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2010-06-29 09:46
It's been a while since I updated this here;;;But somehow we got -too- much pretty dumb storiesso that I can't write them all down OTLNOOOOOOOO Read More
2010-04-03 21:24
CherryRav0n: Wohee, in two weeks I will go on a class trip to Berlin.Sasa-sama-yuku-pon and me just imagined how it would beif our crew would come with me! xDDEveryone sits at the end of the… Read More
Jay-Jay-Nough Nanba
2010-03-15 18:51
Our evil product of our sicko idiotic fantasies:Jay-Jay-Nough NanbaJay-Jay-Nough is 17 years old and one of Shigeo's class-mates. His parents are Africa-fanatics, own an petroleum-groupand e… Read More
Akemi & Dounis
2010-03-15 10:05
Dounis is officially Akemi's bodyguard since he's very very VEEERY dangerous if you give him Cola.They became really good friends the past time, but sometimes Adonis still have to change his… Read More
Horror Movie Starring Kenta & Dounis: THE STRAWBERRY SHEEP
2010-03-10 11:19
The Strawberry Sheep is a cute, pink, fluffy sheep which attracts a lot of people, but watch out: If it notices especially YOU,it will follow you until your mental end...@[email protected] it follows… Read More
2010-03-03 15:43
D: Yo yo, Kenta. KENTAH.K: Hah? Whaddya want =A=?D: Akemi said I'm her sweetie darling hunny 8DK: ... What?D: I'm her sweetie darling hunny.K: ...B-but...*faint*...*shake*D: Woh woh Kenta, K… Read More
2010-03-03 15:14
Because Kenta loves Partays with his closest friends, he asked Dounis to come over to his home and do some awsm partay there c: And because Kenta is prone to booze...he really boozed.With Do… Read More
2010-03-03 12:49
Because Anthony dumped Akemi, her new boyfriend is Dounis (...that womanizer)!And woh, Dounis almost knows how to handle with her O.oSome time in school...A: ;_______;D: Woh woh, what's wron… Read More
Dounis And His Smecksay Frillies! :D
2010-02-26 13:13
(Srsly I feel bad about all these gaylord-perv stories we did... OTL)And this awaits Kenta always after school e__eOn some red leather-couch roflK: *sees Dounis of the couch* Nyaaaw eweD: Oa… Read More

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