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Every 10 Years Or So
080808 On,now,to The… · 01:03 24 Feb 2017
Alan Christopher Welch - blog author of 080808onnowto.blogspot etcUnder a year - blessed to be in a fabulous family and in GhanaAround 10 - blessed at Woodside Junior School Amersham with g… Read More
With Eyes Of Faith
Best Life Quotes, Po… · 23:58 23 Feb 2017
Faith needs a new kind of eye to see, an eye that sees in the light of love. – Jocelyn Soriano Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen me,you have believed. Blessed are those… Read More
Let It Go
The Crazy Catholic · 20:08 23 Feb 2017
What are the things that cause you pain, cause you to hurt, physical and emotional? There are some things that we deal with every day which give us struggle yet make us have a stronger chara… Read More
O Hipócrita E O Pescador
Pr C. J. Jacinto · 18:42 23 Feb 2017
Peter Laranja era um daqueles devotos piedosos que encontramos por ai, um doutor sabe tudo, nutrindo uma espécie de orgulho demasiadamente doentio. Era o super espiritual, via erros e… Read More
What Is A Leader? (7 Of 9)
His Glory Blog · 17:07 23 Feb 2017
Consistent (Someone who can stand in front and take the most damage) – The true character of people is made clear in the difficult times. When people look to a leader they want one th… Read More
Sabendo Pedir Perdão
Coisas Judaicas · 16:00 23 Feb 2017
"Michel ganhou de presente um papagaio. Mas o que poderia ser uma diversão para a família acabou se tornando um verdadeiro "presente de grego". O papagaio se comportava mal e t… Read More
The Noble Saint With The Funny Name
Nunblog · 15:56 23 Feb 2017
I LOVE today's saint, but his name, so unfamiliar in our culture, has always been a bit of a stumbling block for me. Polycarp means "fruitful" and he certainly was, dying a martyr's death at… Read More
Thrive And Grow
Santos Woodcarving P… · 13:54 23 Feb 2017
Rabbi Uri taught: “Man is like a tree. If you stand in front of a tree and watch it incessantly to see how it grows and to see how much it has grown, you will see nothing at all. But t… Read More
Pain Taking Savior
Courageous Christian… · 12:35 23 Feb 2017
Pain Taking Savior - Jesus is the Great Physician and can offer healing! I think Zach Williams said it great in his song, Chain Breaker. #PainTakingSavior #ChainBreaker #PainTaker The post… Read More
Verse Of The Day · 10:33 23 Feb 2017
HE IS MAJESTIC “Your right hand, O LORD, was majestic in power. Your right hand, O LORD, shattered the enemy. “ —Exodus 15:6 Song for my day There is no other in all the wo… Read More
Salve Regina
Diario De Un Ateo · 07:30 23 Feb 2017
Hoy en día esta canción de "La Polla Record" sería catalogada como proscrita y muy probablemente sus integrantes podrían terminar con sus huesos en la cárc… Read More
Mantra To Enchant An Audience
Prophet666 · 06:49 23 Feb 2017
This Mantra for today is a special Mantra to Mesmerize, Enchant, Attract and Influence an Audience and make them connect with the Speaker.  This Mantra, which is a kind of Vashikaran Ma… Read More
A Very Full Week
Contentment Acres · 05:00 23 Feb 2017
I have been rendering lard from our pasture raised American Guinea Hogs. Why use lard from pasture raised hogs? Because that kind of lard is healthy and is a good choice of fat! (I… Read More
La Sal De La Vida
De Todos Los Días · 04:20 23 Feb 2017
Para el día de hoy (23/02/17):  Evangelio según San Marcos 9, 41-50La lectura que hoy nos convoca tiene que ver con la reciprocidad, con la concordia, con el cuidado… Read More
Stand Therefore · 22:58 22 Feb 2017
The birth of a child usually brings great joy. When it was told Abraham that he would have a son in his advanced age of one-hundred years, Abraham fell on his face and laughed (Gen. 17:17)… Read More
Amulet, Charm, Magic… · 16:44 22 Feb 2017
Recently, many curious buyers ask me questions about how i get started in thai amulets and how helpful the amulets has been in my life.I think of myself as an ordinary man who knows about ex… Read More
Reflections For The … · 11:22 22 Feb 2017
Here are some more quotes from my newest book as I write. They are from different chapters.Filed under: America, Books, Quotes Tagged: Books, Christianity, Quotes, Racism, United States of A… Read More
Carnaval 2017
Estudando Com Chico … · 11:00 22 Feb 2017
Reflexão de Carnaval: Na palestra “Parasitose Espiritual”, Anete Guimarães nos informa que uma pesquisa realizada entre foliões gerou um ranking das inten&c… Read More
Gospel · 10:52 22 Feb 2017
There are three names which are powerful-Power of Jesus 'Name, -The power of Jesus' blood-, Power of Word of God.this is a place for getting down and out of nowhere attains Royal. Name of Je… Read More
Conhecer E Seguir Je… · 08:34 22 Feb 2017
«Jesus não é um ideologia que acrescentamos à vida; é a nossa própria vida em transfiguração.» [Carlos Maria Antunes] Read More
Hindu Blog · 06:30 22 Feb 2017
Lingashtakam is a hymn in praise of Lord Siva. Shiva is also also called as Maheswara, Rudra, Pasupati, Shankara etc. … Continue reading Lingashtakam Lingashtakam is a post from Sakal… Read More
The Blogger Am I – W… · 21:00 21 Feb 2017
How much we have to learn! — Hard lessons They must be, for God returns And again to teach them. So we pray To be good students, saved from suffering Repeated pains, for lack of wisdom… Read More
Imponernos Aborto
Amarajesus · 16:15 21 Feb 2017
NO queremos su dinero para abortos#StopColonialismoIdeologicoCrean un fondo internacional para fomentar el aborto internacionalConvocan cumbre de donantes en Bruselas el próximo 2 de… Read More
Haqislam | "surely, … · 18:11 20 Feb 2017
New car? Take a selfie. Put it on social media.  Child’s birthday? Take a slefie. Put it on social media.  New job? Take a selfie. Put it on social media.  Nice meal? Ta… Read More