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2016-06-23 05:23
I drive down Highway One, top down, looking for the trees. Half a mile South of the lighthouse in Pescadero, I see the familiar fence separating the meadow from the road. I pull over and tur… Read More
2015-11-23 07:11
I sit by my grandmother in the hospital room. She’s out of the ICU, finally. But she is weak and in pain. She raises a shaking hand, motions for my aunt. “I want to go,” sh… Read More
2015-06-11 05:53
Redeye to New York from San Francisco. Somewhere over the midwest, I pull the window shade down and stare at the constellations. A bright clear night, slight patch of clouds. Below, pockets… Read More
2015-01-05 20:55
Hey Kamal. Nice post, man. “Thanks.” So, how many Facebook likes for your life to be validated? “Um…” Let’s try this. How many zeros after a one in your… Read More
2014-12-07 22:32
We walk up the stairs to my fourth story apartment in the East Village. Late summer, I’m here for a few months. Always wanted to live in NYC, a little change in my pocket, experience w… Read More
2014-11-23 00:35
I was recently in Tikal, Guatemala.  Home to ancient Mayan ruins, the ones you’ve seen in movies.  Imagine pyramids jutting out of the jungle.  Monkeys howling at s… Read More
2014-09-28 20:00
“What’s it like being a nine year old girl?” I ask. We’re in a Sushi joint in downtown Sebastabol. More Organic you-name-it stores per square foot than anywhere I&rsq&hell…Read More
2014-08-01 17:43
In Chemistry, you learn about electrons. The orbits they inhabit. But the most fascinating part is how they jump orbits when excited. One moment – excuse the blatant simplicity –… Read More
2014-05-22 03:10
I don’t know the exact time of my birth.  5 or 6 am.  My mom remembers dawn breaking outside the window.  When I press her for more, she gently reminds me that she was o… Read More
2014-03-10 10:37
When I die I want you to climb the highest mountain you see. As you set your ice axe upon the peak and plant your flag, think: he should have done this. When I die I want you to call my mom… Read More

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Founder Zen | Before founding, chop wood, carry water….after founding, chop a lot of wood, carry a lot of water


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