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2016-05-19 20:35
Here’s the slide deck and script for my #cwcon 2016 talk, “The University Library as Junk Shop: Visualizing DIY Composition.” Download the PDF file Read More
2016-04-15 15:38
I made a zine for tomorrow’s trump rally in Syracuse (see pdf below). It should be printed/copied as a double-sided document and folded as a minizine. For instructions, peep this Rooki… Read More
Hotdogz Issue #2
2015-11-16 19:21
I took a break from dissertating last week to make a zine for Syracuse in Print‘s first-ever event: Zine Swap! It’s issue #2 of my dad-zine Hotdogz (which is much light… Read More
Broken Pencil And Canadian Sponsorship
2015-05-20 18:09
According to the mastheads, Broken Pencil started without any government sponsorship, but gradually accepted more as time went on. The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) started subsidizing the maga… Read More
Broken Pencil And Canadianization
2015-05-12 18:36
After spending the last few weeks closely reading the first three issues from the first year of Broken Pencil, 1995-1996, this past week has been about accounting for the various cultural, s… Read More
The First 3 Issues Of Broken Pencil
2015-05-02 02:26
The first issue of Broken Pencil was published in Toronto in June 1995 — incidentally, the same month I graduated from high school 100 miles south, in a suburb of Buffalo, New York. I… Read More
Birthing The Diss
2015-05-01 14:55
My project explores two basic questions: First, how has do-it-yourself (DIY) publishing changed since the popularization of the Web? Second, what might those changes tell us about the ways i… Read More
2015-05-01 13:49
I’m celebrating May Day by injecting some sorely needed labor back into this blog. If you are somehow reading this and don’t know me or why I’ve been in abstentia, the shor… Read More

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