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School Is Over!
2011-12-13 18:50
It's Christmas!Here's what I did since getting an iPhone:And here's everything I made at school this semester.Also a video I made: Read More
2011-11-15 18:52
I'm sorry, I've missed you.I decided to update my status but it got too long, so I thought maybe I should do a blog. Now I can't remember what I was even talking about. Something about Dr. D… Read More
2011-11-15 18:48
An assignment in my painting class:"Write something about colour. A paragraph or a page or whatever."And I thought to myself "What a hilarious joke, imagine being in science school."And bec… Read More
2011-10-10 18:38
Goodbye studio, we'll miss you dearly. We'll miss your freezing cold winters and disgusting bathrooms. We'll miss having a clubhouse where our friends are always hanging out. We'll miss havi… Read More
2011-02-27 01:24
I'm rallying against being sold cable against my will. I'll be marching on the Shaw building tomorrow at noon.My bus got delayed by the Tent City rally. I got out and listened to the anti Bo… Read More
Some Photos
2011-01-27 15:24
Here is a giant group painting that Katrina, Amelia and I made at school, it was extremely fun:Here is a thing I did to the fence at Main and Terminal: Read More
2011-01-27 05:59
Been thinking a lot about the kind of mid-winter depression that seems to have been setting in. I know it's not universal, but I can't help but feel everyone's spirits on the steady decline… Read More
Long Time No Blog, Dog!
2011-01-27 05:51
A blog is a funny thing because IT'S ALWAYS ALIVE. Some days you're feeling down on yourself and you look at your blog and it's the most embarrassing thing on the internet but you can't DELE… Read More

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