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Skeleton Watches for Women – LWG Top Picks

Skeleton Watches

A watch with an exposed inner mechanism is called a Skeleton watch. The display showcases the functional parts inside the watch that make it work. These parts include tourbillon, escapement, mainspring and the balance wheel.

The fascination of Watches revolves around three vital elements; history, art and mechanics. This is what the entire watchmaking game is about. A skeleton watch isn’t just any tool for telling time; in fact it is an object of aesthetic essence that defines beauty, elegance and fine craftsmanship. A hand finished skeleton watch is a very special piece where the watchmaker expresses and presents his fine craftsmanship and art.

The internal mechanism of the watch is decorated by the watchmaker through polishing, embellishing and engraving in order to make the entire mechanical structure well enhanced. These enhancing skills and techniques have traditional values over centuries.

Normally the Skeleton Watches have manual and automatic windings, but you may find tuning fork and Quartz skeleton watches as well.


The design of the skeleton watches is what makes them unique, elegant and a piece of art. The design depends on two factors; how much exposure is needed and what technique or approach would be used.

  • Exposure of the mechanism:

Each skeleton watch has a distinctive design depending on the amount of visibility of its functional mechanism. Some skeleton watches have no dial at all, while other have a dial with certain inner parts being revealed. An exhibition case placed on the back may as well be used as an exposure of the watch’s mechanics. Those with no dial at all may or may not have the hour markers.

  • Nature of approach:

The design approach drawn by the watchmakers depend upon the rich heritage of skeleton watches. Some skeleton watches are dressy and elegant as being more traditionally crafted. However, various watchmakers and manufacturers have adopted new patterns and radical designs in their skeleton watches to provide a modern touch.

Top 5 skeleton watches for women:

Here are the top 5 skeleton watches for women that are affordable as well as top quality.

  • FOSSIL ME3029 Grant:

Fossil ME3029 skeleton watch is the one that lets you celebrate fashion in a timeless manner. This watch has the perfect combination of traditional as well as modern craftsmanship. The color combination of rose gold and blue add much more to this beauty.


Once someone lays their eyes on this masterpiece of a watch, they can’t look away. The white dial and polished stainless steel body in silver give it an enchanting appearance. A flame fusion crystal protects the intricate and charming dial. It is light, comfortable and water resistant up to 100 feet.


When it comes to collecting the finest skeleton watches, Piaget stands amongst the top preferences. Whether it is about design or technology, the Piaget Emperador is simply a star. Having a black and silver tone combination, this jeweled beauty is simply one of the most gorgeous skeleton watches.


The Kenneth Cole KC1920 is winners’ choice. Any watch-lover with a fine taste would never let this one go. Comprising of quartz movement specially made in Japan as a 21-jewel piece, this wonder has one of the most elegant faces among skeleton watches.


The ultimate show stopper, Relic Round ZR11853 is bound to make the headlines. Silver-tone hands and a gun-metal body all around add to its already stunning skeleton dial. 165 feet water resistance makes it safer even when you are in parties having fun.


Skeleton watches have various patterns engraved on their faces. These patterns enhance the beauty and elegance of the skeleton watches. The three main patterns used are:

  • Perlee:

Also known as Perlage, Perlee is an inexpensive pattern layout that comprises of circles overlapping each other. The main purpose of these overlapping circles is to act as filter for dust particles. It keeps the mechanics protected from dust.

  • Geneva Stripes:

Geneva stripes were originally a handmade pattern that is now designed and engraved using machines. It is has another term “damaskeening”. As the name suggests, this pattern comprises of stripes covering the movement. Expensive higher grade skeleton watches house the Generva Stripes for covering their movements.

  • Guilloche:

The Guilloche is an engraved pattern that consists of interwoven lines. These too are either hand engraved or by machine.


Skeleton watches are made from some of the finest and most special materials. The traditional essence and elegance of these watches can only be handled and maintained by these materials.

  • Rhodium/Gold plating:

Most high end and expensive skeleton watches comprise of either gold plated or a rhodium plated mechanism.

  • Jewels:

Jewels have been an essential in the manufacturing of the movement of skeleton watches. Gems like ruby and sapphire are known to be used a friction decreasing bearings. However, synthetic bearings have now come in to play.


Skeleton watches are mainly available in classy and elegant colors such as black, grey, metal, gun metal, and silver, golden, bronze and shades of white. These colors enhance the charms of those traditional mechanics that revolve to make the hands work. At the same time these shades keep it decent and attractive too. Shocking or bright colors would go against the nature of the skeleton watches. But of course you may also find skeleton watches in other colors too.


Skeleton watches are usually very expensive. They require extremely skilled watchmakers and high end craftsmanship. The tiny details that create the entire thing worthy take hours and days of work. Furthermore the materials used in manufacturing the skeleton watches are rare and precious, which automatically give a boost to the production cost. Nevertheless, these amazing and beautiful pieces of art are more or less priceless. Starting from a couple of hundred dollars, these watches may go up to a million dollars in prices.


Skeleton watches are available for sale on online as well as offline stores. However, when it comes to purchasing these special traditional enriched watches, you need to be very careful. A lot of people report being scammed by replica watches with poor quality. It is highly advised that you must completely understand the delicacy, material and other specifications of the skeleton watch before purchasing it. Purchase it from authorized brand outlets and franchises to avoid any risks. Don’t forget to claim the warranty in case something happens to the watch within the warranty regulations.


There is your complete guide that would let you know all about the charming, elegant and traditionally enriched skeleton watches. These watches aren’t just a time-telling tool on your wrist, but they are a symbol of the fine craftsmanship of watchmakers that has been flowing onwards from centuries.

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Skeleton Watches for Women – LWG Top Picks


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