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Scary Website | Scar… · 18:49 27 Feb 2017
The Bone Eater is a scary story for kids about a young man who is in hospital and notices one of the other patients behaving strangely at night. It is based on a Japanese urban legend. There… Read More
According2Her · 17:30 27 Feb 2017
Kylee & Courtney Courtney has been using Luminara Candles for 8 months. Kylee for 2 months. In case you weren’t able to tell from our other candle post this month, I think it&rs… Read More
If Governments Were Honest…
Sobervision · 14:26 27 Feb 2017
… they would probably tell us that what they would like above all else is something they could add to the water supply which would make each and every one of us into the calm, obedien… Read More
Lajupu · 13:59 27 Feb 2017
Bom (Ilustrasi) Mengapa sih di Indonesia ini sering terjadi aksi teror bom? Sampai saat ini saya tidak paham mengapa para pelaku teror itu tidak habis-habis meskipun sering terjadi penangka… Read More
Dress Down Sunday
Retro Chick | Uk Fas… · 10:00 27 Feb 2017 I’m wearing trousers. I have genuinely never understood the obsession people have with jeans and trousers somehow being a “co… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 05:27 27 Feb 2017
I've mentioned before that I'm downsizing my stash and decluttering. In previous years I always had back-ups of all my skin and hair care, but now I've got to the point where I don't have ma… Read More
Shizuka And Family · 05:15 27 Feb 2017
Miaus.E os vencedores foram:Melhor Filme-- Arrival-- Fences-- Hacksaw Ridge-- Hell or High Water-- Hidden Figures-- La La Land-- Manchester by the Sea--&nb… Read More
Declutter Your Love Life
N'graffi · 23:41 26 Feb 2017
Hi, guys! I'm so glad to be here. It's such a homely feeling I get from being here. I love it! In this time of confusion, its's so great to be certain about one feeling.So lik… Read More
Become Your Inspirat… · 20:17 26 Feb 2017
In our fast moving world, where we measured by our titles, by our education level and by the things that we achieved, in some cultures by the things that we have (flat, car, etc.) … Read More
Versos Ditos · 18:34 26 Feb 2017
Me desculpe se a minha paz de espírito te agride.Me desculpe se caminho, sem me ferir, por entre as pedras que colocas no meu caminho.Me desculpe se lutei e venci minhas batalhas sem… Read More
Favorite Beauty Bloggers
Yellenah · 17:42 26 Feb 2017
Today there are thousands of bloggers out there, sharing their thoughts and different experiences.Excellent reviews, trustworthy articles no matter whether the products were bought or given… Read More
Mini Haul - February 2017 | Thaella
Thaella · 14:54 26 Feb 2017
Hello! This is my last free day and I am so scared because it was my last longer holiday before secondary school exams! Yesterday I sent applications for high schools and I can't wait f… Read More
Apparent Non Apparen… · 08:42 26 Feb 2017
Dangling sky-high, As it rained down, In a single drop, Terrifying. Screamed out to run, Bounded yellow, Cold and white. Popping veins, Shriveled hair, Drawn out to the steel, Fumbled thro… Read More · 08:00 26 Feb 2017
RT @BLOWthisJAE_: So when hasn't racism been terrifying? -> RT @EBONYMag: "Even though you don’t always see it, it’s there." In Jordan Peele’s Ho… Read More