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Yearbook Nograuno!
2010-03-14 02:37
last week I went to the national monument for the yearbook photo yeay! it's very exciting but it was a very tiring day huh.after finish taking pictures me.astrid.april.fasya.dimas.fauzan.ant… Read More
Barbie Celebrity,love Love!
2010-03-14 02:24
elvis presley barbie! destiny child barbie! katy perry barbie! edward cullen barbie! ashley tisdale barbie! michael jackson barbi… Read More
Javajazz Festival
2010-03-07 11:16
last night my family and I went to javajazz /m\, yes it was a very tiring day and got home at 1:30 until the morning we waited in the car but no one answered the door,finally rested on the c… Read More
In The Deepest Depths Of My Heart
2010-03-05 13:19
huh i'm so down ryt no :( i just can't express my emotion upset,angry,sad,hate but behind it all I'm glad, glad to see him happy......sometimes i like to think to move on from him,I tried ov… Read More
Thanks Thanks,cheers
2010-03-01 12:48
who's the first rank???me me me huihui big thanks for shanilda keep reading my blog and enjoy it!okay unimportant see youu Read More
2010-02-28 13:26
finally ....even though the holiday is only one day but I can enjoy the natural beauty.last friday i went to sukabumi with my family and take this picture.btw happy birthdayyyy to my lovely… Read More
Jogging Jogging :D
2010-02-28 13:19
besides eating nutritious foods we should be diligent in sports,ryt?long ago I do not use my bike to walk the road because I was busy with other activities.well last week i went to ancol for… Read More

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