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Philden Model Railway Blog
The official model train website of author Phillip Overton, writing for for Philden Model Railway.
Friday Film Club ~ Chelmer
2024-04-12 02:00
This week's Friday Film Club is off to Chelmer, a glorious non-descript station in Brisbane's west for a spot of train watching!Don't forget to like and subscribe so you don't miss a minute… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase 27
2024-04-08 01:37
My Pacific National era sugar hopper fleet recently received some attention.I finally managed to catch up on some weathering that had been waiting for me to complete for my own layout. In th… Read More
Friday Film Club ~ Northgate
2024-04-05 00:30
This week's Friday Film Club takes a look at Brisbane's Northgate Station, where there's plenty of train action at the junction of the Shorncliffe and North Coast lines.Subscribe to get acce… Read More
Layout Revamp Video Review
2024-04-03 02:20
My book review in the March 2024 Australian Model Railway News!How the year has flown. We're in April already, but it still only feels like the beginning of the year! From the excitement of… Read More
The Sweet New Addition
2024-03-25 03:23
My layout is once more feeling 'sweet-as' following the arrival of my new Auscision Models C44ACI locomotive in the attractive Aurizon 'pineapple' livery, (pineapple field added for effect)… Read More
Friday Film Club ~ Maydena Railriding
2024-03-22 03:30
Something different for Friday Film Club this week, with a visit to Maydena Railtrack Riders, for a rail bike ride deep into the heart of Tasmania's wilderness!Subscribe to my YouTube channe… Read More
Farewelling My Noughties Locos
2024-03-10 02:48
Time doesn't stand still, and sometimes by taking that approach into our modelling we can instill a sense of modelled history on our layouts. After moving-on some model locomotives last mont… Read More
Friday Film Club ~ Don River Railway
2024-03-07 21:30
This week's Friday Film Club delivers a flashback to my visit to the Don River Railway in Tasmania during 2011.Don't forget to subscribe to gain access to exclusive early previews! Read More
Layout Revamp Book Launch
2024-03-03 03:18
Finally there's some good news to share, with my new book Revamp An Existing Layout hitting the shelves of your favoutite hobby shops this month!This is the book that follows the budget-savv… Read More
Friday Film Club ~ The Blues Train
2024-02-29 23:47
This week's Friday Film Club takes us to Geelong's Bellarine Railway, and a look at the legendary Blues Train!Don't forget to subscribe to gain access to exclusive previews! Read More
Friday Film Club ~ Southbank
2024-02-22 23:00
Welcome to another episode of Friday Film Club. This time a visit to the creative playground of Brisbane's Southbank Parklands.Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for exclusive premieres… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase 26
2024-02-20 17:44
This week I managed to fire-up my airbrush and weather a couple of boxes of the SDS Models FX/VPFX flour wagons to list on eBay. These were the very last of my Victorian HO scale models I ha… Read More
Friday Film Club ~ Milton
2024-02-16 00:00
Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Friday Film Club. This time I visit Milton Station, set against the iconic background of Brisbane's famous XXXX Brewery for spot of trainwatching.Don't forget t… Read More
Friday Film Club ~ Bowen Hills
2024-02-08 21:00
Welcome to Friday Film Club, presented by Philden TV and hosted on YouTube, where each week I will be posting a short film featuring some of my railfan exploits, starting with...This week I… Read More
2024 TOP 10 Ranking
2024-02-06 06:17
It's time to ask ourselves that annual question... "where did January go?" (Although to be honest, I'm still asking myself where 2023 disappeared to?) However, after a year which saw more ch… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase 25
2024-01-28 06:40
Every now and then I weather a model to the extent where I surprise even myself, such as these Auscision Models NDCH/NDMX Railcorp infrastructure wagons. While Auscision did a great job prod… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase 24
2024-01-23 05:49
Another quick weathered update to share the final few Queensland Railways models I have listed for sale on eBay. That's all. Finito. Over and out. My few years spent collecting and modelling… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase 23
2024-01-22 09:34
With every Queensland modeller currently excited about the CGL/SDS Models joint release of the QR 1460/1502 model locomotives, I've gone and done the opposite... I sold my pre-ordered model… Read More
The Summer Of Regrowth...
2024-01-04 02:35
It has been a summer of regrowth on Philden Beach. Both literally and metaphorically. Exactly one year after starting down the path of converting my HO scale Australian shelf layout from its… Read More
Sticking With My Plan
2023-12-27 03:06
Finally the track for my small OO9 Christmas layout has been laid. The day after Christmas! Still, I was thankful for the few spare hours on Boxing Day to glue the final sections of tra… Read More
Christmas Spectacular 1st Anniversary
2023-12-22 00:41
Can you believe it is almost Christmas again? What a year 2023 has been. I'm pleased to say that I haven't let personal challenges get in the way of releasing 3 new books over the course of… Read More
G... 2023 Went Fast!
2023-12-18 06:01
It only seems like a few weeks ago that I turned my inner-Melbourne HO scale shelf layout into a slice of the NSW North Coast. Now here we are at the beginning of another hot Australian summ… Read More
The Violalakenslip Layout Frame
2023-12-15 03:46
In keeping with my IKEA themed model railway layout that occupies one wall of our loungeroom, I colour matched the small layout frame that I built for Bryn Nadolig with the IKEA Eket display… Read More
December AMRM Book Review
2023-12-12 04:27
The December issue of Australian Model Railway Magazine features two of my books in the reviews section.My latest title Model Railway Weathered Wonders and this year's Model Railway Backdrop… Read More
Removing The Tram Tracks
2023-11-13 02:13
One of the trickier tasks I faced with transforming the setting of my inner-Melbourne HO Scale shelf layout to the NSW North Coast, was removing the tram tracks that once ran down the middle… Read More
Sacrificing Length For Functionality
2023-11-10 04:52
For a small and simple layout such as this, it wasn't really necessary to draw a track plan on paper before I started constructing the layout. All I needed to do was draw the track plan dire… Read More
Keeping Within 1st Radius
2023-11-06 22:56
For some modellers the sight of a 600 mm x 1200 mm x 7 mm sheet of plywood isn't going to do much to excite the senses or go too far towards completing the benchwork in your walk around mode… Read More
Narrowing My Modelling Projects
2023-11-02 07:24
With so many half completed model railway projects either underway or accumulating in boxes in the wardrobe, last month I had one of those honesty sessions with myself where I asked; 'just w… Read More
The Jetty Hotel Refit
2023-10-30 06:42
It's time to catch-up on some of the improvements that have occurred since Philden Beach made it's exhibition debut back in September of this year. To complete my NSW North Coast setting, th… Read More
2023 BRMA Convention Brisbane
2023-10-13 02:02
The weekend of September 22nd to 24th 2023, saw me attend the British Railway Modellers of Australia convention, held this year in my home city of Brisbane, Australia. The coming together of… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #22
2023-10-10 15:43
Not only have I gone and listed another batch of weathered Australian models for sale on my eBay page, but this week I'm also clearing my wardrobe of any distractions ahead of sitting down t… Read More
15% OFF Weekend Sale!
2023-09-13 22:48
Don't be left green with envy that you missed out on this offer! From Friday through to Sunday, all my books are 15% OFF in the Blurb Bookstore. That's right, every book purchased across the… Read More
Exhibition #10 Sunshine Coast
2023-09-09 05:18
My Philden Coast layout is safely back home after travelling to its second model railway show in the space of two weeks. This time I ventured north up the Bruce Highway for the Sunshine Coas… Read More
Weathered Wonders Video Review
2023-09-04 05:47
My book review in the August Australian Model Railway News!What a huge weekend it has been! Fresh back from exhibiting Philden Coast at the Sunshine Coast Model Train & Hobby Expo on the… Read More
Exhibition #9 Redlands 2023
2023-08-31 22:25
It has been four years since one of my layouts last appeared at a model railway exhibition, but in August 2023 it was a case of Philden rides again, as my lovely wife Denise joined me in deb… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #21
2023-08-21 05:18
I've just spent the past three weeks downstairs in the garage weathering a small empire of Australian HO scale models. Many were simply over-purchased ahead of sitting down to write my Model… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #20
2023-08-14 05:49
This latest batch of Weathered by Philden models is being listed on eBay this evening. Regular readers of my blog get first notice before they go live, as my last batch of GY wagons were all… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #19
2023-08-07 02:11
After releasing my Model Railway Weathered Wonders book in August, you'd think that I'd be well and truly sick of weathering any more models. However, in not knowing how many different examp… Read More
2023 All Gauge Sale
2023-07-31 00:55
2023 All Gauge Model Railway Club Table Sale, Brisbane 30 July 2023Early this year I set myself the task of completing 4 books and attending 4 model train events over the course of 2023. Wit… Read More
Weathered Wonders Book Launch!
2023-07-20 23:02
Book launch #22 Party time! Model Railway Weathered Wonders is available now!It's the one dirty book you won't get in trouble for leaving on the coffee table, and I haven't let the fact that… Read More
3 Days Only Sale
2023-07-11 23:34
3 days only! 20% off ALL my books at Blurb, (or any other titles in their bookstore too...). There might even be a surprise title waiting for you to find. Click on the banner above. Must use… Read More
Celebrating 300,000 Blog Views
2023-07-10 00:34
Happy Monday the 7th of July, 2023 to you all. This morning, somewhere between the course of finishing my coffee, checking my emails and brushing my teeth, the Philden Model Railway Blog rea… Read More
C By The Seashore
2023-07-07 00:09
There's something new to see by the seashore on Philden Coast. And that is the new Auscision Models C Class in the Cootes Industrial Greentrains inspired green and gold livery. And crikey! I… Read More
Backdrop Basics Video Review
2023-07-03 02:29
Once again another great review has come my way for my latest book Model Railway Backdrop Basics over on Will James' Australian Model Railway News, June 2023 edition, (click the image frame… Read More
My Pacific National Pairing
2023-06-20 06:08
It's been 3 months since I unvieled 'The Coast'. In that time I've been able to complete a few medium length operating sessions to fine tune what works best, and determine what I need to do… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #18
2023-06-05 07:01
Here's another update of some models I've recently weathered. This time it's a showcase of intermodal containers. When it comes to buying these containers in packs of two and you only want o… Read More
My Coastal Intermodal Overhaul
2023-06-01 00:00
I've added some NQJX & NQKY container flat wagons to my upgraded North Coast roster.Earlier in the year when changing my layout over from it's former inner-Melbourne setting to my presen… Read More
Backdrop Basics Book Launch!
2023-05-26 04:05
It's book launch time! Break out the bubbles to celebrate Model Railway Backdrop Basics...Making a surprise unannouced release this May, is my brand new book Model Railway Backdrop Basics. T… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #17
2023-05-17 00:58
I've had a week's break after finishing my latest book, so I headed downstairs into my airbrushing studio to clear the mind and weather up some more model railway wagons. Here's a look at so… Read More
Trees By The Harbour
2023-05-09 22:16
Some new trees ready to be planted by Philden Harbour.This is my haul from Modellers Warehouse at the recent Brisbane Model Train Show. This year's show felt like a bit of a kickback to the… Read More
8th Birthday Blog Announcement ...
2023-04-18 01:50
May 2015 to April 2023... what a ride! Now for the big announcement...But first of all, thank you! Eight years of blogging and processing out loud my every thought, idea and success since I… Read More
Philden Street's Curtain Call
2023-04-13 01:24
In the rush to revamp my model railway and completely overhaul this blog early in the New Year, I never really acknowledged just how good a layout I had built and enjoyed operating over the… Read More
Brandon Industries Now Open!
2023-04-11 06:13
An 18 year long request has finally been granted with the naming of the latest industry to commence advertising their wares on my Philden Coast Railway. Brandon Industries Pty. Ltd. is now t… Read More
The Harbourside Services Club
2023-03-30 20:30
Another building has been re-signed and re-purposed into its new role on the Coast. The former brown bricked building flat that stood against the end backdrop, has gone from luxury inner Mel… Read More
The Historic Haunted Bookstore
2023-03-27 05:17
Here's a tale of a much travelled bookstore. This building began its life as a laser cut kit of the Walker Models Bait, Tackle, and Fish n' Chip Shop, originally planned for a prom… Read More
Welcome To The Coast!
2023-03-17 04:39
After years of deliberations and do-overs, Philden finally has a home on the NSW North Coast.After two years of modelling my Australian HO scale layout Philden Street Yard, 2023 started with… Read More
Backdrop For Philden Creek
2023-03-13 05:55
Philden Creek now has the backdrop installed, as it slowly edges towards being completed.A year ago to this month, I turned an offcut from an old layout that was destined for the rubbis… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #16
2023-03-10 05:45
Here's a look at just some of the intermodal and general van traffic that will slide on over from Philden Street Yard to my new layout. Once again, I've listed some duplicates of these conta… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #15
2023-03-07 02:11
It's part 2 of my steel train showcase, with a motley collection of open wagons and slab steel flat wagons that will complete the backbone of my steel train operations. Just where remains a… Read More
Scenery Secrets Video Review
2023-03-02 22:04
Who spotted the great plug for my latest book in this months Australian Model Railway News video? Once again thanks go out to Will James for covering the release of my third Philden Model Ra… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #14
2023-03-01 06:33
Here's some of my own coil steel containers and wagons that will form the basis of my steel fleet on my new layout. There are some more Pacific National coil steel containers and a new pack… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #87
2023-02-28 07:00
JUNE 19731,500 volts passing by...I don't think that this image would make for a convincing Workplace Health & Safety advertisement in 2023. Which makes the June 1973 cover of VR's newly… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #13
2023-02-25 20:00
Before I fall too far behind in showcasing some of my weathered models, I'd better provide an update of some HO rollingstock that I am moving on from my own collection. These models were onc… Read More
Scenery Secrets Book Launch!
2023-02-20 23:40
Model Railway Scenery Secrets just so happens to be my 20th book release!The 3rd book under my own Philden Model Railway Presents label, Model Railway Scenery Secrets is now officially avail… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #88
2023-02-20 05:27
JULY 1955Flinders Street Viaduct, before drones!Aerial photography was a lot trickier in 1955 than it is today! In the case of the July 1955 Victorian Railways Newsletter, the department's p… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #89
2023-02-19 06:00
 FEBRUARY 1960Station Pier settlersThousands of migrant settlers arrived at Port Melbourne for a new life Down Under, and Station Pier was where they boarded a train for Bonegilla Camp… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #90
2023-02-16 22:00
AUGUST 1953Spencer Street ticket tubes.Spencer Street Station's main booking office sold more than one and a half million tickets annually in the early 1950's, and this unnamed clerk held th… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase #12
2023-02-13 21:30
Relaunching into weathering some models for 2023, you may be clever enough to decipher all the cryptic clues as to what is going on behind the scenes of my blog. If the following Victorian H… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #91
2023-02-12 22:50
FEBRUARY 1951Wirth's Circus.How times have changed. What would have been considered special goods back in the 1950's is considered animal cruelty today. Wirth's Circus was an Internationally… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #92
2023-02-10 20:30
FEBRUARY 1966Jolimont Social Club Picnic.For no other reason than the sheer elation on the face of the un-named winner of the Jolimont Victorian Railways Social Club Picnic race of 1966, thi… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #93
2023-02-09 07:00
OCTOBER 1965Homicide.Making the list at Number 93 is the cover of the October 1965 issue of VR Newsletter. You know... the one where they filmed an episode of Channel 7's TV hit show Homicid… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #94
2023-02-07 08:00
FEBRUARY 1973The Vinelander.Gracing the cover of the February 1973 Victorian Railways Newsletter was the State's newest train. Introduced only six months earlier, and with a Motorail service… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #95
2023-02-04 21:00
OCTOBER 1952Railwaymen of the future!You've got to love the carefree nature of early model trains. Sliding in at Number 95 on my countdown of the 100 Greatest VR Newsletter Covers is the Oct… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #96
2023-02-02 07:30
APRIL 1966"Right, once more. Only this time don't blink."Making the list at Number 96 is this cover from April 1966, featuring Horsham's Assistant Gatekeeper, Carmel Scanlon. Shown preparing… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #97
2023-01-31 06:30
MARCH 1963"Egad! What do we have here?"I can almost here Chairman of Commissioners Mr E.H. Brownbill ask as he leans over the control panel while Minister of Transport Mr E.R. Meagher (right… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #98
2023-01-28 20:00
NOVEMBER 1964The Leongatha gang.Coming in at Number 98 on my countdown is this VR Newsletter cover from November 1964, showing a track gang hard at work in Leongatha Yard.I was only watching… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #99
2023-01-25 20:00
MAY 1961Before there were hump yards.Try modelling this on your model railway. Ranked at Number 99 on my 100 Greatest Newsletter covers is the May 1961 VR Newsletter. Inside, it states; In s… Read More
Greatest VR Newsletter Covers #100
2023-01-24 04:35
 SEPTEMBER 1949I thought I would try sharing something different this year after spending the best part of a week scanning articles of interest from old Victorian Railways Newsletters… Read More
The BIG Clean Out!
2023-01-20 02:41
I've decided to clear the majority of my railway collection... and there's more in the garage!This is probably the most embarrassing photo I will ever post on any of my blogs... It is what h… Read More
2023 TOP 10 Ranking
2023-01-10 02:32
As we fast approach the 8th Anniversary of this blog, the 2023 Feedspot TOP 50 best model railway blogs list for 2023 is in, and Philden Model Railway has this year been ranked in 8th positi… Read More
Philden Street Christmas Spectacular!
2022-12-19 16:13
It's time to slip into Christmas and sign off for 2022. And after a hectic year with all life served up... Why do it quietly? That's right. I've made a song and dance about it. If you think… Read More
Adding Extra VLCX Vans
2022-12-18 03:55
Recently Auscision Models re-released some long sold-out models of their VLCX louvered vans. Funnily enough I once had some V/Line VLCX vans on my original Philden layout, only to sell them… Read More
Sounds A Bit Fanciful
2022-12-16 23:31
Well, I've finally had the last relic from my DC days converted to DCC sound, thanks to some help from the good folk at Trainworld in Melbourne. My A Class Freight Victoria locomotive has fi… Read More
NGPF Grain Hoppers Arrive
2022-12-10 22:00
2022 has seen the re-release of a swag of popular Australian grain hoppers, notably the South Australian AHGX's and New South Wales' NGTY/NGKF plus NGTY/NGPF, models that each would fit my e… Read More
Philden Street Yard Episode 7
2022-12-09 06:45
Another video update from my YouTube channel. This time I give a walk through on how to clean your model railway track using a method straight from my own book Model Railway Trackside Tips.A… Read More
Philden Street Yard Episode 6
2022-11-28 03:58
Well... Philden Street is now on the final stretch towards being complete! Twelve months after my Secret Project PV3 cryptic posts revealed the new inner Melbourne switching layout I wa… Read More
SSR In 'The Yard'
2022-11-25 00:08
There's nothing like seeing something new running on your layout. But with no model railway Black Friday Sales to be tempted by Down Under this year, (or get in trouble with the Ministry of… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase 11
2022-11-23 23:00
Now to wrap up my final showcase of models I have weathered during the course of 2022. Along with weathering my own fleet of model railway rollingstock, I also weathered a further 105 models… Read More
Weathered By Philden Showcase 10
2022-11-22 03:12
Four-wheeled wagons is the theme for this weathered showcase. As 2022 draws closer and closer to Christmas, it's time to post the few remaining photos of some of the weathered rollingstock I… Read More
My Weathered CFCLA Diesels
2022-11-14 21:38
My weathered pair of ex-New South Wales locos are hard at work down south in Philden Street Yard.With so much happening between working on the layout and a new book these past few months, I… Read More
Philden Street Yard Episode 5
2022-11-13 05:10
It's time to get lit! As in, wire up the lights and reveal the completed scenery for 'The Yard' and the newly opened Murrays bus depot layover compound. The swear jar is full, and I've been… Read More
2022 RMCQ Open Day
2022-11-08 05:34
I've come back from last Sunday's Railway Modellers Club of Queensland's Open Day Buy and Sell reinvigorated, and ready to push on to finish my next model railway book before the year ends… Read More
A 48 Down South?
2022-11-02 07:30
What's a Pac Nat 48 doing that far south I hear you say? Relax, I'm not changing eras or relocating Philden Street Yard away from it's inner Melbourne location. I just happened to have fello… Read More
'Cheeseburger' In 'The Yard'
2022-11-02 02:26
It's time for a Friday afternoon knock-off fix of fun, in the form of the fantastic A66 in 'Cheeseburger' livery making a guest appearance in Philden Street Yard. So grab yourself a beverage… Read More
Big Sale This Weekend!
2022-10-31 06:57
I'm having a table sale and book appearance this Sunday 6th November.I'll be at the RMCQ Open Day and Buy-and-Sell in Brisbane, Queensland this Sunday 6th November 2022 from 10am to 1 pm at… Read More
Trackside Tips Video Review
2022-10-10 23:40
Australian Model Railway News September 2022A huge shout-out to Will James for a great review of my new book Model Railway Trackside Tips that was featured on the latest episode of Australia… Read More
Trackside Tips Book Launch!
2022-09-29 21:05
Break open the bubbles! It's time to launch my new book Model Railway Trackside Tips.September has been a great month! Some long awaited models have arrived, and now I'm proud to say that my… Read More

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