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How Could I Go Wrong?
2016-10-14 15:08
Still waiting for a squirrel Before we went to New Orleans I dropped Georgia off on Friday afternoon at the Broad Ripple animal clinic. She was to be looked after by Rachel who was goin… Read More
It Is Easier To Get Wet
2016-10-06 16:14
The thing that Georgia is most afraid of is an umbrella. Now she is afraid of many things - but umbrellas seem to be at the top of the table at the moment. Last week we were coming home… Read More
Stupidest People In America?
2016-09-28 19:56
So I did something to my back again and have been hobbling about. I don't know how I do this stuff but it probably does not take much given my vast age. We went for a 20 mile ride on Saturda… Read More
You Have Not Seen My Linen Cupboard
2016-09-22 17:04
Told her that Trump might be presidentSo I have sort of started my new fitness regime. This is supposed to involve lots of exercise but this has been hampered by the fact that I fell do… Read More
A High Degree Of Mankyness
2016-09-15 20:17
We all demonstrated quite effectively in Scotland that we are superbly unfit. We are all seized with renewed vigor in our quest to lose weight and become muscle machines. The cycling we… Read More
The Eggs Were Much Nicer
2016-09-13 20:23
Should read BEDROOMS AWFULWell we confirmed that Scotland is very hilly and very wet. The cycling was the hardest we have ever done but it was just fabulous. We have stronger legs after four… Read More
How To Die Cycling
2016-08-31 16:59
So tomorrow we fly to Newark then to Heathrow then to Glasgow then a train to Sterling then a bus to Callander. After 18 hours of travel we should be in excellent shape to start cycling the… Read More
PK Is A Dangerous Man
2016-08-29 22:27
Me training in 95° heat. Having a whinge last night about the orange looney did me the world of good. I promise not to talk about him again until he does something really offensive… Read More
I Had No Idea
2016-08-29 01:20
Look I honestly had no idea. Before we went to Vienna I had thought that America was a homogenous society where there were problems and that these were serious but manageable. To me fro… Read More
2016-08-26 16:44
I am renewed and refreshed and am just about to hurl myself back into blogging. I am going to leave Vienna for Dummies behind and am looking for a new and improved identity. This is the hard… Read More

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