be at least one spam comment. Delete the spam and approve the legit comments.

9. Update your media kit

By now, as an experienced blogger, you should have a solid Media kit. If you have one, but haven’t touched it in months, now’s the perfect time. I strive to update my media kit monthly, but with everything going on at once, sometimes it goes a little longer. By keeping your media kit refreshed, potential customers and partners get your most accurate information.

10. Update your social media profiles

How long has it been since you updated your social media profiles? Bloggers depend on social media to connect with readers and fans, so to have an outdated profile is actually a step backwards towards building credibility. Whatever you put in your Social Media Profiles, make them consistent. You can also take this time to disconnect from any social media accounts you don’t use. Spend time updating only those accounts you post to regularly (and maybe send out a post telling your readers to check out your new profile!).

11. Update your “About Me” page

One of the most important pages on your site is your “About Me” page. Make sure the information in your about me is up to date. Remember, your “About Me” page should be about how you can help your readers – and not your life story. Check out my “About Me” page (and feel free to provide any good or bad feedback….I can take it!).

12. Respond to feedback

Whether it’s an email, comment, social media post, etc., timely responses show your readers how engaged you are in your blog’s success. Take this time to monitor everything you need to respond to, and make sure your responses are valuable to your readers. Did a reader share a great idea with you? Give them credit through a tweet or a Facebook mention.

13. Update your posting schedule

If you don’t have a set schedule, and just post whenever, now’s a great time to create one for your blog and social media accounts. Planning ahead is one thing many of us don’t do very well, but could save us a lot of time in the long run. I know some bloggers who live by their schedules, and would be lost without them. I’m not quite there yet as I blog 2-3 times per week, maybe more, but could benefit from a set schedule. If you have a Pinterest account, there are free scheduling templates out there. Go grab one and put it to use!

14. Scour social media and news sites for ideas

If you’ve done all of the above, why not generate some ideas for new blog posts. One of the ways I do this is to see what’s new on social media and in the news. You’d be surprised as to how many ideas you can get just from one site. If you follow other bloggers, maybe check out what they’ve written about, and write a contradicting post about it, or write a spin-off of their topic. It’s easier to find topics to write about than you think. You just have to put a little effort into it!

15. Write an e-Book

By now, I think I have more than enough content to convert into an e-Book. The good thing about doing this is that you aren’t coming up with new ideas. You are taking your existing ideas and converting them into an easy-to-read eBook. If you have a lot of content, creating several eBooks on different topics can also keep you busy. Make sure to notify your readers on how they can purchase a copy whenever it’s ready. I recommend Blurb to help design your eBook!

Take that, Writer’s Block!

You don’t have to be less productive whenever you have writer’s block. With these 15 ideas, you are sure to stay busy, but at the same time, your blog will continue to stay refreshed, which only adds to its success!

Do you have any other ideas on how to be productive when your brain isn’t?  Share them in the comments!

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What To Do When You Can’t Come Up With Blog Post Ideas


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