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2010-06-16 06:01
hi ya'll. sorry for playing dead. im trying to retrieve my old address, so far no success. haha Read More
2010-05-12 00:23
haha rembrandt lighting assignment for class. i shot trent, trent shot me.BTW CAN SOME WEB-SKILLED PERSON PLEASE HELP ME GET MY OLD BLOG BACKI HATE BLOGSPOT THIS SHIT IS UGLY N SLAUGHTER PHO… Read More
You Better Watch Out
2010-05-05 06:16
latest movie nights in the eden house:deadgirl (2008) and teeth (2007). i read reviews on deadgirl saying things like 'this is most gruesome shit i have ever seen' and 'not the type of movie… Read More
2010-05-04 23:59
for two days in a row ive been watching movies where men as a result of forcing girls into sex gets their dick bitten off.. ill tell you more about this when i get home from school Read More
2010-05-03 00:30
REALLY REALLY REALLY want to watch this NOW. really. i shall purchase this dvd. maybe the poster too, its the best poster in the history of amazing posters. and speaking of.. gore or living… Read More
2010-05-02 13:42
last night was.. rowdyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemy beautiful friend leolit's flattering photos. oh fark, my brain hurts. but my man is the best, not only did he br… Read More

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i got so much swag i need an ad for it.


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