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40 Best Cities to Live and Work as a Digital Nomad

The Internet enables freelancers, designers, writers, and location-independent entrepreneurs to work from anywhere around the world. While traveling the world is the major goal, it must be budget-friendly. Internet users also want to identify destinations with the best Internet Connection, co-working spaces, safety, recreation facilities, and favorable weather. This comprehensive guide lists fourty of the best cities to live and work as a Digital nomad to help you make an informed choice for your next destination.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand



The highly social environment of Chiang Mai makes the city one of the best destinations for Digital Nomads. At least in this city, you will not miss a social networking group open for foreigners that offers diners, training seminars, social outings, and networking opportunities. Productivity for digital nomads is very high as you are bumping to other nomads every other minute in the coffee shops or co-working spaces.

You will also love sharing digital entrepreneurship for free especially if you are a newbie in digital work. The bright blue sky is with warm temperature, and low humidity is accommodating. Give yourself a treat as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of old villages, temples, elephants, caves, mountains, gardens and much more. The cost of living is about $960 per month.

2. Bucharest, Romania

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

At 100 Mbps, Internet connection in Bucharest is one of the fastest around Europe. The good news is that you will get a fair connection in all major cities within Romania, even in taxis and public transport vehicles. Although temperatures during winter get as low as -20 degree Celsius, summer is warm at 40 degree Celsius.

As a digital nomad, you will enjoy the vibrant working environment at cafes and dedicated zones such as the TechHub, ImpactHub and the Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel. Do not be fascinated by the city life to forget visiting destinations such as the Carpathian Mountains, Vama Veche Beach, or the Danube Delta. The cost of living may vary from $1,000 to $2,000 per month depending on the frequency of your movements.

3. Ubud, Bali

Flickr Commons

Flickr Commons

The tropical Indonesian island of Budi has a lot to offer to the digital nomads. It is a refuge for perennial wanderers, solo travelers, or those taking a spiritual retreat. Nevertheless, strangers get along pretty well in this lush city as most of them share a nomadic interest.

Considering the luxurious lifestyle, beautiful scenery, and fascinating culture on offer, the $1100 cost of living is relatively low. Wi-Fi connection is not so reliable, but heavy Internet users can take advantage of the cheap mobile data plans. Co-working spaces such as Outpost, Hubud, and The Onion Collective are great places to meet people while enjoying the vast rice plantations on view. A yoga class in one of the numerous studios is a good way to end your day.

4. Prague, Czech Republic


From low cost of living and fast Internet connections to historic sites, Prague is an interesting destination for digital nomads. Download speeds within the city and the surrounding Timisoara, Phnom Penh, Davao, and Medellin go as high as 40 Mbps, fair enough for the constant user. Mingle with other surfers at the Locus Workspace or Hub Praha co-working areas, then take a break to enjoy the spectacular cathedrals and cobblestone alleyways.

You would definitely not want to miss a scene of Prague Castle, which is the largest in the world. Brno’s Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Prague’s Charles Bridge, and Czech cemeteries are also scenes to behold. A fairly luxurious one-month stay will only cost you about $1,150.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Flickr Commons

Budapest is a cultural center, with some of the best wine, mouth-watering foods, and recreational theatres. However, the fast and free Internet connection attracts the roaming workers most. While the 30 Mbps Internet is accessible from almost everywhere, the good idea is to meet other users in the many co-working spaces in town.

Budapest is the choice destination for thousands of energetic and creative internationals with whom you can share to a great deal. The long, warm summer provides a conducive environment for this integration. The city attracts a high airline and train traffic, in effect making transport cheap. The average cost of living is about $ 1,500 per month.

6. Belgrade, Serbia

Wikimedia Commons

Serbia is known to have some of the best nightlife among the former Yugoslavian countries, although the wars of 1990s tinted this reputation to some extent. However, the country has reinstated its identity in the recent past to serve as an attractive site for curious explorers.

Digital nomads with a taste in history are definitely at home visiting Belgrade’s military museum, the Kalemegdan citadel, the gallery of frescos, and similarly remarkable structures. At the affordable cost of $1,100 per month, visitors at work can treat themselves with the local Balkan cuisines. Internet access in the country is easier even than in parts of France, as one surfer once observed.

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, is one of the welcoming sites for digital nomads especially those budgeting for about $1,800 per month. You will probably find no other better climate in Europe than in this city on the Atlantic coast.

The culture of establishing co-working offices is fast gaining momentum in Lisbon, with sites such as Home Lisbon Hostel and Surf Office Lisbon popping up. English is a language well embraced in the Portuguese-speaking country, and the natives are some of the most welcoming people in the world. Your stay in Lisbon is incomplete without seeing the gigantic Jeronimos monastery, the tower of Bellem or the St. George’s castle.

8. Medellin, Colombia


Wikimedia Commons

Medellin is one of the cities that easily strip technological expats of their digital nomad title as most of them end up making it their permanent base. As everyone has a story to tell, some are captivated by the modern look of the city, the warmth of the residents, or the convenience of the metro system. There is not much to see in Medellin, but a visit to Parque de Los Deseos, Parque Arvi, Plaza Botero, or Jardin Botanico should be enough to end your day well. All you need is a budget of $1,500 a month to enjoy the delicacies on offer in the many restaurants, bars, cafes and malls.

9. Berlin, Germany



Berlin is an upcoming meeting hub for artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and musicians among other digital nomads. The cost of living is low compared to what you have to part with in other cities in western Europe, and you can easily secure a rental house through agencies. Betahaus is frequented by many digital nomads to socialize, just like many of the other co-working zones in the city. Although Berlin is never short of attractive scenes, stay in the city is most enjoyable in summer when temperatures in the day are about 28 degree Celsius.

10. Taipei, Taiwan


Wikimedia Commons

Taipei is one of the best places to earn high-value foreign currency while your expenditure remains low. It also has plenty to offer regarding attractive sites, recreational activities and delicious foods. You can take time examining the tall Taipei 101 building in the city, or head to the countryside for cycling, hiking, or at the Beitou Hot Springs. Although it lacks the co-working spaces rising fast in other digital nomad destinations, you can get Internet connection of up to 45 Mbps in the houses of residence. Be prepared to spend about $1239 a month.

11. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Wikimedia Commons

Apart from having a relatively high cost of living, the Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh has enough food for the eyes. First, it lies on a plateau and surrounded by three rivers, the Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio. On the surroundings are wooded hills that gave rise to its wealth, and within are remarkable sights.

However, it is the good Internet connection of 35 Mbps and availability of free Wi-Fi that make Pittsburgh a favorite destination by digital nomads. With a budget of $2174, you can enjoy your nomadic stay in Pittsburgh while visiting sites such as Carnegie Museum, Phipps Conservator, or the Duquesne Incline.

12. Tallinn, Estonia

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Practically every place in Tallinn is the right place for delicious meals, or surfing the net as Wi-Fi blankets the city. Whether you are in the park, in the buses, or in cafes, you just go on with your business without worry of connection tariffs. You cannot miss the charm of the cobblestoned buildings, while a visit to the Estonian History Museum reveals the heritage of the country. A friendly community of expats welcomes you to the Baltic country, and soon you develop a good relationship with the entrepreneurial society. At a budget of $1,620 a month, you cannot exhaust the scenic beaches, mouthwatering cuisines, and the vast Wi-Fi cover.

13. Manila, Philippines



If probably you are looking for a place where language barrier will not distract you from your work, then manila is good for you. This is not to say you will be substituting the fast Internet connection or scenes found in the other cities in the list. Internet access at cafes in manila is perfect, but you might be at ease in the restaurants as you seep through the local drinks. Nightlife is enjoyable in this city, and the transport network is efficient. Rent and decent food are a bit expensive, but you will love the rich Filipino culture, islands and pretty beaches.

14. Arusha, Tanzania


Flickr Commons

Tanzania is the place for you if you crave experiencing real tropical climate while on your work over the Internet. The scenic animal parks, tall mountains and paradise beaches can consume the better part of your stay, but after you became a digital nomad to treat yourself. Major cities such as Dares Salaam, Arusha, Moshi, and the island of Zanzibar have good Internet connections, especially in the rental houses and restaurants. The cost of living is relatively low.

15. Verduno, Italy

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to avoiding the noise and inconvenience of traffic, Verduno is the destination to consider. Located in the middle of nowhere, Verduno has plenty of agro-tourism, exotic wine, and fresh air to offer. You can take a break from Internet surfing to enjoy the sight in parks and exhibitions, cascading towns of Amalfi coast, or the historic Pompeii and Coliseum.

16. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

Wikimedia Commons

Although not ranked highly among the digital nomad communities, Cape Town is one of the cities you should escape to during winter. You might as well enjoy sharing the same time zone as Europe at a warm coastal city. A short drive from the city center brings you to the most enjoyable adventures as long as snow is not involved. Apart from Philippines, South Africa is the other place you can enjoy your expat life without language barrier.

17. Jeju Island, South Korea

Flickr Commons

Jeju has enough attraction to sooth the itchy feet of any explorer; leave alone the Internet-minded expat. Adding an Internet connection of 100 Mbps to this island of triple abundance only escalates its appeal to the digital nomads. The island has a unique rocky seaside, and the hexagonal rocky cuts in the ocean are features to behold. Probably the mild climate of subtropics is what attracts you to Jeju Island, but you will not fail to take notice of the romantic theme of the parks. A one-month stay will cost you about $1802.

18. Miami, Florida



The Atlantic coastal city of Miami is known for its wonderful air quality, great climate and recreational activities. It also has a fast Internet connection of 35 Mbps that attract digital nomads. Although co-working space are numerous, living and travelling about the city is expensive. From architectural expertise of the Art Deco and the attractive sidewalk at Lincoln Road to delicious South American cuisines, Miami has a lot to offer than the sandy beaches. A comfortable one-month stay in the city costs about $2900.

19. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Initially known for its nomadic lifestyle, Mongolia now has a new form of nomadic lifestyle for the technological expats. Until a recent move to provide free Wi-Fi, connectivity for the sparsely populated country was low. However, digital nomads can now enjoy downloads at a speed of 25 Mbps in the major cities. The capital city of Ulaanbaatar is a tourist hub that captivates visitors with Stone Age buildings, exclusive architecture and fossils of the extinct dinosaurs. Living in the city for one month costs about $890.

20. Toulouse, France

Flickr Commons

Flickr Commons

Toulouse is better known by its nickname The Pink City, owing to the impressive color of its red bricks. However, the digital nomadic community esteems the city for the high-speed Internet of 40 Mbps available within the restaurants, cafes, and the co-working spaces. The iconic space museum Cité de l’Espace is located in Toulouse, from where people literally take a trek to the stars. Dining with the locals is a thing not to miss when touring Toulouse. A one-month stay in the city costs about the same as in Pittsburgh.

21. Bratislava, Slovakia


Wikimedia Commons

Bratislava is one of the cities in Europe where you can enjoy working remotely on a budget. Apart from the fast 45 Mbps Internet connectivity, you can take advantage of Bratislava’s proximity to Hungary and Austria to explore new zones. You can also visit sites such as the Bratislava castle or the Grassalkovich Palace when you are not busy working. The average cost is $1660 a month.

22. Zadar, Croatia

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Zadar may not be as famous as Zagreb or Split, but it has a fair climate and amazing views. The Adriatic city is full of monuments and has a rich historical and cultural heritage. At 9-Mbps, Internet speed may not be the most pleasing but is a plus for the light Internet users. An effective transport network opens the city to other destinations. Key features to take note of in Zadar include nature parks, islets and rocks.

23. Florianopolis, Brazil


Wikimedia Commons

Freelancers, remote workers, Internet-depended entrepreneurs, and perpetual travelers have a reason to shift their focus to the Latin American city of Florianopolis. Brazil is home to a large community of Internet users, and they like exchanging ideas with visitors. Portuguese is the mostly spoken language, but adapting is easy as the residents do speak some English. Most importantly, you cannot miss something to do during the weekend in the city with diverse culture. Internet connection is easily accessible at 15 Mbps, while the monthly expenditure is about $1787.

24. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An

Wikimedia Commons

Vietnam is certainly one of the most fulfilling destinations for digital nomads who seek for diversity. Hoi An may not be as much pronounced as Hanoi, but the coastal city is much quieter, has a thrilling ancient feel, and offers good scenery. The southeastern part of Asia is mostly cold and rainy, but it gets warm from late February through June. Internet access is through cyber cafes, with speeds of 5 Mbps. The cost of living is relatively low at $743 a month.

25. Playal Del Carman, Mexico

Flickr Commons

Image Source: Wikipedia

Apart from the slower Internet connections, the Caribbean city shares much with Chiang Mai as far as digital nomadic lifestyle is concerned. Playal is a choice destination for a big community of expats probably because of the hot weather and enjoyable lifestyle. The similarities end there as only a few co-working spaces are set up, and this is not kind of quiet cities. You should experience a comfortable stay with a budget of $2029.

26. Tijuana, Mexico


Wikimedia Commons

Mexico has more to offer the digital nomads, as the border city of Tijuana is a hotspot for the remote workers. A 15 Mbps connection is readily available within apartments in the city, while a one month stay costs about $1340. If you love Ceaser salads then beware, you are landing in its hometown, and you will like the quality of tacos served around. Take some hours out of your busy schedule to explore the beauty of the Tijuana Arch or the activities in the Cultural Center.

27. Yekaterinburg, Russia

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

Yekaterinburg is famous for its location on the border between Europe and Asia, but it is also rich in culture. It is in this city where Nikolai 2 and his family were burnt, the famous seven wooden churches stand here, and is full of historical monuments. With the entire good scene to offer, a one-month stay in the border city only costs $1396. Additionally, access to Wi-Fi is easy at speeds of 25 Mbps. The best month to visit is July when it is warm.

28. Jacksonville, Florida


Wikimedia Commons

Jacksonville ranks high among the digital nomads, as it is where the laptop originated. The warm climate and the beautiful beaches along the Atlantic attract remote workers, together with the live performances of blues and jazz. There is also the Jacksonville Zoo and the Cummer Museum to view. Internet connection is fair at 25 Mbps, while a stay for one month costs about $1520.

29. Moscow, Russia



Moscow is an exciting city where every digital nomad should aspire to set foot. Most of the rental apartments in the city have access to Wi-Fi at an average cost of $8 per month. A two-bedroom apartment costs between $670 and $1,300 depending on the proximity to the city center. Some of the beautiful sites to visit include The Kremlin, Gorky Park, and The Old Arbat area. Moscow is usually hot in the months of July and August.

30. Kiev, Ukraine


Wikimedia Commons

The capital of post-soviet Ukraine has some of the fastest Internet connections in the world. At only $8 per month, remote workers have access to 100 Mbps fiber optic links. Kiev looks fabulous all year round, as the trees blossom in summer and the spires come out best in winter. Visitors will definitely enjoy the historic structures, monuments and museums. A single apartment costs about $400 per month.

31. Tbilisi, Georgia


Wikimedia Commons

Georgia may not have caught much of tourist attention, but it outperforms some of the most visited areas in the post-soviet countries. The people are much welcoming, and the food is awesome. Tbilisi has a lot to offer, including sights of vast vineyards, enjoyable drives and mountain sports. Single rental apartments go at a cost of $340 per month while 100 Mbps Internet is charged $40 for the same duration.

32. Astana, Kazakhstan

Flickr Commons

Astana ranks second as the coldest capital in the world after Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia. It preserves the history of the tortured women of the Soviet times, and is home to the spectacular Bayterek tower. A high-speed fiber optic connects the city at 100 Mbps. A rental apartment costs about $450 a month.

33. Shanghai, China



Shanghai is a fast-growing economic giant that has attracted expats from everywhere. The community is highly friendly and likes sharing ideas with visitors. The highly connected city has plenty of co-working spaces, and even a website where expats can connect. Cost of living depends on the location, amenities, and size. For the obvious reason of its size, navigating around Shanghai is not easy. A view of the sky-piercing Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and the Bund is a scene to behold.

34. Bangkok, Thailand


Wikimedia Commons

Everything in Bangkok just seems to work right for the digital nomad. A well-furnished two-bedroom apartment costs about $800, while mobile data is fast and affordable. Internet connection in cafes and malls is also fast. You can easily be lost for choice from the wide variety of food in the restaurants and along streets. However, the weather is super hot at times and the traffic is stuck during rush hours.

35. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Expats like the company of like-minded people, a welcoming community and enjoyable lifestyle, exactly what Argentina’s capital has to offer. At only $1150 per month, you get to experience fast Internet connections, enjoyable nightlife, lovely parks, and some of the tastiest foods. The weather is best between the months of October and April. It is worth staying on the alert as the rampant inflations can get your stay completely marred.

36. Krakow, Poland



It requires several hours to drive from Prague to Krakow, but what meets the eye justifies the isolation. Visitors are treated to beautiful parks, the historic St. Mary’s Basilica, and remains of the medieval walls alongside other attractions. Mobile data also works well in this city of friendly people. Surprisingly, you get all this package at 60 percent of what it would cost you in New York.

37. Riga, Latvia


Wikimedia Commons

Riga has the charm of being low cost and picturesque. The Latvia capital has lots of squares that deserve a visit, similar to the medieval buildings. The monument of Freedom is visible from a distant. Nightlife is marked by lively concerts and spirited exchanges among the locals and the numerous visitors. Riga enjoys some of the fastest Internet connections in the Baltic States.

38. Lviv, Ukraine


Wikimedia Commons

Most nomads twitch at the mention of Ukraine as a viable destination, majorly due to the prevalent conflicts that have hit the country. What most people do not understand is that Lviv is safe than most of the European cities. At 20 Mbps, Internet in this city is also faster than in most parts of France, Spain and Italy. Ukraine also has good scenes, attractive beaches and plenty of winter games. A month’s stay costs about $957.

39. Andalusia, Spain



The southern coast of Spain is an expat haven especially for those who hate the busy city life. Andalusia cuts across several towns, including Malaga, Tarifa, Granada, and Seville, which means there is plenty to please the eyes. A major drawback is the lack of co-working spaces, but connection is speedy. The cost of living is low, with car transport being some of the cheapest in the region.

40. Goa, India

Goa, India

Wikimedia Commons

The mention of Goa probably brings to mind the Baga and Palolem beach stretches renown for liveliness. Efficient Internet facilities also make the India’s coastline city a good place for nomads. At a budget of only $800, you get a comfortable stay for a whole month. Make a visit between May and October to exploit the full spectacle of Goa.

Now, the world is a big place. Here was a list of all the places I had sorted out. The budget that I have mentioned will provide you a comfortable stay; but if luxury or luxury traveling is not your way of life, you can actually make all of this happen – rather comfortable – at a much lower price.

If you feel that there is something in the list that needs correction, do let us know in the comments section below; also, if there is a place that you feel must be added in the list too, let us know that too, please.

Happy traveling!

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40 Best Cities to Live and Work as a Digital Nomad


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