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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Darth Vader)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Darth Vader), has officially been premiered for the world to see and even if we are late to the show there are a few things we want to touch upon. First and foremost to all the Star Wars fans Disney has mentioned that even though the greatest villain in the galaxy is in the movie he does not have a ton of screen time.

This was because they did not want the movie to lose its story by having such an iconic character become the main focus. Gareth Edwards have mentioned that this location is a holy land for Force worshippers. Maybe the reason the Empire is there is to collect maybe Kyber Crystals? These holy gems that power lights sabers on both sides of the force?

First we have to touch base on why, as much as Forrest Whitaker is an awesome actor; why did they give him Fredrick Douglas’ hair style. Nothing against Fredrick Douglas at all another great human in history. It is nice to see later in the trailer for some reason he does lose the hair. Now this is not exactly how Saw looks in the Clone Wars series (season 5 episode 2 on NETFLIX catch up now).

It is noted that his inclusion into the Rogue One story line is because of his extremist actions he has done in the past. Even Agent Kallus from Star Wars Rebels mentions a time when they were confronted by the rebels on Onderon his unit was surprised by an explosion planted by one of Saw’s mercenaries.

I hope to see Forrest get really hostile and rip off some droid heads as the cartoon version has done in the past. Another thing we get to enjoy is Donnie Yen (Chirrut) kicking some butt with his staff and I hope they give us more insight into this character. I don’t know if it is a coincidence that this character is blind and the ending of Rebels has Kanan Jarrus in the same situation currently in the series. It will be a treat to see how Donnie Yen’s character (Chirrut) feels his situations around him despite not being an actual Jedi.

The introduction of a new droid who is not 3P0 by the name of “2-KSO” is another treat since we already have a new astro droid with BB8 and also Chopper from Rebels. For the fans who did not know the awesome Alan Tudyk (Con Man, Firefly Death at a Funeral, etc.) will be voicing 2-KSO for comic relief.

Now the other thing that plays through is clips of Jyn and every time I see her character I can’t help but think she will turn to the dark side and become a new version of Mara Jade Skywalker. Which would help pull the universe together nicely should Rey be actually Luke’s daughter in the Force Awakens. It would explain why she was left on Jakku. It may also explain how Jimmy Smits role of Senator Organa will play as well.

If she does become a version of Mara Jade that goes rouge, it could also tie into Rebels introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn. These are all theories but something that has run through our heads with this new trailer. We can’t wait until December and we can see when they get the Blue Prints, how it connects to Boba Fett, and how ruthless Vader will be if at all; and if we only get a Vader that just chokes everyone that’s fine. Just to hear the iconic voice of James Earl Jones on screen again with the breathing is perfectly fine.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Darth Vader)


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