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Emma Nordström · 07:51 30 Apr 2017
Nu är jag hemma från Köpenhamn där jag varit senaste dagarna, jag var där på skolresa. Vi har haft ett par trevliga och bra dagar där trots att vädr… Read More · 07:00 30 Apr 2017
RT @virtuallydead: Good morning. Another day, another 5ft squirrel trying to break into my car. -> RT @spinooti: Me, a feminist: it is so important to depict healt… Read More
The Passing Of A Good Friend
Life Et Cetera · 05:23 30 Apr 2017
On the 15th of May this year he would have turned nine years old. This morning we found out that our beloved dog Coco, passed away.For more than 8 years, this dog remained fiercely loyal to… Read More
That’S So Jacob | Ra… · 04:53 30 Apr 2017
Post-It Note 1: You are at the bathroom sink, getting ready for the day. One of you is moving extremely slowly, the other is moving extremely fast. Post-It Note 2: One of you is packing a su… Read More
Grilled Kibbeh Recipe
Lebanese Recipes · 04:01 30 Apr 2017
Serves 4 PersonsPreparation Time 30 MinutesCook Time 20 Minutes  A great revisited Middle Eastern recipe prepared with a little hot sauce. It’s worth trying, check it now!INGREDIE… Read More
Teamwork, WOO HOOO!
Katherine Appello-In… · 16:06 29 Apr 2017
I just want to take this time to thank everyone who reads, subscribers and shares my site. I appreciate all the support and encouragement.I would love to read everyone’s blog, but I d… Read More
Sad Love Quotes · 15:15 29 Apr 2017
Forgive them even if they’re not sorry. Sorry doesn’t prove anything unless you mean it. I’m sorry I can’t be someone else. I’m sorry; I can’t be perfect… Read More
Voucher Codes - Vouc… · 17:54 28 Apr 2017
Enjoy $10 off the AMD Ryzen 5 1400 4-Core 3.2 GHz (3.4 GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 65W YD1400BBAEBOX Desktop Processor at The post Ryzen 5 appeared first on Voucher Codes Read More
Sobervision · 16:18 28 Apr 2017
…is the best insult a Foreign Secretary can muster to describe the Leader of the Opposition, it only goes to demonstrate the ever widening chasm between government and ordinary people… Read More
Versos Ditos · 15:31 28 Apr 2017
Quisera eu, um dia, apagar todo o mal que causas no caminho. Na tua caminhada, quando já não sabes mais para onde ir. Sozinha, perdida, nos braços de alguém qualq… Read More
The Social Larson · 13:37 28 Apr 2017
Lynsey and I have been exploring the Tableau Public Gallery. We hope to start developing a few dashboards based on data we think are fun. Up first, conceptualizing a viz involving… Read More
Scary Website | Scar… · 10:57 28 Apr 2017
Scuba Diving is a sad ghost story about a girl who sees a mysterious young couple when she is walking on a beach at night. This is a ghost story that my sister experienced. It’s a sad… Read More
Butterfly Kisses · 03:12 28 Apr 2017
I chose to touch on this topic this week for quite a few reasons. I saw some events this week that reminded me of how forgiving God is and how forgiving we should be also. Last night in a sm… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 27 Apr 2017
This week Tiger has actually done a few things around the house and he's so proud of himself. FFS.It's not anything amazing, just things that he should be doing all the time that he hasn't… Read More
P.s. I'm Mommy · 16:20 27 Apr 2017
Lately my son’s hair has been a big issue in our household. My husband isn’t ready for him to get a haircut, and he doesn’t always agree with what I decide to do. Bubba has… Read More