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Gmail login, Sign in to with easy steps

You are reading this article because you want to Gmail login. But you need a Gmail account to login at . You can create a Gmail account easily with follow Sign up Gmail process. After that you will be a owner of an Gmail account and you have a username and a password. Now you can Gmail login easily with your username and password.

Gmail login : Go to Website

If you are a new user of Gmail and you don’t Know  how to login your Gmail account. Don’t worry we will help you. We will tell you a complete process with simple steps about login your Gmail account.

Follow these simple steps to Gmail login 

  1. Open your web browser in your computer or Laptop.
  2. Then search in google and click on first google result. Otherwise type in URL bar and press enter key.
  3. Now , you will be seen a page of Gmail website. Enter your gmail address which you generated at the time of sign up.Gmail login enter gmail ID
  4. Now click on Next Button.
  5. Then you will be seen a another webpage with your Gmail address. Here you need to put your password which you generated at the time of Sign up. Then click on Next button.Gmail login password of Gmail id required
  6. After it, You will be seen a webpage like given below. It means you have successfully login your gmail account. Gmail login and redirect to homepage

Gmail login Multiple accounts in one computer 

Sometimes we need more than one Gmail account. And we can create and use more than one Gmail account easily. We have told you that how to login gmail account. Now we will show you how to login multiple gmail accounts in one computer or a laptop.

Follow these steps to add multiple gmail accounts

  1. Go to the top of the right corner of google chrome and click on profile icon. You will be seen a popup box like given below.Login multiple Gmail accounts
  2. Click on Add Account Button.Gmail sign in multiple accounts
  3. Now follow the same process which you followed to login your first Gmail account .

Gmail login and overview of Homepage

In the top of the homepage you will be seen a search bar. You can use this Search bar to search any email from your account. In the left sidebar you will be seen a first option Compose . Compose option is used to send new emails to any person. The second option in the left sidebar is inbox . Every received email will be shown in the Inbox . The third option in this list is Sent mail. It will show you the emails which is sent by you . Fourth option in this list is Drafts . In this folder you will to see the saved emails of your gmail account .

You will be seen many labels in the inbox option like Primary, social, Promotions etc. In the Primary section you will be receive your main emails. The Social section is used for receiving social platform emails like google plus, Linkedin,, Facebook  and Twitter etc. Third option is Promotions . In this section you will be receive your promotional emails . You will be seen a plus icon also in the last of all labels . By click on this icon you can create your own custom labels.

Watch this overview of Gmail

Delete emails in Gmail 

If you want to delete any email from your Gmail account Inbox you can do it easily . The first method is open the email which you want to delete . Now you will be seen a delete icon below the search bar . simply click on delete icon and your email will be delete.

Know more visit : How to delete all emails in Gmail at once

Gmail login and watch some settings

After login your Gmail account you will be seen a setting icon also below the profile icon . You can change your gmail accounts settings from here. First you need to click setting icon then select settings from drop down menu . In the setting page you will be seen some of these options.

  • Language : You can change your Gmail account language from here . It is by default set on English(US) . But you can set it according to you.
  • Phone Numbers : Second option is phone numbers. If you shifted another country then you can set your new country here for use new mobile number.
  • Maximum Page Size : Third option is Maximum page size . If you want to show more than 50 emails on your homepage then you can increase it.
  • Images : Fourth option is images. This option is by default set on display images mode . But if you want that no image display in any email without your permission . Then you can set it on second option.
  • Undo send : The fifth option is undo send . This is very interesting feature in Gmail. It allow you to cancel any sent email . You can increase cancellation period according to you. But the maximum cancellation period is 30 seconds . You can not undo any sent email after 30 seconds.
  • Default Reply behaviour : Sixth option is default reply behaviour. You can set it on any option according to your work . If you want to sent reply one person then you set it on reply. Otherwise you can set it on reply all options.

Gmail Sign in Problems

Sometimes we forgot our gmail password . Then we face trouble . But don’t worry and read this article and learn how to recover your gmail password  . Here are some simple steps to reset your gmail password.

  1. First you need to open your web browser and type  then click on search. Otherwise enter in URL bar and press enter key.
  2. Now Gmail website will be open. Here you need to click a option forgot password . Click on this option.forgot password of google account
  3. A webpage will be open and ask you the last password you remember .
  4.  But you will be click on Try a different login and Change password
  5. Now another webpage will be open ask you to enter Mobile Number. Enter your registered mobile number and click on Next Button.
  6. After it, you will be receive a  SMS  with a OTP code .  Enter this code in your web browser and press confirm button .
  7. Now you can set a new password for you Gmail account.

After complete this process successfully . you can access your Gmail account again without any problem . There are many other solution also for this problem . But this is one of the easiest way to recover your Gmail password and again Gmail login successfully .

I suggest you to create a strong password . Your password must be easy to remember . If you create a strong password you will be safe from hackers . Because hackers easily break the normal passwords by using Brute Force method.

Gmail login and setup a Recovery Email

A recovery email is a email ID which is use by any Gmail user to recover our Gmail account . If he forgot password unfortunately. Every gmail user need to set your recovery email . You can set your mobile number also to recover your gmail account . But i suggest you to set both of them . Sometimes may be we have not able to access our mobile number then we can use email address for recovery.

Let’s start and follow these steps to set a recovery email and phone number in Gmail account

  1. Open your google chrome web browser.
  2. Login your gmail account and click on new tab option in chrome browser.
  3. A new webpage will be open with your gmail account like the image given below.Recovery email in gmail account
  4. Now click on profile image or icon and then click on My Account Button . My account in
  5. After it a Google Account webpage will be open like the image given below .Google account control oanel
  6. Select sign in and security option .  And scroll down  your  page .  Then select  Account  Recovery option in the end of this page.

Here are two option available one is recovery email and other recovery phone . I suggest you to set both of them . First click on Add a Recovery email . Now it ask your password . Enter your Gmail account password and click on Next Button .

It will redirect you an another webpage. Now click on Add recovery email and enter your another email address here and click on DONE button .

After it come on second option and set mobile number . click on Add phone Number and again enter password and press next button . Now Add your phone number here and click on done .

Watch this video to Know how to set recovery email in Gmail 

Gmail login and Enable step-2 verification

Two – step verification is a process in which you cannot  login your gmail account without the OTP  which is send by Google to you at the time of  Gmail login . This is a amazing feature of Google . If you enable two – step verification your account  is 99% secure . It is a very simple process. Follow these simple steps to enable two – step verification .

  1. Go to your chrome browser and login your gmail account and then click on new tab .
  2. Click on your profile and then select My Account .
  3. Now a new webpage will be open.
  4. After it , Scroll down and  select option two-step verification .Gmail login and set 2 step verification
  5. Click on Two – step verification and enter your gmail account password .
  6. Press Trun ON 2-step verification and enter your mobile number . Then you need to confirm your phone number with OTP . It is very necessary to activate 2-step verification.
  7. After confirm successfully , this process will be complete and your account is 99% secure.

Watch this video to learn how to enable 2-step verification

I will suggest to every email user to enable two – step verification . Because it is very important for your gmail account security . You need to remember that  if you enable this option then you require your phone number every time when you  Gmail login . You cannot  login your gmail account without your phone number. Don’t share your smartphone with anyone.

Gmail login and send encrypted email

Gmail is one of the best secure email service . But if you want to make it more secure . You can do it easily . You can send a password protected also by using gmail . This is an advance feature of Gmail. If you want to that only targeted person view this email then you can encrypt email in Gmail by using  a plugin . These type of emails required a password to view . These password is generate by the sender .

Learn more : How to password protect an email in Gmail

If you want to send sensitive information then you can use this feature of Gmail. Otherwise gmail is also more secure . You can trust on gmail with close your eye.

Recently Google launched a new service to more secure your account . This service is Gmail less secure apps . If you are already using two-step verification then you have no need to use this service. If you enable this any android application can not access your Google account without your permission . This is enable for every user by default . But some user disable this for access some application from Playstore . I suggest you that never disable this service . This is very important for your google account security .

Why we need to Sign out Gmail Account

Sign out gmail Account after complete work . If you do not this then anyone can access your gmail account by using your computer or laptop . Anyone can delete your important emails by using your gmail account . In this way your important data could be in danger . So i suggest you that you must be sign out your gmail account every time when you finished your work . If your computer or laptop is not shareable and fully password protect . Then you can stay logged in your gmail account in it .

What we do If Gmail Account hacked unfortunately 

Google providing us 99% secure email service . But sometime your account may be hack and someone access its password due to your mistake . In this situation google provide you two options. First is immediately change your google account password with using recovery phone or email. If you can successfully change password  then you can again Gmail login without any problem. Second you can delete your Gmail account . If it is not important for you and then create a new Gmail Account . You must be alert about your Google account security. Otherwise people can Gmail login and misuse your Google Account.

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Gmail login, Sign in to with easy steps


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