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The 19th Century Mustache
2016-07-20 23:19
I would like to introduce Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria 1830-1916…and his Imperial mustache! Seeing as how this is such a popular craze right now I feel I should do my duty as a l… Read More
Automatons Part 1 : Artificial Fun For All!
2014-03-23 13:48
So, if none of you have noticed by now I hold a firm belief that people in the 19th century were not only fascinating but also morbid little creepers who loved their dissection lessons and o… Read More
Corsets : Novelty Or Necessity
2013-08-04 22:12
Once upon a time corsets were an everyday, have to have it on, not able to breathe but make it tighter kind of thing.  A woman who didn’t wear a corset might as well have been nak… Read More
Absinthe : The Green Fairy Was A Fluke!
2013-03-18 21:53
It’s about high time (haha..I made a funny four words in!) that I did an article about that mythical, infamous, lecherous little concoction that made college students today go crazy o… Read More
The Irish And Why Victoria Hated Them
2013-03-17 06:17
For starters, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Now, stop being so excited since this blog is all about Irish woe and prejudice which you can later use as an excuse to start a whiskey in… Read More
Steampunk Movie Invasion!
2012-11-20 03:25
As many of you know Steampunk is everywhere!  I know I just jumped to my point without witty commentary or back-handed jokes because it is stating a fact!  It is hard to watch some… Read More
Morbid History : Spiritualism
2012-11-03 03:27
Have you ever sat at a Ouija board with a few friends, put your fingers on the planchette (yes, that is what that pointy thing is called) and tried to talk to a spirit with the intention of… Read More
2012-05-29 02:48
Well, it happened.  Something of an anomaly hit the company and ship has changed course so to speak.  Generally, Pennington Trading House was supposed to incorporate Steampunk, Vic… Read More

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The Pennington Edition | How I Deal With History And Other Drivel


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