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Dorothy tosses her tassles

I decided that Dorothy needed some cheering up so I took her out for a relaxing evening at the spa. After a few hot sauna sessions, body scrubs, a full body massage and a ceasar salad, we ended up by the open fire sipping champagne. Sounds familiar, right.

“Darling, what do you when I’m not around?” Dorothy looked at me inquisitively. Her question I have heard uttered before, but then from the lips of my babes.

“I work, Dorothy.” I grin. “I love doing what I do. And then there’s my writing which I enjoy. I write my own blog and also as a guest blogger. But most of the time, I’m running after my kids.” I believe that’s an honest answer. Oh, I forgot to mention ‘the man’. Oops.

“Yeah, you do a lot of that nowadays. Think you’re pretty awesome at that. Saw you got an article published on Bloovi the other day. That’s well cool. How did you manage that?” Haha, Dorothy’s interested to know how I manage to sell my diamonds at my age.

“Connections, Dorothy. It’s all about knowing the right people. You know I participate in presenting those digital events for the analytics community? That’s how I know the people from Bloovi.” I’m giving her the politically correct version and hoping she won’t press any further. But of course she does.

“So they asked you to write an article? That’s cool. But it still doesn’t explain how they know you so well. I mean you’re not that famous.”

“Not yet, Dorothy sweetie, not yet. But I’m an expert you know.” I wink at her.

“Darling, you’re not telling me everything. I can feel it in my little toe. Come on, spill the beans!” Dorothy can sniff out a good story a mile off. And I like to tell me stories. So I willingly give in.

“OK well you remember some 8 years ago when I had a mission at Telenet?” I start out.

“I knew it! I knew there was more to it. Oh this had better be good. Lets hear it then.” I’ve got Dorothy’s full attention now.

“I was working on a dashboard for Sales when I encountered a problem with the Google API which I was unable to solve by myself. I had talked to my manager about it and he had given me permission to ask for advise from the Digital Analytics community. So I set about contacting the most renowned agencies at that time. A few of them mailed back that they didn’t have the right knowledge in-house to help me, and a few others asked to set up a meeting.”

“This is boring. Is the cool stuff coming soon?”

“Patience, Dorothy, I’m just setting the scene.” I will not be rushed. “So I’m sitting there waiting for my visitors to arrive and I get a phone call from this guy called Henk from the Cowboy company saying that he’ll be 10 minutes late. And I’m gutted because I’m sure I’m waiting for Steve from bSeen to arrive. I check my agenda and sure, I’ve noted a meeting with Steve. I voice my concern to my colleague Randy and he says he’s not surprised. That Henk and Steve are buddies, and that they often give each other leads to go on.”

“Randy’s that colleague you didn’t get along with at Telenet, right?” Dorothy interrupts me.

“Yes that’s right, he’s the one. Anyway I’m outraged so I grab my phone and call Steve’s company. The secretary tells me that I can’t possibly have a meeting with Steve because he’s on his way to San Fransisco to attend the Google Analytics conference there in Silicon Valley. At that I’m feeling more outraged and egged on by Randy, I demand to speak to the CEO.”

“Oh you didn’t?” Dorothy chuckles.

“I did! I got the CEO on the line and I told him this was not on. That I had specifically asked to have a meeting with Steve and that he had no right to be sending me Cowboy Henk from another company. The CEO remained poised and politely told me he will call me right back. I’ve just put down the phone when the receptionist notifies me that Cowboy Henk is waiting for me downstairs. I march off down the corridor followed on the foot by a very happy Randy. When I meet Cowboy Henk, I give him a firm hand, stare him down and then tell him I’m surprised to see him when I thought I had a meeting with Steve. At that Cowboy Henk laughs jollily : ‘But Fiona, we talked on the phone two days ago, don’t you remember? You called me Steve then too, and I corrected you that my name was Henk.’ And then my face fell. My stomach turned. I did recognize his voice. And suddenly I can see it before me. Steve had just sent me an email five minutes ago, when Cowboy Henk called me. And I automatically assumed that Steve was responding to my mail.”

“Oh sugar. That spells trouble.” Dorothy looks sympathetic.

“Oh yes, Dorothy. That was trouble and for more than one person. I calmly asked Cowboy Henk if he would mind waiting for me just 5 minutes as I had an urgent phone call to make. I dashed off into the first meeting room I could find, frantically dialed the number for bSeen’s offices and asked to speak to the CEO again. The secretary told me that the CEO was on the phone and I could hear a lot of shouting going on. I urged her to interrupt the phone call, that I knew what the shouting was about and that I had a very important and urgent message. I had to set this straight.”

“That’s very brave of you. He was probably telling Steve that he was fired on the spot and to come right back to the office. No San Fransisco for him.” Dorothy is in awe.

“To my surprise, when the CEO came on the phone he sounded all calm and friendly smiles, though just 5 seconds ago I had distinctly heard him being very angry. I ate humble pie : I apologised and explained my mistake. His answer was short, yet polite : ‘Fiona, I will call you right back.'”

“Oh no, he probably had to call back Steve to tell him he’s not fired after all and for god’s sake to get on that plane to San Fransisco.” Dorothy had it all figured out.

“I guess so…” I’m still reminiscing on the good old days.

“That still doesn’t explain how come you get to present the Google Analytics User Conference, nor how you got asked to write blog articles for Bloovi.” Dorothy’s voice pipes up again.

I sip my champagne glass, and let it linger just a minute moment. “Dorothy darling, I just asked them. I saw the CEO at an event some years later and I told him if he ever organized any Analytics events, I would love to be part of it.”

“That’s it? You just asked him? And he remembered?” Dorothy is completely amazed.

“Yes, Dorothy dear. And that goes to prove how important it is to make a deep and lasting impression on someone.” That’s it, I’ve come to the end of my glorious story. Dorothy is determined there is more to it than that. But that is the honest truth how to successfully selling your diamonds at the wonderful age of 41.

“Darling, how come we always end up naked in your stories?” Dorothy is finishing her glass of bubbles.

What do you think ? Is Dorothy right, is there more to the story than meets the eye ? Let me know in the comments below.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.

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Dorothy tosses her tassles


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