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Writing For Me
2013-10-16 10:01
Ophelia Blooming ~ my quiet spot, my little bubbling brook surrounded by shade trees and flowers. I don't write here often because I'm always over in Sacred Middle land trying to figure… Read More
2013-09-19 03:55
There are goats on the side of the road, the occasional caribou grazing on grass, mangy dogs who don't get out of the way for nothing, chickens and their babies, and the roosters who cr… Read More
2013-08-25 05:46
This morning I woke up before 6 a.m. and went out onto the balcony. The sun rose over the mountains and cast its light on the ocean, sparkling shades of blue, silver, orange.Just now, enjoyi… Read More
The Lover I Abandon
2013-07-24 11:27
I can't describe to you the insatiable desire I've had to write. To pull out the brown leather notebook sitting in the closet, the one with notes upon notes and prose and poetry in it, all d… Read More
Living Poetry
2013-06-04 10:21
Poetry is easy;it lives in the cracksand beams of sunlight - just look at thingsand transfer life to paper.Write about the katydid on the concrete wall and how it’s missing legs, but t… Read More
2013-05-13 08:47
love,(addiction)like a morning glory(bindweed)blooms white with sunin the soft heart,telling you it’s okay,(because it’s love)come closer,and strangles out the good that had grow… Read More
I Am
2013-04-28 08:13
I am shades of violetwhite moth twirling through sunlit dustwings flittering through window galaxiesI am the number 15, 17, 30a palm tree rooted in memoriessunblock scented and ocean dreamin… Read More
The Thing About Adventure
2013-04-17 02:25
More hammock days to come.The thing about adventure is that it brings up all kinds of emotions: fear, excitement, sadness. Fear of the unknown, excitement for what's to come, sadness fo… Read More
White Moth: Quotes From Violet & Claire
2013-04-09 04:29
via weheartit"She a purple-black African-violet-dark butterfly and I a white moth."Marionette Moths by yumedust"I can feel the faeries beckoning me into the peaceful poppyfields of sleep whe… Read More
2013-03-27 04:41
have you ever looked at a picture of someoneyou knew you could never haveof someone you’ve spoken to once or twiceof someone who etched his memory inside youof someone whose fingers ma… Read More

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