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A UK fashion blog with outfit posts, fashion reviews, and second-hand and vintage shopping tips, all with a love of Sheffield.
2015-02-23 08:16
We all love this blogging lark. It gives us a community and a sense of being listened to. We can air our worries and share our advice and, let's face it, coo about dresses and empathise wit… Read More
2015-02-15 22:00
Tell me if any of this sounds familiar. Ploughing absolutely every iota of thought into your job, to the point where you're waking up in the early hours after dreaming about some terrible… Read More
2015-02-05 08:00
A night in a week after payday automatically means a little wishlisting, right? The last thing I bought were these work sensible shoes, which are ripping my feet to shreds. In which cas… Read More
2015-02-01 21:59
Whoops, two weeks without posting again, this is becoming something of a habit. I think my hobbies have changed slightly. Last year I was blogging almost every day, whereas these days I'm r… Read More
2015-01-18 19:46
There's nothing groundbreaking about this and I'm not claiming to be particularly fashion forward, but after stretching the boundaries in my last post I wanted to bring it back to the every… Read More
2015-01-12 21:49
Well, if I don't feel like Sophie in this skirt! I normally shy away from such girlish styles but if being a blogger achieves anything, it's the license to experiment a little bit. I mean… Read More
2015-01-05 22:04
I never thought I'd be the girl to wear tracksuit bottoms out of the house. Even as a student, I'd scoff at those lazy enough to wear their slacks to lectures. I mean - elasticated waist… Read More
2015-01-02 17:33
Notice anything different about me? Oh that's right, I got bored and cut my ponytail off. Short hair isn't new to me, see here, here, and here, but it was still something of a shock! You bl… Read More
2015-01-01 23:09
Another year, another outfit post round up! I'm not really one for resolutions - aside from reading more and getting my legs running again - but I quite enjoy looking back and seeing how th… Read More
2014-12-29 18:50
Oh hey you! Did you miss me? It has been nine days since my little corner of the internet has been updated, but y'know, Christmas is the time of year for a break. Let's try and get back on… Read More

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Jazzpad | UK Fashion and Beauty Blog | A love of Sheffield


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