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Attention, locavores, omnivores, urban butchers, backyard beekeepers, cheese fanatics, and conspicuous consumers of consuming: Your chickens won’t save the world and we don’t want the life story of...
Adult Juiceboxes! With Wine In Them!
2010-06-24 17:15
What a delicious idea! I just wish they were biodegradable so I could fling my empties over my shoulder into a hedge or something. Also, WTF, no champs? (thanks for the tip, Mr. Shopsin) Read More
Seriously Bad Math
2010-06-24 13:34
Serious Eats posted their take on the Sandra Lee/Matilda Cuomo lasagna controversy, which is: fucked up. First, they assert that Sandra insulted her mother-in-law. We saw this in none of the… Read More
2010-06-24 13:06
We love getting letters! Especially anonymous ones! Especially anonymous ones with scandalous import! This missive arrived today via secret spy plane. Consider it an anonymous op ed. Why do… Read More

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