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Christian Blogs - Pr… · 00:40 22 Jan 2017
Why is it hurting America more than we Realize? Election hate of 2016 is still occurring after the election of our new President Donald Trump.  Some of us are very happy over the result… Read More
The Blogger Am I – W… · 21:01 21 Jan 2017
The mind boils with brimming thoughts More than tongue and lips can tell, More than sharpest conscience can cull, But one should dominate all the rest, Until of this the head is full, And th… Read More
Blog De Poder · 19:21 21 Jan 2017
Lectura: Proverbios 21:1-31La prensa lo llamó una “figura de poder caída” después de que un escándalo forzó la renuncia a su puesto, de un ases… Read More
Run The Great Race
Courageous Christian… · 12:29 21 Jan 2017
Run the Great Race - Paul, I believe was a sports fan, as he mentions several sports like running. We must run the great race with patience, some translations say endurance. The starting p… Read More
Um Evento Glorioso
Coisas Judaicas · 12:21 21 Jan 2017
por Zevi GhivelderO ano de 2017 assinalará o 120o aniversário da realização do Primeiro Congresso Sionista Mundial, ocorrido a partir do dia 25 de agosto de 1897… Read More
Sistem Republik Rusak
Neopluck · 07:35 21 Jan 2017
  Sistem Republik Rusakunduh Buku-Buku Supremasi Ideologi IslamSesungguhnya kita tidak perlu ragu untuk mencampakkan sistem republik dan sistem ekonomi liberal. Sebab, sistem tersebut a… Read More
For The Fainthearted… · 21:54 20 Jan 2017
President Trump is not liked, although that will hardly trouble him. He is not a man likely to be much worried by those who would disagree with him: he is president, we are not, full stop. H… Read More
[email protected] · 20:00 20 Jan 2017
Many amateur tarot readers will leave out the reversed cards because they believe they are all negativity and question who would want that sort of negativity in their reading. It’s imp… Read More
Reach The Clouds.
Harmonia Philosophic… · 13:31 20 Jan 2017
Colossal clouds cloak the surface of Venus, making it difficult for researchers to probe its secrets. One way astronomers have peered through the haze is with the European Space Agency&rsq… Read More
Sola Scriptura
Free Online Bible Co… · 10:49 20 Jan 2017
Purchasing land in Bangladesh can be a frustrating experience because of the difficulty of determining exactly how much land a given parcel contains. advertisement: Depending upon the area o… Read More
George's Journal | O… · 09:47 20 Jan 2017
Esperanto is an international auxiliary language devised in 1887 to help break down the language barriers between different ethnic groups. It was to help communication while allowing retenti… Read More
Jan Chozen Bays On Grief
Buddha Space · 03:55 20 Jan 2017
Jizo statues in Japan are dressed by grieving parents“Grief lasts as long as it lasts. There will always be a hole in your heart that’s the shape of that life, which you knew how… Read More
Uma Palavra De Deus … · 00:08 20 Jan 2017
Talvez você está enfrentando um momento difícil em sua vida, mas permita-me deixar essa mensagem para você: Olhe para cima! Olhe para Deus que fez os céus e… Read More
Never Give Up
Best Life Quotes, Po… · 23:58 19 Jan 2017
Sometimes, all we need is just one person who believes in us and who will never give up on us. Someone who sees beyond our weaknesses, beyond our faults. Who knows that though we walk in da… Read More
Black Atheists · 23:35 19 Jan 2017
With all that money you're making by making them tithe EVERY Sunday and in some cases Thursday and Saturday, you can mentor them on saving that 10%, but that's too much like right. That mean… Read More
Her Philia?
Celestial Reflection… · 23:08 19 Jan 2017
Crossposted from Reflections Journal.In a recent blog post, Teal Bosworth Scott Swan leveled some pretty serious allegations against the "hate group" conspiring to shut down her new retreat… Read More
Professor Gilmar Esp… · 20:38 19 Jan 2017
 O caminho da vida pode ser o da liberdade e da beleza, porém nos extraviamos.A cobiça envenenou a alma dos homens... levantou no mundo as muralhas do ódio... e tem… Read More
Conhecer E Seguir Je… · 08:01 19 Jan 2017
«Feliz aquele que, diante da taça cheia e inebriante que é a vida de Jesus, não cai na tentação de juntar água ao vinho.Feliz aquele que n&ati… Read More
Was Jesus A Christian?
Done With Religion… · 17:17 18 Jan 2017
Many people today think of Jesus as being the founder of Christianity, especially here in the USA. Most people think of Christianity as a religion, one of many different religions in our wor… Read More
How To Transform Your Workplace
The Good Life · 14:46 18 Jan 2017
Work as a representative of God. This sounds simple, yet how many of us actually go to work with this mindset every day? What would happen if every morning before we went to work we prayed a… Read More
Washed By Water Thro… · 19:17 17 Jan 2017
Scripture: All of this occurred to fulfill the Lord’s message through his prophet. – Matthew 1:22 Observation: In the opening chapters of the New Testament in the book of Matthew… Read More