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2012-05-22 23:08
My journey of poor quality NZ beer has led me to Double Brown. Not bad. But my taste buds have been skewed by the anti-inflammatory lozenges that you see in the photo which paralyze the thro… Read More
2011-12-22 21:41
I moved yesterday. I opened the windows and the dang french doors while I unpacked. You know what I can see from my room? Green grass and rose bushes. I did laundry. The dryer works… Read More
Dumpster Diver
2011-09-28 04:15
Weirdo Trash DiggerGood morning to me. I woke up to the crushing of cans and the rustling of trash bags. It happens every week but this is my first documentation. The Moxham Ave. boarding h… Read More
2011-09-19 00:33
I have three topics in regards to Moxham to discuss.Topic #1: thievery. After slaving away in the library and studio all dang day a fellow post grad asked if I wanted a ride home AND we coul… Read More
2011-09-19 00:29
Well hello there, thought I'd report in since it's been awhile. Still rockin' the Moxham Ave. address which is good for me - little to no drama but sad for you - little to no drama. I mean s… Read More
Skid Row Dishes
2011-06-05 04:14
The Dishwashing Standoff(Note fully functioning dishwasher below dish pile. Awesome.)Well folks, I'm both happy and a little sad to say that I no longer live in Skid Row Digs. You may disag… Read More
Who Let The Hoons Out...
2011-06-05 03:35
Basin Reserve, Mt. Cook, Wellington, NZWhat happens when an event occurs at the Basin Reserve (cricket field/party zone venue)? Answer: 20-somethings fill Adelaide St. carrying battered 12… Read More
2011-06-05 03:33
I was never good at keeping plants or fish alive. I do well with dogs or other large mammals but in general I'm not a good farmer or care giver. Until now. Apparently I am an excellent fruit… Read More
2011-06-05 03:32
The Adelaide is foul. The scary thing is that I need to find a cheaper place to live. My teaching contract is up in July with no guarantee of renewal. Okay...plan B: move yet again. I contac… Read More

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