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2012-12-20 14:30
Today i received something totally awesome to kick start the Christmas mood! A box from Wonderbox! Nothing says Christmas Gift than that nice big red bow with some green and a star on it!So… Read More
From Past Me.
2012-07-07 17:51
Dear future self, Maybe you'll read this again in a few months, or stumble upon itin a year because you are bored. OR.Just in case you are feeling extremely blue in a sudden.And felt like yo… Read More
2012-07-06 18:01
Its 1.38 AM.I still feel kinda fresh after my cat nap.Just done watching the movie Brave and you know what?It somehow made me appreciate my mom even more.I've once told my friend, no one in… Read More
2012-03-05 15:41
5 more days.10 more days.5 years ago.You've hurt me. You've made me sad.You've made me scared. You've made me angry.You've made me cried. You've disappointed me. Yet, you have insp… Read More
Valentine's Day
2012-02-17 15:58
So this year's Valentine's Day i wanted to plan it instead because my boipren already did an awesome job for my birthday so i save him the trouble.Gave him a super early present already :3 I… Read More
The Big 2-0
2012-02-17 15:51
So its my birthday. It WAS my birthday about a week ago.And i was really wasn't into the whole birthday thing this year because i'm going to be 20.Its a very big number for me because it see… Read More
Early Christmas BBQ @ Gerald's
2011-12-25 16:57
We thought this would be a small gathering because not much people put attending in the facebook page.We thought meh, 10 of us. End up 17 :) Yayers!And we got special guest like Shaun Baby a… Read More
2011-12-21 18:17
Pretty lazy to update about whatever happened during this sem break.Let's just say my semester went smoothly :)Only 3 subjects for this short sem so its pretty damn chill la!Videography, Pho… Read More
2011-09-02 14:22
Last night skyping although we're in the room.Had sleepover at my house last night.Its me, Nick and Lisa. Yayy. Dyed our hair. Not Nick.Had Wii and Monopoly Deal night with Jia, Gerald, Dine… Read More
Nothing But The Best
2011-06-17 18:02
I feel so empty, hollow and dead inside.I'm afraid that it'll be permanent. I'm afraid that i'll be one of those passionless, pointless and bitter person.Because i feel so bitter.I wish… Read More

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