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Tribe Marketing: Engaging Your tribe

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Ever stood by yourself at a gathering? There are people all around you, but you're not really connecting. There's an invisible barrier you need to overcome. How do you get around it?

Option A: You jump up and down waving your arms wildly.
Pros: You'll get tons of attention while burning a few extra calories
Cons: It's tough to keep up a conversation when your tie is bouncing up in your face.

Option B: You spill your drink on your neighbor's dress.
Pros: They're definitely paying attention to you now!
Cons: Dry cleaning bills are expensive.

Option C: You listen in on a conversation and add a relevant story when it's applicable.
Pros: Your audience is engaged and interested in what you have to say
Cons: You have to wait for the right opening.

Just like that party, your Tribe is busy interacting with each other, building relationships, and sharing opinions about brands like yours. Sure, you could engage them by thrusting your message under their noses, but that's not much different than jumping up and down and yelling. To truly engage your tribe, you need to find the right opening. Fortunately, these openings are everywhere. Remember, if you're not speaking their language, it's going to be hard to spark that conversation.

How to Engage Your Tribe: Four Ways to Get Lasting Attention

  1. Delight them - Your tribe's world is full of delight. There are new products to try, pretty pictures to like and share, interesting articles to upvote and comment on, and countless ways to enjoy deep and meaningful conversations about things that matter. Become a source of delight to your tribe, and they'll seek you out.

  2. Enrich them - When I was a kid I was really into dinosaurs. I read books about them, used my dino toys to carry out countless prehistoric wars filled with sudden yet inevitable betrayal, and gorged myself on t-rex shaped chicken nuggets. Anyone who could tell me something new about my dinosaur pals instantly earned my adoration. Your tribe's tastes are probably a little more sophisticated than my childhood obsession, but we don't change that much as we grow. If you can offer your tribe a way to interact with and understand their passions more fully, they're likely to come back for more.

  3. Support them - Everyone has problems. As you created your brand, you probably thought hard about what your potential customers' struggle with. Keep that thinking going. How can you support your tribe, whether or not they choose to purchase your product? Could you create a blog that offers advice and solutions to problems your tribe faces every day? Could your customer service team go above and beyond, both before and after purchase? This ties back into delight too - sometimes providing someone with an unexpected smile can be enough to elicit their engagement.

  4. Connect them - Your tribe wants to connect. Engage them by creating a space to do so. Maybe that means building a platform where they can share pictures, videos, stories, and information. Maybe that means carving out a space on another platform where members of your tribe can connect over their passions. You don't need to create the next Facebook to help your tribe connect. All they need is a space where they know they'll be heard.

Engaging your tribe isn't much different from any other human interaction. Give them something that encourages, empowers, delights, or enriches them. Be generous, and they'll respond with their loyalty and attention.

How are you engaging your tribe? Do you need help establishing an authentic connection? Drop us a line to let us know!

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Tribe Marketing: Engaging Your tribe


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