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How to Name Your Sales Team: The Best Sales Team Names out There

Do you think deciding on the best sales team name is as simple as naming your dog? Think again, Lassie, because it’s more challenging than that. The right names embody the leader’s overall vision and collective talents. To help pick yours, read the inspiring stories behind three successful team names.

How to name a sales team?

  1. Create a personal brand

    Who am I?”—a question SDRs ask themselves could conjure up feelings of insecurity when mixed in with top veterans. Strong personal branding—like “Pipeline Pushers”—reflects an SDR’s expertise and positions them as an authority. Personal branding also generates 7x more leads when outbound prospecting through social media.

  2. Build self-esteem

    Am I good enough?” SDRs ask this while feeling the constant pressure to hit sales quota. High self-esteem helps salespeople bounce back quickly after failing to meet revenue and the best sales team names like “Miracle Workers” help them recognize their value and push through setbacks.

  3. Think about longevity

    Employees say community and collaboration keep them around longer, as the sales team name, “Aggressive Achievers” suggests a perfect community for sales prodigies. To enforce collaboration, try a team selling strategy; instead of a jack-of-all-trades Sales Development Rep, each collaborator contributes their expertise in order to close the deal and reduce burnout.

    Selecting a sales team name is easy when everyone joins in.

Inspiring sales team names (and their backstory)

  1. Hounds in the Pound

    Imagine working in a swanky office, and then a dingy basement the next day. Brent Thompson was at a tech startup that quickly outgrew their office space. Think the sales team cracked under pressure? Not quite. With a hockey net and some perseverance, they made the basement their home—and quickly became the #1 sales team in the organization!  “Hounds in the Pound” sales team name encapsulated their current situation and motivated them to keep chasing during uncertain times.

  2. Retired Brains

    Art Koff addresses ageism in the workplace with a Funny Sales team name“Retired Brains” which empowers both his veterans and their retirement-planning customers. Koff says, “When any of us are at conventions and trade shows, people come up to us after looking at our badges and ask, ‘What do you do?” The eye-catching name attracts people and also helps increase LinkedIn InMail open rates when they see their name.

  3. Team Cardone

    Internationally renowned sales trainer Grant Cardone runs his team using The 10X Rule:

    1. Set goals 10X greater than what you think is possible
    2. Take 10X greater action to achieve more than you believe

Sales Manager Dave Robards says, “I was living paycheck to paycheck for 20 years, in the first four years at Team Cardone, I earned over $1,000,000. Naming your sales team after a rockstar leader will give them a sense of power and prestige.

The best sales teams name are ones everyone can laugh at.

Funny sales team names

  1. We Leave the Lid Up

    While prospecting, do you go against conventional wisdom? Common advice says to send out cold email pitches in bulk. But your team sees those as a wasteful shot in the dark! You always get better response rates from leads you’ve had prior interactions with. Just like men who leave the toilet seat up (even though their wives continue to fuss at them at 2 a.m.), “We Leave the Lid Up” is a tongue-in-cheek way of saying we’re not afraid to go against the status quo!

  2. Crocodile Done Deal

    Crocodile Dundee is a 1986 comedy film about a wild Australian hunter who leaves his outback for another jungle: New York City. Guided by a friend, Dundee—a fish out of the water—learns to survive in a new cutthroat environment. Every sales manager can relate to hiring SDRs who don’t comprehend the words “discipline” or “consistency.” Use this funny sales team name when taking on untrained junior sales pros—your own little Dundees!

  3. Fighting Chuck Norris

    This sales team name is perfect for those who close million-dollar clients each year. When you’re trying to close the big dogs—setting up multiple demos, presentations, and appointments each week, handling 1 hour+ calls—it feels like you’re preparing for a fight with Chuck Norris.

    The master of several martial art styles, Chuck Norris fought champions like Bruce Lee, and has been undefeated for 52 years! Give your team a fighter mentality and remind them that they’re “Fighting Chuck Norris” because they have the most focus and confidence to do so.

  4. Calculative Creeps

    When researching prospects, it’s best to dig deep to find a personal tidbit to bond over—like that their favorite hobby is hiking, not that you found out they shop at Trader Joe’s every Tuesday for creamy cauliflower jalapeno dip. A “Calculative Creep” is one who analyzes the intention and purpose of every conversation and situation and moves methodically to avoid turning off leads or losing a deal. This sales team name is for all the SDRs who specialize in outbound prospecting.

  5. Sausage Party

    This funny sales team name is reserved for your all-male team (for—ahem—obvious reasons). It’s other meaning is “an unappealing process to generate something familiar,” which perfectly applies to the repetitive work a sales development rep takes on to get new leads into their pipeline. If your company is not too prude and down for the innuendo of “Sausage Party,” go for it! Add some light hearted humor into everyday office drudge.

  6. Overbuilt and Underpaid

    Do you have a few SDRs who are reaching promotion status soon? The “Overbuilt and Underpaid” crew is a sales team name to get them excited about their new roles. It’s also a way to poke fun of how their talents don’t currently match their salary (something that will soon change!). Pointing this out should motivate them to keep working hard while you create a roadmap to a senior role promotion.

  7. Hotline Hotties

    We have a name for your all-male team, so of course, we need one for the ladies! “Hotline Hotties” can be for your hard-working sales reps who have perfected cold calling, they’re quick with their tongues, stay on script when they’re tossed curveball questions, and achieve more in a single call than weeks of prospecting via other channels. Also, they continuously blow you away when you monitor their sales calls; cold calling truly is their weapon of choice. Use “Hotline Hotties” for the women who are always on fire.


With this fresh outlook, take another look at your sales team name. A solid starting point is to find a talent that unites everyone and gather them up to make a mutual decision.

Last but not least, you need more than a funny name to motivate your team. Stay up-to-date and get ideas on the right sales tools your team should be using and check out our Top 10 Sales Tools article.

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How to Name Your Sales Team: The Best Sales Team Names out There


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