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Week 2: September 11, 1995

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In week 1, WCW went uncontested for their debut of Nitro, but now it’s time for the two shows to go head-to-head for the first time. RAW was coming off a two-week break and had just had their annual SummerSlam PPV. Unfortunately, their next two episodes of RAW were already taped, so they wouldn’t be able to adjust to Nitro on the fly. WCW, on the other hand, decided to use this to their advantage, as you will see later. I will be covering RAW first for reasons that will become apparent when I discuss Nitro.

(All screen captures are the property of World Wrestling Entertainment)

WWF Monday Night RAW #126

September 11, 1995

Canton Civic Center

Canton, Ohio

The show opens with highlights of the Ladder Match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels from SummerSlam ‘95. Vince narrates the video and uses around a hundred different adjectives to describe the match. He talks about how Michaels will now have to defend his newly won Intercontinental Title against Sycho Sid on tonight’s RAW. He also tells us that Razor Ramon will be taking on The British Bulldog. Razor is looking to avenge his friend Diesel after Bulldog turned heel on him a few weeks prior.

Then, we get a look at the brand new intro to Monday Night RAW. A helicopter shines a searchlight onto the top of Titan Tower, where a wrestling ring has been set up on the roof. Fans rush a chain-link fence to get a look, as Shawn Michaels dances on top of the highest point of the building. Police, with dogs, rush to see what the commotion is about, as wrestlers start fighting in the ring. When the helicopter draws near, Shawn apparently dives off his perch and into the ring, as Goldust watches from the shadows. A decidedly 90s sounding soft rock song called “I like it RAW” plays over the intro.

Vince McMahon and Jerry the King Lawler welcome everyone to the show. They are clearly standing in front of a green screen. Vince calls this the new Fall season of RAW. They talk about the night’s matches and Lawler claims that Cornette will be bringing a pooper scooper out for the opening match. Apparently, he’s going to use it to clean up after Razor Ramon. This comment causes Vince to exclaim, “Pooper scooper!?”

Razor Ramon vs. The British Bulldog (w/ Jim Cornette)

Before the match starts, they show a clip of Razor confronting Dean Douglas at SummerSlam. Douglas had given a critique of Razor’s match that wasn’t exactly flattering, so Razor barged into his locker room. Razor throws a toothpick at him and tells him he’s all talk, but when he turns to leave, Douglas tries to attack. Razor blocks it and knocks him to the floor. Back in the arena, Lawler compliments Bulldog on his new short haircut, but he makes fun of Razor’s hair. Lawler claims that Razor’s oil light comes on every time he gets into his car. Razor then throws his toothpick at Cornette before the bell rings.

The two men trade off arm wringers to start, but Bulldog flips out of Razor’s hold. However, he gets punched to the mat and then clotheslined over the top rope. He gets back into the ring and Razor works over his arm before paint brushing the back of Bulldog’s head. Bulldog reverses a whip and sends Razor corner to corner before hitting a stalling suplex. He then starts working over Razor’s lower back. Razor tries to fight back, but he telegraphs a back drop and gets caught. Bulldog press slams him, as they go to a commercial break. When they come back, Bulldog hits a slam and gets a 2 count. He then goes for the running powerslam, but Razor grabs the ropes and lands on top of him for a 2 count of his own. Bulldog goes to the top rope, but gets slammed and then Razor hits the fallaway slam for another 2 count. Razor then reverses a whip, but accidentally takes out the ref. He hits the Razor’s Edge, but there’s no ref to make a count. Dean Douglas seizes the opportunity to run out and Hit Razor with an elbow off the top, but the 1-2-3 Kid arrives. Douglas catches the Kid and suplexes him onto the ropes. Bulldog then lifts Razor up and hits the running powerslam, but the Kid is back and goes for a splash. Bulldog moves and the Kid lands on Razor instead, so the ref throws out the match.

This was a pretty decent opener, but it existed to set up the post-match angle. It’s a shame that we didn’t get a proper finish, but I understand what they were doing. I feel like these two could have a pretty good match without the shenanigans.

Winner: No Contest

After the match, Cornette holds back the ref while Bulldog press slams the Kid onto the top rope. Cornette then kicks the Kid, as Bulldog attacks Razor. The show goes to commercial as the beat down continues.

Some order has been restored, when they come back from break. Vince is in the ring with Razor and the 1-2-3 Kid. Vince is trying to ask them questions, but Lawler won’t shut up on commentary and drowns out a lot of it. Vince asks the Kid what he was doing and then brings up Dean Douglas. He says that Douglas claims to have superior intellect and the Kid’s actions might have proven that. The Kid is having none of the Douglas talk. Kid brings up Razor costing him a match previously and Vince claims that he wasn’t accusing Kid of intentionally costing Razor the match. Kid then says that Razor treats him like a kid. Well, in all fairness, it is in his name. He says that Razor doesn’t give him respect. He then says that no one took him seriously when he beat Razor before, so maybe he needs to do it again. He challenges Razor to a match next week and says that if he has to beat him to get respect then that’s what it will take. He tells Razor that no matter how good of friends they are, he will beat him. The Kid then leaves the ring and Razor says that anything can happen in the WWF. Razor says he made history at SummerSlam and now Bulldog is trying to make waves. He then calls Douglas a “bookworm”. Then, he addresses the Kid and says he made him famous, before accepting Kid’s challenge.

Next, a promo package airs that hypes a Men on a Mission vs. Yokozuna & Owen Hart match for next week. It is narrated by Todd Pettengill, who gives us a little poem. He says, “Why are these two teams scheduled to meet? Because our fan-friendly president thought it would be neat!” Ugh, that was lame. It highlights one of the WWF’s biggest issues at this time. Their product was the equivalent of your cringey Uncle who is trying to be “hip”.

The Smoking Gunns vs. The Brooklyn Brawler & Rad Radford

Billy & Bart Gunn make their way to the ring, as Lawler and Vince continue talking about Dean Douglas. Lawler says that Douglas is smarter than a computer, but Vince isn’t so sure about that. Jerry finally notices that there’s a match about to start and tells the Gunns to take off their stupid cowboy hats.

The Brawler and Radford jump the Gunns (sorry about that pun) to start the match. They double whip Bart, but he ducks and slingshots Billy into the ring for a double clothesline. The Gunns then hit a double dropkick and Billy hits a swinging neckbreaker on Brawler. Bart tags in, but Radford gets a knee into Bart’s back as he runs the ropes. Brawler and Rad do some double teaming and Radford hits his own neckbreaker. Brawler goes up to the top, but Bart recovers and slams him, before tagging Billy. Billy goes for 10 punches in the corner, but Radford enters the ring. Billy spots him and dives onto him as Bart comes into the ring to clean house. The Gunns then hit The Sidewinder and get the 3 count.

This was a glorified squash. They have to make the Gunns look strong because they’re pretty much the only contender for the Tag Titles. The division was at one of its weakest points ever.

Winners: The Smoking Gunns

Next, there is a vignette for Goldust. He hasn’t debuted yet. His gimmick is still that of a Hollywood weirdo who loves to quote movies and paint himself gold like an Oscar statue. It wasn’t until after Vince heard the reactions he was getting that they decided to push the homophobia button. However, there is still certainly a creepiness to his character. He is standing in the Hollywood Hills at night and quotes Night of the Living Dead. He says, “Kill the brain and you kill the ghoul.” He turns to the camera and says that outside of his magical and mystical land there are evil dark ghouls that walk astray in the darkness. He says that they call themselves creatures of the night and follow the footsteps of their leader, The Undertaker. He then says that gold sheds no darkness. It only sheds light. He says that the dark cloud that hovers over the WWF will be sent to the heavens, never to be heard from again, courtesy of Goldust. He finishes by doing his signature deep breath.

Isaac Yankem vs. Scott Taylor

The show comes back from commercial and hey look, it’s Kane vs. Scotty 2 Hotty. Except Kane is an evil dentist and Scotty is just a jobber. Isaac Yankem was brought in as part of the Jerry Lawler/Bret Hart feud. Lawler had lost a Kiss My Foot Match to Bret, where Bret made him kiss his own stinky foot. In retaliation, Lawler enlisted the help of his personal dentist, Isaac Yankem. Get it, I. Yankem! It’s so funny that I forgot to laugh. Poor Glen Jacobs. At least he eventually found a good gimmick. Before the match, we get footage from SummerSlam of Yankem and Lawler attacking Hart. Bret was tied up in a hangman spot, while Isaac and Lawler pulled on him. Lawler claims that he was trying to help Bret back into the ring, but he also accuses Bret of talking badly about his mother.

Yankem clubs Scott in the corner and then hits a chokeslam. It’s not his finisher, so he doesn’t go for a cover. He then chokes him on the ropes and slams him, before hitting a couple of elbow drops. He does a hanging choke over his back, while the ref administers a 5 count. Then, he hits a snake eyes onto the top rope, before hitting a DDT, which he calls the DDS. Get it? Why aren’t you laughing? He then covers Scott for the 3 count.

This was just a squash match for a bad gimmick. I was going to say that it had a short shelf life, but that would imply it ever had any life. It barely mattered within the Lawler/Bret feud, but beyond that, it matters even less.

Winner: Isaac Yankem

Todd Pettengill is in the studio for a report on In Your House 3, which will take place on September 24th. He calls everyone dudes and dudettes and then makes some semi-topical references and bad jokes. At In Your House, there will be a Triple Header Match pitting WWF Champion Diesel and Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels against Tag Champs Yokozuna & Owen Hart. All of the titles will be on the line in the match and President Gorilla Monsoon has stated that titles can change hands if anyone tries to get intentionally disqualified or counted out. He also tells us about matches like Razor Ramon vs. Dean Douglas and Bret Hart vs. Jean Pierre Lafitte. They show footage of Lafitte stealing a pair of sunglasses that Bret had given to a fan. Then, he tells us about Bam Bam Bigelow taking on Bulldog and Savio Vega facing Waylon Mercy.

Sid makes his way to the ring for the main event, but first, they go to Barry Didinsky, who is shilling Shawn Michaels merchandise. He shows everyone the zebra-striped hat and heart-shaped sunglasses that you can buy.

Next, Shawn Michaels is backstage and says that tonight he closes the final chapter on his past, Big Sid. He says that it starts and ends with Sid and then he recoils in horror as he sees a ladder leaning against the wall.

Intercontinental Title Match: Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Sycho Sid (w/ Ted DiBiase)

The show comes back from commercial with Sid in the ring. The man is so crazy that he doesn’t even realize there’s a “p” in the word “psycho”! Or, maybe that was just Vince who didn’t realize it. It could also be that Vince just likes alliteration. Shawn Michaels then heads to the ring and Vince goes into gushing mode. He calls Shawn the modern day Evel Knievel. He sings Shawn’s praises so much that I thought he was going to propose to him. Vince then talks about how this match was originally scheduled for SummerSlam, but Monsoon changed it since it wasn’t what the fans wanted to see. Wow, way to put over this match.

Sid powers Shawn into a corner to start, but Shawn ducks and punches him. Shawn then fakes Sid out on a dive and goes for a sunset flip. Sid tries to punch him, but Shawn moves and hits a flying clothesline. He then knocks Sid out of the ring, so Sid takes a breather. Sid gets back inside and throws Shawn over the ropes, but Shawn skins the cat back inside and knocks Sid out of the ring again. When he comes back into the ring, he finally takes control with a release spinebuster and some clubbing forearms. He whips Shawn into the corner, kicks him up and over the ropes, and then clotheslines him to the floor. He follows Shawn outside and then press slams him onto the apron. Then, he distracts the ref, while DiBiase puts the boots to Shawn. Michaels is barely able to make it into the ring before the 10 count, as the show goes to commercial. They come back to Shawn fighting out of a bear hug. It’s not enough, as Sid hits a chokeslam and then taunts the crowd. He goes for the powerbomb, but Shawn back drops him out of the move and hits a flying forearm. Shawn goes up top and hits a flying cross body, which gets him a 2 count. Sid goes for the powerbomb again, but Shawn fights out and kicks him in the gut. He waits for Sid to stand and hits him with Sweet Chin Music, which staggers Sid into the ropes. He then hits a second Sweet Chin Music and gets the 3 count.

This was a pretty good main event. They told a good story with Shawn using his speed to outwit Sid. These two would have better matches, but for a shorter RAW match, this wasn’t bad.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

After the match, Shawn celebrates in the ring and starts stripping. He implies that he’s going to remove his pants, which gets cheers from the women in the crowd…and probably Vince. Thankfully, he doesn’t actually remove them.

The show goes to commercial and we get an ad for In Your House. A young man is at home when his doorbell rings. The Smoking Gunns are at his door, along with a bunch of other superstars. They invade his home and make a mess of things, while Bob Backlund screams about people not knowing what it’s like to go to a library. The mother comes home and asks what’s going on, but it’s revealed that the whole thing was in the man’s head. He tells her he’s just watching TV.

The show comes back from the break to show Shawn and Diesel celebrating backstage. Dok Hendrix approaches them, but he’s hesitant. Shawn tells him to spit it out, so he asks them about the Triple Header Match. He brings up a hypothetical situation where Yoko or Owen win one of their titles. Shawn blows off the question and talks about how he’s righting the wrongs in his life. He says he started with reuniting with Diesel, then getting his Intercontinental Title back and avenging his loss at WrestleMania X. Finally, he put Sid down with Sweet Chin Music. He says that they’re on to bigger and better things now and the Triple Header is where they start. Diesel then says that they’re not just “Two dudes with attitudes”. They’re also “two chaps with all the straps”.

Vince then ends the show by giving us a preview of next week. Yokozuna & Owen will face Men on a Mission and Razor Ramon will face the 1-2-3 Kid. Clips are shown of both matches since they are pre-taped.

(I will provide my thoughts on both shows after I have covered Nitro. That way I can provide a comparison of the two shows. So, now onto Nitro.)

WCW Monday Nitro #2

September 11, 1995

James L. Knight Center

Miami, Florida

The show opens with aerial footage of downtown Miami. It then goes inside the arena and we get the first look at the proper Nitro set. It’s simple yet effective, with two metal WCW signs on either side of an entrance ramp. I always liked this set, as it didn’t take up a lot of space, but it still looked professional. As the camera pans around the crowd, Bischoff talks about the main event between Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger. He calls it the match of the century.

The commentators for the night, Mongo, Bischoff, & Heenan, welcome everyone to the show. Mongo says that Nitro is the biggest thing to hit TV since the little old lady said, “Where’s the beef?” They recap Luger’s appearance last week and show a clip of the confrontation with Hogan. Bischoff then informs us that Vader is now AWOL and will no longer be a part of Fall Brawl. Heenan says that members of Hogan’s team are bailing out like rats on a sinking ship. The real reason that Vader is gone is that he got into a backstage fight with Paul Orndorff and was fired by WCW.

Sabu vs. Alex Wright

Sabu was signed away from ECW and this is his Nitro debut. He was known in ECW for his wild style and willingness to destroy his body. He’s covered in scars due to his violent matches. At one point in ECW, his bicep was sliced open by barbed wire and he simply taped it up and kept wrestling. Sabu is also the nephew of the Original Sheik, not to be confused with The Iron Sheik. Bischoff brings up this lineage on commentary and sadly Mongo thinks they’re talking about the Iron Sheik. He has a laugh and no one bothers to correct him.

The match starts with dueling arm drags and then Sabu hits a springboard leg drop to a sitting Wright. He then takes Alex over the top rope with a hurricanrana and hits a baseball slide. When Wright stands, Sabu hits a somersault plancha. Sabu joins him on the floor and grabs a chair, but he doesn’t hit him with it. He sets it up in front of Alex and gets a running start. He bounces off the chair and goes for a heel kick, but Wright moves and Sabu crashes into the guardrail. Heenan is losing his mind on commentary over this. Wright slams him, but the ref tells them to get back into the ring. Wright then hits a missile dropkick, that sends Sabu back to the outside. So, Wright decides to hit his own baseball slide, before doing a cross body over the top. They head back inside and Wright hits a superplex, but then they have a bit of a miscommunication on what to do next. Sabu hits another springboard kick, but Wright quickly hits a German suplex for a 2 count. How does a German not win with that? He has done his country a disservice! Wright goes to the top rope, but Sabu crotches him and hits a victory roll off the top for a 3 count. BUT WAIT! Sabu doesn’t stop there. He takes Alex outside and gets a table. He sits Wright on the table and then dives out of the ring onto him. However, Sabu almost overshoots him and basically puts himself through the table. Referee Nick Patrick decides this is going too far and reverses his decision. He gives Wright the DQ win, instead.

This match did a good job of putting over how crazy Sabu is. He technically got the win, but his wildness robbed him of it. I’ve never been a huge fan of Sabu, but WCW surprisingly used him correctly here. Of course, Sabu’s WCW run would be short-lived, so it’s all for naught.

Winner: Alex Wright (by DQ)

The show goes to commercial with a graphic that tells everyone that Sting vs. V.K. Wallstreet is coming up later.

The show comes back to Mean Gene in the ring. He welcomes Ric Flair for an interview. Gene talks about how Ric was out partying the night before. Flair says that the only thing missing was Arn wasn’t at his side. He says that Arn was in his hotel room, calling his wife and son. Ric says that the two of them used to be like Joe Montana and Lawrence Taylor. He then holds up the Four Horsemen gesture and says that it was the symbol of excellence. Lex Luger comes out at this point to interrupt and Flair sees him. Ric holds the ropes open for Lex and then continues his promo. He says that Arn used to tell him that Hogan drove Ric crazy, but look at what Hogan has done now! He sings the praises of Luger and says that tonight Luger takes control. Luger tells Ric that some things never change and he’s too much. Luger then leaves without saying another word, so Flair finishes by saying that Hogan will go down to Luger tonight.

Bischoff then shills Fall Brawl for a moment, but Heenan wants to talk about Flair and Anderson. He says that Arn turned his back on Flair. Mongo wants to say something, but Bischoff tells him it’s time for the next match.

U.S. Title Match: Sting (c) vs. V.K. Wallstreet

It’s only been a week, but Wallstreet has already changed his name. Bischoff wants to know what the change is all about as if he doesn’t know. The V.K. is supposed to be a reference to Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Last week they were still airing vignettes for Wallstreet and he already has a U.S. Title Match? How did that happen? That is strange, but it’s not the biggest talking point before this match. This is the point where Bischoff does something downright nasty. He tells the viewers that if they’re thinking of changing the channel to RAW, don’t bother. He then spoils the results of RAW. He says that Shawn Michaels beats the big guy with a super kick that wouldn’t earn a green belt. This would sadly not be the last, nor the lowest tactic that Bischoff would use in the Monday Night Wars.

Wallstreet hits a fireman’s carry takeover to start the match and then the two men circle each other. They fight into a corner and V.K. tries a cheap shot, but Sting blocks it. Sting hits a hip toss and a couple of dropkicks, so Wallstreet begs off into the corner. Sting then hits a hard Irish whip and Wallstreet bails to the outside. He gets back in and Sting charges, but V.K. side steps and sends Sting to the floor. Sting tries to get back in, but Wallstreet clubs him. The ref tries to get them out of the ropes, but V.K. pushes him aside. This gives Sting the opening to hit a slingshot shoulder tackle. Wallstreet fights off the comeback and hits some elbow drops, but Sting reverses a fireman’s carry into a sunset flip for a 2 count. He then drives Wallstreet’s head into the turnbuckles a few times and hits a clothesline. Sting then goes up top and hits a flying cross body for a 3 count.

There was some decent action in here, but it was so short that it barely felt like a title match. I’m not sure why they even put the title on the line here. There was no hype nor importance put on the match. It also seems odd that Wallstreet would lose cleanly in such short fashion since they just brought him back to WCW. I get that they want Sting to look strong for Fall Brawl, but use someone else.

Winner: Sting

Bischoff tells us that Savage vs. Norton is coming up after the break before they go to commercial. When they come back, Bischoff hypes WCW Saturday Night, where you can see Disco Inferno in action and Renegade vs. Max Muscle. Big Bubba will also be facing Dave Sullivan. Man, Bubba went from having a WCW Title match to facing Evad on the b-show. What happened? Also, Brian Pillman will face Alex Wright. Now, that sounds like a good match.

Randy Savage vs. Scott Norton

Scott Norton makes his way to the ring and Mongo says that he should have taken Norton out last week. Norton apparently hears him, as he starts pointing at Mongo. Savage is out next to an electric guitar version of “Pomp and Circumstance”.

Scott attacks Savage as soon as he gets into the ring. He hits him with a short-arm clothesline, but he then takes a moment to yell at Mongo some more. Norton telegraphs a back body drop, so Savage attempts a sunset flip. Norton grabs him by the throat and choke lifts him out of the attempt. Savage fights back and clotheslines Norton to the outside, before hitting a flying axehandle. He then pulls him inside, clotheslines him, and goes for another flying axehandle, but Norton catches him. Norton puts him in a bear hug and then slams him down, before working on Savage’s lower back. Savage sells his back like he’s all messed up. He has always been so good at selling an injury. Norton hits a powerbomb but only gets a 2 count. He then hits two backbreakers and press slams him. He whips Savage into the ropes and hits a powerslam, but still only gets a 2 count. Randy ducks a charge, but gets hit with a shoulder tackle and falls to the outside. Norton pulls him to the apron and hits a draping DDT over the top rope. He then goes to the top rope and attempts a flying shoulder, but Savage sidesteps him. Savage whips him to the corner and punches him, but Shark and Kamala run to the ring to interfere. Randy throws Norton into Shark, who falls onto Norton’s legs. Norton is pinned under Shark’s weight, so Savage hits the flying elbow drop and gets a 3 count.

Why would the ref allow that? I know it’s a funny visual, but it makes zero sense. This was shaping up to be a pretty decent match that showcased Norton’s power, but that silly ending kind of made Norton look foolish.

Winner: Randy Savage

After the match, the rest of the Dungeon of Doom run to the ring. Sullivan has a comically large walking stick with him, but he doesn’t get to hit anyone with it. Savage bails from the ring and Norton starts getting into a shoving match with Shark. The Dungeon leave before things can escalate further.

The show goes to commercial, as Bischoff reminds us that Hogan/Luger is coming up next. They come back to show us a little of Luger’s entrance. Cue the generic biddle music (trademark of OSW Review)! The show then cuts to an ad for Fall Brawl that promotes their work with a muscular dystrophy charity. Proceeds from the PPV will go towards research.

WCW Title Match: Hulk Hogan (c) (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Lex Luger

Hogan makes his entrance after the break, as Bischoff informs us that Savage might be hurt after his match earlier. I’m halfway surprised they didn’t get Michael Buffer to announce this match, or last week’s, for that matter.

The two men lock-up and fight into the corner. There’s a clean break, but Luger gives Hogan a shove, for good measure. They lock-up again and get another break, but Luger threatens to punch Hogan. Hogan then hits a drop toe hold and surprisingly does a little mat wrestling. He suplexes Lex, but Luger immediately pops back up and flexes in Hogan’s face. Hogan telegraphs a back body drop, so Luger hits his own suplex. However, Hogan pops back up and flexes in return. Luger gets shoved into the ropes off a headlock and Hogan threatens a punch, so Luger bails outside. Hogan chases him back into the ring and hits a back body drop. On commentary, Bischoff takes a moment to mock WWF Champion Diesel. He says that he was nothing but a mid-carder in WCW. Luger then hits a powerslam and signals for the Torture Rack. He manages to get Hogan up on his shoulders and the ref almost calls for the bell, but Hogan says no. The ref then checks Hogan’s arm once, but Luger puts him down. He thinks he’s won and starts celebrating, but the ref corrects him. Luger makes a cover, but Hogan kicks out and starts hulking up. Hogan punches Luger, hits the big boot, and then hits the leg drop, but the Dungeon of Doom rush the ring. The ref calls for the DQ, as the Dungeon attack Hogan.

This match felt rushed. I guess they were running low on time. As odd as this sounds, it showed signs of being half-way decent, for what little there was of it. It’s not great to get a schmoz finish in a title match, but I know they’re saving this match for down the line.

Winner: Hulk Hogan (by DQ)

All of the Dungeon of Doom members attack Hogan, but they ignore Luger. Lex is still laying on the mat during the entire beat down. Savage and Sting enter the ring to help save Hogan and they manage to run off the Dungeon. Luger finally stands and Hogan shoves him before saying, “Where were you at?” The show cuts to commercial before we can get an answer.

When they come back, Mean Gene is in the ring with everyone. Hogan talks about how the Dungeon has a man advantage now that Vader is gone. Hogan then asks why the Dungeon didn’t attack Luger. Savage says that goes double for him. Sting steps in to play peacemaker and suggests that Luger take Vader’s place on their team. Savage says that he would rather go 4 vs. 3 than team with Luger. Sting says that he and Savage have nothing against each other and they both want to win War Games. Savage replies, “Exact-uh-ly!” However, Savage then questions why the Dungeon didn’t attack Sting or Jimmy Hart. Jimmy takes offense to this and reminds him that he was the one who went for help. Jimmy then says that Hogan has the final vote. Hogan says he’s torn apart, but they will find out what everyone’s all about in War Games. He asks Luger if he will be their partner. Luger says that he will do it, but only if he gets another title shot. Luger and Hogan shake hands on the deal, but Savage points out that Luger has an ulterior motive.

At the commentator booth, Heenan says that you can’t trust Sting, Luger, Hogan, or Jimmy Hart. He says that something smells worse than that “tarantula in the derby, right there”, as he points at Pepe the dog. This week, Pepe is wearing a sombrero and a little bandanna. Mongo says that Hogan’s team need to get their “collective poo-poo” together or they’re going to get beat. Bischoff then hypes both Fall Brawl and next week’s Nitro. He says that next week Orndorff will face Johnny B. Badd and the Nasty Boys will be in action. He also plugs Main Event on Sunday, as the show comes to a close.

Thoughts and comparisons:

Nitro was the much more polished show, at this point. The storylines might have been silly, but WCW did a good job of building them. Nitro felt like a more important show and was definitely an easier watch than RAW. There was some good stuff on RAW. The main event wasn’t too bad and some storylines were built, but a lot of those stories were just not interesting. Nitro felt like it had some tension and there was a running story throughout the show. RAW also felt outdated. It felt like a show that was filmed in 93 or 94 and was just now released, whereas Nitro felt like it was actually taking place in 1995. This isn’t to say that either show was outstanding, but in comparison, Nitro was the better of the two programs on that night.

TV Ratings:

RAW: 2.5

Nitro: 2.4

It was a narrow victory for RAW, but they pulled it out. Nitro was still a new show, so word of mouth might not have spread. However, for WCW to come that close in their first head-to-head meeting is an accomplishment. This had to give them confidence, going forward.


This scoreboard will keep track of the actual rating victories. I’m not going to keep track of which show I personally thought was better.




Uncontested: 1


Wins: 1



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Week 2: September 11, 1995


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