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Birth Story

On Wednesday night we went to bed as normal. I was tired as I had gone for a reasonable length walk with Becca around the gardens and then also walked with R to the supermarket and back. At about 1:30 am on Thursday 28/7/2016 I woke up and felt like my stomach was a bit upset. I went to the bathroom and had a really loose motion (sorry for the information!). I woke up Rick because I knew it was odd as I have had constipation for most of my pregnancy (again, sorry for the overshare).

We headed back into bed and laid down. I started feeling craps in my stomach but they were far between and I was thinking it was probably in my head rather than contractions. After the 3rd contraction I mentioned it to R. We continued to lay in bed and relax for a couple of hours. The contractions kept coming and we decided to begin timing. They were all over the show; 7mins, 5mins, 10mins, 2mins apart. This made me think that it was a false labour, so we put off ringing the midwife until 6am. R talked to her and gave her the update of where we were with things.

After the phone call we went for a wee walk around the block. As soon as I felt contractions coming on I would look for a letterbox or post to lean against. The poor courier guy must have been very confused. When we got home I got on the lounge floor and rocked myself with the Swiss ball. I did this for a while and R spoke with the midwife again, she advised that she wanted to see a client at 8am and would cancel everyone else and could meet up with us at 8:45. Not long after that conversation I started vomiting which tipped me over the edge. I told R to get me to the hospital. R called the midwife and said “Olivia just said get me to the hospital” Estelle responded with “Oh she’s at that stage is she?”

Mum then headed over to ours to drive us to the hospital. I swear she took the longest route to get there and we even had to wait for a train to go past! Mum parked at the drop off zone and we went up to the maternity ward. They showed us to the room and laid on the bed. I put my headphones on and listened to a guided meditation. I did that until the midwife arrived just after 9am and she started asking questions. She examined me and told me I was about 3cm dilated. R and I went for a walk around the ward and I stopped every time I had a contraction. They really picked up when I was moving around so back to the bed I went. I laid down for a while but the midwife mentioned that the contractions were slowing down and getting further apart. This was discouraging so up off the bed I got. As soon as I started walking around they came back stronger and closer together. The midwife went for lunch and R started timing.

By the time the midwife came back from lunch at 12:10 I was having contractions every 2-3mins. I started feeling really sick and began vomiting. The midwife asked how I’d feel about a student coming in and watching. I said that it would be fine, they need to learn somehow and I couldn’t have cared less about my dignity at that stage. I really started feeling like I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I was having gas with every contraction but even that wasn’t cutting it anymore. The midwife and R took off my pants and examined me. My language was becoming quite colourful by this stage and the midwife said the baby’s head was low and at the next contraction I could push. I was confused because I didn’t have an overwhelming need to push like I thought I would.

I began to push at 12:40. I pushed with all my might. I knew that the better I pushed the faster she would be here. After pushing for about 15 minutes my waters broke. A few minutes later the midwife told R to come and have a look. By 1:17pm Maya Florence made her entrance into the world.

Having her placed on my chest was the most amazing feeling. I felt a wave of emotions. Tears instantly filled my eyes and I couldn’t believe she was here.

All and all, I couldn’t have asked for it to have gone any better.

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