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Do You Need LOL Coaching?

Well, you are stuck in Bronze and you want to know if you need LOL coaching? Look no further my friends we will have your question answered in no time! Getting Coaching is a great way to check all your flaws and weaknesses as your coach will be able to easily point them out. Usually a coach will go through one of your recent replays and go over some things with you. Maybe you don’t know how to cs properly or maybe you don’t know how to ward properly to not get ganked. You would typically need at least a couple hundred ranked games under your belt before considering LOL Coaching. The lower tier you are the more likely you just need to pound out some more games as usually the lower tiered players don’t have as many games under their belt.

When is it time for some LOL Coaching?

Getting coaching is usually a good idea if you have been stuck around the same tier for at least 100 games. Regardless if you ultimately decide that you may need some coaching in your life it is still a good idea to personally review your replays and look for mistakes. You would be surprised at how many things you will notice in replays that you didn’t realize while playing because you were trying to concentrate on the game. There are many coaching websites to choose from but i would personally recommend checking out Reddit League Coaching as a starter to get a feel for things. Many websites to choose from and many options out there for LOL Coaching.

What Type of coach should I choose?

You should always try to get a good coach for the role you play. For example if you are a Top Laner and you need help coaching I would suggest getting a coach that is also a top lane main as he will be able to point things out about top lane that other coaches won’t know as much. You can also try to get a coach that specifically mains the same champions that you do. If you are a mid lane Aurelion Sol player you could specifically choose a coach that mains Aurelion Sol as he can show you the ins and the outs of that specific complex champion.

What’s The cost of LOL Coaching?

The cost will depend on the coach you choose. Some coaches can even offer free coaching just so they can get experience at coaching. The price range is typically anywhere from $10 to $50 per hour session. Obviously the more you spend is going to be the higher ranked or more experienced or well known coach. I wouldn’t necessarily choose the higher cost coach as he might not be experienced with the champions or role you play. Usually the coaches are at least Diamond 1 and above which should be mandatory because who wants a Bronzie telling you how to play if you are already there? Well, I hope this article helped you get a feel for what LOL Coaching is all about and go out there and get em!

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Do You Need LOL Coaching?


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