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Tenerife Explored Blog
A blog about Tenerife away from the coast,villages,walking,hiking and rural life.
La Victoria De Acentejo - Tenerife Village
2019-02-08 11:49
Photo from-wwwwebtenerifeLa Victoria de Acentejo one of the major wine producing areas on the Island along with banana plantations and rural farms land planted with cereals.Photo Ayuntamient… Read More
Santiago Del Teide, Tenerife
2018-11-28 11:36
Photo from Del Teide is a municipal as well as a town, the town of Santiago Del Teide being the gate way to Masca, known as the lost village because until… Read More
2018-11-16 14:10
The 'Grand Mencey Tinerfe'(or King) and his Father 'Sunta' originally ruled over the unified Island of Tenerife.Later his children split the Island into 9 small Kingdoms (Menceyatos) :-Acaim… Read More
2018-09-28 12:30
How many of us have had a cold, cough or upset tummy after a flight?Some times you know it's going to happen because someone on your flight has had a cold or has been sneezing, so you half e… Read More
Tenerife Ferries
2018-08-07 21:28
There are three ferry companies that operate out of Tenerife:-ArmasSailing between all 7 Canary Islands and Via Madeira to Portimao (Portugal)http://www.navieraarmas.comT… Read More
El Teide National Park  Tenerife
2018-06-11 20:40
The Teide National Park was recognized by UNESCO in June 2007 along with it's volcano which rises in the center of the park to 3,718 meters  creates "one of the richest and diverse volc… Read More
Love Wine - Love Tenerife
2018-06-07 11:30
If you love wine you need to come and try the wines of the Island, they have won some major prizes on the world stage and well deserved too.Plenty of Bodegas eager for you to taste their win… Read More
Tenerife South - Towns And Villages
2018-06-04 11:30
Explore the South East Coast of Tenerife, you will be surprised at what you will see-historic towns and villages,fantastic scenery, fantastic beaches -Take a Look  Read More
2018-06-02 18:25
La Laguna was at one time the capital of Tenerife, it has now been declare a 'Unesco World Heritage Site', it's well worth a visit, plenty to see, you can get there by Tram from Santa Cruz… Read More
2018-06-01 12:00
Icod is where you will find the thousand-year-old Dragon Tree,a genuine wonder of the botanical world. The gardens opposite are well worth a walk round and are often missed, thee you will fi… Read More
TENERIFE WEATHER - What You Need To Know
2018-02-24 12:57
The weather in Tenerife varies greatly from one part of the Island to the other, so below are 10 facts to take into consideration when deciding what time of year and which part of the Island… Read More
2018-02-21 11:41
New line 369, from Buenavista Station, Plaza de los Remedios to Punta Teno, every thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and bank holiday.The cost € 1 in cash for each trip.The stops: Estac… Read More
Punto De Teno - Nature Reserve
2018-02-20 17:50
Punta de Teno is a part of the Teno Rural Park and covers nearly 200,000 acres.Located on the North-West of the Island it incorporates parts of the municipals of Buenavista del Norte, L… Read More
2018-02-13 08:57
Tenerife Walking Festival will take place from May 22th to 26th 2018. This is an open event to hikers from all over the continent, combining different types of hikes and trails and original… Read More
Laurisilva ,  (Laurel Forest) Tenerife
2018-01-24 09:37
Laurisilva is a woodland formation that is considered to be a relic of the woods that covered North Africa and Southern Europe Twenty million Years ago.On the Island of Tenerife the best&nbs&hell…Read More
2018-01-22 23:52
These are the flags of The Canary Islands.As you can see, the Tenerife Flag looks very much like the Flag of Scotland, there are a few stories of to why this is, so take your pick.1. When Ne… Read More
El Laurel, Candelaria
2017-10-13 18:51
We came across this not so little restaurant whilst travelling along the old TF28 just above Candelaria.                      &nbs&hell…Read More
2017-09-28 15:28
Introduction.Tenerife is the largest of the Canary islands, of which there are 7 major and 6 Smaller islands.The westerns Islands of Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro form the prov… Read More
Igueste De San Andrés
2017-05-15 10:10
Photo by Robert WirrmannIgueste de San Andrés is a lovely village on the south east coast of Tenerife, it is down a dead end 6 kilometre road at the foot of the Anaga Mountains i… Read More
May 3, Day Of The Cross
2017-04-30 22:31
Day of the cross is an annual event celebrated on May 3. Every town or village whose name ends in 'CRUZ' (CROSS) celebrate this day, well that is how it was originally, but as is typica… Read More
2017-03-07 18:55
RADAZUL is a coastal  village on the South East Coast of Tenerife, just out side of Santa Cruz.It has been a few years since we went there to have a look at the Marina, which is one of… Read More
Icor , Historic Hamlet In Tenerife
2017-02-15 15:02
Icor is a little hamlet in the municipal of Arico on the TF 28 near the Fasnia boarder.According to the 'Publications in Official Bulletins of the Canary Islands: B.O.C. 103 (pp: 9087-9… Read More
2017-01-21 17:34
It's Carnival Time again in Tenerife. This year the theme is "The Caribbean".Canarian people love to party and this one is a month long in Santa Cruz and then continues to other towns on the… Read More
Los Silos, Typical Canarian Village
2017-01-18 11:16
Image from ' El Ayuntamiento Los Silios 'The Villa of Los Silos is nestled in the northwest of the island of Tenerife holds a wealth of flora and fauna in the heart of the Teno massif, the l… Read More
2017-01-11 17:19
Adeje municipal incorporates ‘Costa de Adeje’ , which as the name suggests is the coastal area of Adeje, where you will find the golden beaches, hotels and Apartments. A fantasti… Read More
2017-01-10 14:35
Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife is situated in Playa Paraiso on the south of the island in between La Caleta and Callao Salvaje.This is a great boost to the area which has had the 5 Star 'R… Read More
2016-11-04 16:11
'La Laguna' translates to 'The Lagoon'.The city itself stands at 600 m /1,1970 ft) above sea level and became the Island's first Capital City after the conquest of Tenerife, which turned it… Read More
Honeys Of Tenerife
2016-10-30 15:05
At the last count there are some 10,000 mobile bee hives on the island,  which have some 500 bee keepers caring for them.Seems a bit incredible for such a small island, but you have to… Read More
2016-10-23 16:50
The Restaurant in the Historic Village of Arico Nuevo is now called - TASCA LA ZURRAPA.Opened it's doors on October 16th 2016 with new owners , new name and a new menu.The menu is typic… Read More
El Teide National Park - Tenerife
2016-09-17 06:59
The Teide National Park was recognised by UNESCO in June 2007 along with it's startovolcano which rises in the center of the park it's self, rising to 3,718 meters as "one of the richest and… Read More
Tenerife South- Towns And Villages
2016-08-08 15:35
The South West Coast which includes Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos is well documented, this article explores the South East of Tenerife, which is an ideal place for winte… Read More
A Quirk When Driving In Tenerife
2016-06-30 18:39
 Wikimedia Commons,Francesc 2000Here in #Tenerife we have a unusual system on the mountain roads when there is cycle race taking place, not sure whether it is the same in Mainland Spain… Read More
2016-05-16 10:46
Corpus Christie is Early this year because Easter was early. The actual date is Thursday 26th May, which is when the processions in Orotava will take place.Other villages will cele… Read More
Olive Oil - Tenerife
2016-05-04 12:06
Photo from Cumbres De AbonaIt all started in 2005 when the first experimental olive groves were planted at the Cumbres De Abona Cooperative, located in the municipal of Arico on th… Read More
2016-04-26 10:14
As most people think of sun,sea and sand when they think of Tenerife, I suppose  the heading ' Rural Retreats' seems kind of strange on a blog all about Tenerife, but you will find a 'R… Read More
Horse Riding In Tenerife
2016-04-20 15:13
Photo by horse riding in Tenerife Horse riding in #Tenerife is very popular for residents and visitors alike. There are quite a few companies offering Horse and pony trekking on the Isl… Read More
2016-04-17 10:29
Most of the municipals on the island have a farmers market during the week, sometimes more than once, they are great places to get your fruit and veg while at the same time knowing in the ma… Read More
Weather In Tenerife
2016-04-13 10:24
It’s the one question I get asked most often ‘What's the weather like in January (or whatever month)?’From Google Maps-Click to enlargeThe answer has to be ‘ NOTHING… Read More
Motor Bike Tours Tenerife
2016-04-07 10:53
Photo from Canary Island RidesTouring #Tenerife on a Motor Bike, what better way could there be to see the Island...with so many sunny days in the year, it's the ideal place.There are a few… Read More
2016-04-01 10:40
 Yes 'FootGolf' Photo from - had not heard of it before,but was curious so investigated and found the following-There is an association for Foot… Read More
2016-02-24 12:13
 photo by KoppchenThe full programme for 'Santa Semana'  (Easter Week), in La Laguna can be found on this link :-… Read More
2016-02-04 15:35
Photo from Web Tenerife Many cyclists come to Tenerife every year, some for leisure ,some for training, due to the high altitudes which can be achieved here.There have been many cycling rout… Read More
2016-01-14 18:10
Photo from - tenerifewalkingfestival.comThe 2016 'Tenerife Walking Festival' will take place from March 29th to April 2nd 2016.It is organised by the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife ( The Teneri… Read More
2016-01-08 16:06
Photo by Jose MesaThe once to be Leprosy Colony can be seen from the TF1 Autopista north bound as you go towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Noticeable because of the derelict looking church whi… Read More
2016-01-03 16:12
'The Belens' are a Christmas Time Tradition here in Tenerife. The word Belen means Bethlehem. In the UK I suppose we would call them Nativity Scenes, but here in #Tenerife it is a… Read More
2015-12-18 18:00
The island of #Tenerife is an absolute must for fans of traditional climbing. The huge number of volcanic formations that have eroded over time have left rugged rock faces, creating a u… Read More
2015-10-04 15:31
The conquest of the Canary Islands started in 1402 and completed in 1496, you might have noticed the name Bethencourt in various places around the island, this was because the first phase of… Read More
2015-08-19 18:24
Finca Salamanca is a beautiful country estate of 50,000 m³, situated on the South of  #Tenerife just outside Güimar Town in the Valle de Güimar.The Antique Manor house ha… Read More
2015-07-23 11:00
Playa Jardin, Puerto De La Cruz by Jaume Escofe#Tenerife has been awarded 13 Blue flag beaches this year (2015) see Below -Granadilla de Abona -  El Médano Torviscas - … Read More
2015-07-07 18:35
TASCA SARRAS - a fabulous little restaurant run by Patricia and Issac, you will find the restaurant tucked away in the little village of Arico Nuevo which it's self is well worth a visi… Read More
2015-07-07 10:31
Up date on the #F1 circuit in #Tenerife.With regard to  the beginning of the works, Giuseppe Charter states that are doing the "recognition" of the measurements, which is the first step… Read More
2015-06-24 12:30
Puerto De La Cruz  is the main tourist centre on the north of the island, it differs greatly from the tourist centres on the south of the island in that it has a more colonial feel to i… Read More
2015-06-11 10:23
It's said that that you can find a Fiesta on the Island every day's probably true, they do enjoy themselves here and most people join in, all are welcome.There are RED DAYS  (Wh… Read More
2015-06-05 14:23
Where to find a good #FarmersMarket in #Tenerife.You can't beat a good farmers market. the fruit and vegetables are fresh and taste a lot better and are in the main a lot cheaper than the su… Read More
2015-05-25 14:00
Weather was fantastic , clear blue skies everything had such a clarity about it.We started out with no plans other than which direction to head off in, this was along the Carretera General t… Read More
2015-05-13 09:00
Tenerife South is drier and warmer than Tenerife North, taken as a average over a year.Tenerife North is not by any stretch of the imagination cold and it does not rain all the time, it… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Course Introduction to Beekeeping (Shire Chasna Isora)SHAREAdd to iCalThe Municipal Department of Economic Development and Employment Arona City Hall encouraged to enroll in the course… Read More

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