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Challenge Accepted
2016-08-17 17:17
I was named in one of those challenges where I'm supposed to post photos of my boyfriend and me to celebrate being in a relationship. The challenges originally were celebrating marriage. I f… Read More
Grateful Everyday
2016-08-10 20:00
I have written about my anxiety and depression before because I see no reason to ignore the reality. I've never really gotten too personal, though, and I only recently realized that was… Read More
A Few Thoughts
2016-07-29 17:54
I still don't want to share my political views. I'm scared of being yelled at, being called stupid, or having people hate me. But I have a few, slightly generic thoughts in my… Read More
2016-07-20 17:54
I'm so tired of bad news. I'm tired of people being shot, harassed, murdered. I'm tired of terrorists and criminals, and I'm equally tired of corrupt good-guys and actual good-guys bein… Read More
Start Listening
2016-06-20 03:04
When horrific, tragic events like the shooting in Orlando occur, I'm always hesitant to post, here or anywhere else. I understand why people do. Many want to express their sorrow or anger, o… Read More
Fat Is Not The Problem
2016-04-07 20:44
Plus-size, fat, voluptuous... whatever you call us, curvy girls are getting a lot of publicity lately. From magazine covers, to articles, to a seemingly-harmless post on a friend's Facebook… Read More
Elevator Buttons
2016-02-01 04:10
I watched the movie Inception the other night. It still isn't my favorite, but since it only took me three viewings (over several years) to sort of get it, I'd probably watch it again.At the… Read More
A Jar Full
2015-12-31 01:26
I came across a post from last year in which I wrote a few "goals" (because resolutions never work for me) for 2015. Thought it would be fun to see how I did.• Get a promotion (check … Read More
Slammed Doors
2015-11-25 16:09
Since my family's favorite holiday traditions of nagging and guilt have already started, I wanted to share my thoughts on gratitude now - while I still feel somewhat friendly and sentimental… Read More
Red, Blue, And White
2015-11-19 18:13
In the last few days, my Facebook timeline has become quite confusing. One by one, my friends have filtered their profile photos to "stand with Paris." Hey, I get it - it's sad and tragic to… Read More

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