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Err Name Not Resolved ? Here is the Fix [Solved]

“Err_name_not_resolved”, is that the Error you are facing ? well you don’t need to worry. Thus I can say that err name not resolved is a simple error occurs due to dns settings. Here the dns is not able to resolve the domain name. Err_name_not_resolved can be fixed very easily and quickly. Every domain on the internet has a name server. Because of which it is possible for the DNS’s to resolve Domain Names. Error 105 net err_name_not_resolved with error code 105 is also the same error you face due to DNS settings misconfigured network.

First of all lets understand a basic issue that why this err_name_not_resolved error 105 occurs. DNS is a system which helps the computer resolve a name into ip address. Every website has an ip address that machine understands but we cannot remember those numbers. To solve this DNS was made as it converts “”  to its respective address. So if that is not done properly , you will get err_name_not_resolved with error 105 code.

Quick Solutions For Err_Name_Not_Resolved

Below we have listed some basic solutions for this solution. By following these solutions step by step, you would be able to resolve this issue. This is the best guide that you will find on internet.  We have listed quick and best solutions for to solve this misconfigured network issue. Please follow each and every solution step by step as your issue might be solved in first step also. Err name not resolved generally does not take much time to be corrected.

Solutions 1:  Change Dns Server To Resolve Err Name Not Resolved

Mostly you will resolve this issue just by changing the Dns Server settings. As error code 105 misconfigured network can be corrected by changing the dns servers settings. I have replaced my current DNS server with the Google public DNS servers. Follow the steps given below to try out this method.

  • You need to click on the wifi bars .wifi_bar
  • Then you need to open the network and sharing center.


  • Then after that you need to select the network name.
  • This is has to be the same network which gave you the err_name_not_resolved error.


  • Then in the wireless network window.
  • Click on the properties.


  • Now you need to select “Internet Protocol Version 4(tcp/ipv4)”
  • You will have to double click on that option.


  • We have selected tcp/ ip version 4 because it is currently widely used.
  • Now in the properties we will get a new window where we will enter the new dns ip address.


  • Here we are changing the dns ip address.
  • This ip address is of Google’s dns server, and we are using this because it is free to use.
  • Please enter “” in preferred DSN server.
  • And “” in Alternate DNS server.

There are high chances that your issue with err name not resolved would be resolved by changing the dns server of your system. This error occurs because of the dns not able to translate the name into the ip address. And this leads to misconfigured network and error code 105. As I have stated above this process is so easy to follow thus you can resolve this issue within minutes.

Updating Your DNS On MAC

We cannot leave the mac users behind because they might also face same isue. Please follow the steps below to change your dns on yor mac device.

  1. Click on the “Apple icon” on top left.
  2. Choose system preferences.
  3. Click on the network icon.
  4. Please make sure that your active adapter is selected.
  5. Now go to DNS tab.
  6. Then click on “+” symbol.
  7. And again add the DNS servers as and  

Solution 2 : Flushing the DNS Server To Fix Error Code 105

If there was an issue and the problem was not resolved then you can try this step in order to resolve this error. By flushing dns means, we are deleting the old dns settings because they are not working. Thus by doing this we will have to get new automatic dns also. You need to follow the steps below in order complete this procedure.

First step is to flush the old dns related data.

  • Open run :”windows+r”
  • Open cmd by typing “cmd” and hit “enter”
  • Now enter command : ipconfig /flushdns
  • After this we will release the dns by entering the command : ipconfig /release.
  • Post this you will have to get new dns server ip by entering the command : ipconfig /renew.

To clear your DNS cache if you use MacOS X version 10.10.4 or above, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Applications.
  2. Then click Utilities.
  3. Click Terminal.
  4. Run the following command: killall -HUP mDNSResponder

To clear your DNS cache if you use MacOS X version 10.10 through 10.10.3, perform the following steps:

    1. Click Applications.
    2. Then click Utilities.
    3. Click Terminal.
    4. Run the following command: sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcache

Solution 3 : Netsh Winsock Reset

If you have not able to resolve the error 105 net err_name_not_resolved, then you can also try this method. Thus by following this method you will be able to reset your windows socket settings of your TCP/IP stack on your computer. This will simply fix the damaged TCP/IP stack and will fix your err name not resolved issue for good. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

  • Open run :”windows+r”
  • Open cmd by typing “cmd” and hit “enter”
  • Now enter the command : Netsh Winsock Reset
  • And simply restart your pc.

Solution 4 : Turn Off your Antivirus

Some time it happens that antivirus software blocks some of the websites. You can just check, just by uninstalling the antivirus from your system and try opening the website. And if you are unaware of how to uninstall the antivirus, you can simply right click on the antivirus icon present in the bottom right corner and select Turn Off Real Time Protection. Thus you will disable your antivirus.

Solution 5 :Uninstall/ Reinstall Chrome Browser

Some people complain that they only face this issue of error 105 net err_name_not_resolved when they are surfing the internet on chrome browser. Then you also can resolve this by a simple method. In this you can just uninstall and re-install your chrome browser. You can install the chrome browser from official website : chrome browser.

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Err Name Not Resolved ? Here is the Fix [Solved]


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