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Razer Naga MMO GAMING Mouse Review

Razor BrandingThe Razer Naga is a very popular gaming mouse amongst the gaming community. In this review I will be talking about the Razer Naga 2014, which is there latest released MMO mouse. The Razer Naga was designed specifically for MMO gameplay, although this mouse can really be used for anything. Razer have also released a number of other more recent mouse’s which are great for many other purposes.


If you’re looking to pay out for a decent quality designed mouse which will last you awhile without having to replace those nasty cheap thing’s then I will highly recommend buying one, particularly if you enjoy gaming and you want that extra advantage over other players who don’t have it.

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Razer Naga Overview

Personally I’ve always been a huge fan of Razer’s products. All of Razer’s previous products have always been top quality designs and you can pretty much guarentee that you are getting what you are paying for. The Razer Naga 2014 is their latest MMO Gaming Mouse.

Design and FeaturesRazor Naga Mouse

The first thing you will notice is that the mouse has 12 buttons on the side. These buttons can be on the left or right, depending on whether you buy the right handed or left handed version. These buttons are great for all MMO’s as they allow you to fully customize your hotkeys from the keyboard onto these buttons so that you can have more use of both hands when gaming. The buttons are quite ‘weirdly’ shaped. They have really done a great job of this as it makes each of the buttons feel very different so that when you are moving your fingers over them you will very quickly learn which button is for each number without the need to look. Even if you aren’t a gamer these buttons can be fully customized on your computer to allow them to do whatever you like, e.g. open up applications or even be used to replace a certain key function on a keyboard. Basically they can be made as shortcuts for anything.

The scroll wheel on the mouse doesn’t only scroll up and down, but it also scrolls to the side. This is particular useful for web pages which are designed poor which have that annoying horizontal bar on them, or even useful for large excel sheets with lots of data etc. Again literally anything that you would need it for. The mouse also has two buttons just underneath the scroll button for additional key-binds.

Razor Naga LightThe mouse is generally quite short in length although the width of it is quite wide. It’s been designed so that your hand sits very comfortably on it, especially for those who have big hands (Not to discriminate those who have small hands as this would still be a great choice for any gamer). The colour of the mouse is green and black which follows Razor’s branding design. On some of there previous models they did go for a blue/black design although they moved back to there original green/black with this. The mouse features a green flashing light of Razors logo towards the bottom of the mouse, the bottoms at the side light up and the scroll wheel also lights up in green.

The Mouse is designed for MMO Games although it really doesn’t have to be an MMO. You could make use of the extra buttons in FPS games by having say 1 button for Changing weapon, another for reloading, another for activating a special kill bonus item etc. The mouse does have 17 buttons which many people might complain that you will never need that many. For serious MMO players it can really be a huge advantage rather than moving your one hand from one side of the keyboard to another when trying to perform fast actions within close time frames of each other. Even if you will never optimize all 17 buttons the option is always there for further use if needed.

The mouse can go up to 8200 DPI. Again this is something which is a huge debate whether it is actually needed or not. Personally I game at around 2000 DPI so 8200 is a massive step up from that but the option is there for those who want it. I mean realistically the only advantage of this would be for players who are gaming on very large PC monitors and like to have the extra sensitivity.


Razor Naga ConfigurationRazer provide an installation disc with the Razor Naga which is Razer Xenapps 2.0. As I was mentioning earlier in this post you are able to fully customize what each of the buttons do. Razer Xenapps 2.0 really is a great piece of software which allows you to change all of the buttons configuration very easily. The Razer Xenapps settings can be stored within a cloud, so therefore if you are getting a new computer or even using your mouse on someone else’s, then you can simply login to this cloud and download your settings directly onto the other computer without the need to re-create all of your key-binds. The software also allows you to change some colour features of the light’s on the mouse.


I’d give this mouse 9 out of 10 stars for rating. I’d give it 10 although with anything there is always something that can be improved. The mouse offers great game play performance and is very easily configured and customisable as I’ve already mentioned. The only real downside to this mouse is that the 12 buttons on the side of the mouse can take quite awhile to get used to them, especially if you aren’t familiar with using buttons like this.

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Razer Naga MMO GAMING Mouse Review


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