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Is a Ferret the Right Pet for You?

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Are you interested in getting a Ferret for a pet? The ferrets look absolutely adorable but they are not low maintenance animals and are very inquisitive creatures. They can be lovable and social animals if properly trained and cared for by their owners. Ferrets should be kept in pairs because it is better for their mental health. They cannot tolerate temperatures above 75°F and do the best between 65 - 68°F. In addition, they are a long term commitment because they can live 7-10 years or longer.


When you get a ferret, the first thing you need to decide is what type of cage you would like for your ferrets. If your ferret gets the run of your home or a small area, you will need to litter train your ferret and ferret proof your house. A couple of litter boxes will be needed in your house for your ferret and one for the cage. Shredded paper or newspaper-based cat litter is the best litter for your ferret because wood chip can contain phenols that are harmful for your ferret's lungs. Kitty litter primarily the clumping kind is also not a good idea because it can cause blockages if eaten and other health problems.

If you decide to have only one ferret, the smallest cage that you can have is 3 foot long by 2 foot high cage. If you have more than one, you will need a mulit-level cage for them. You will also need a water bowl, bedding, food bowl, and enrichment toys such as a tunnel or balls.


Ferrets need to be groomed regularly, and it is easy to do but cannot be neglected. The nails need to be clipped regularly because it can result in a split toe nail or a broken toe if not done. The ears needs to be cleaned regularly and can result in an ear infection if not done. Brushing the teeth is also important because poor hygiene can result in bacterial infections or other diseases. In addition, flea prevention and treatment needs to be done on a regularly because a ferret with fleas can lead to flea anemia. A bath is recommended but not more than once a month because it can strip the oils from the coat.


Ferrets are obligate carnivores so they need 35% animal protein and 20% fat in their diet. Your ferret will need a fresh supply of water daily. Vegetable proteins cannot be digested by the ferret. Fruits and vegetables should be avoid be avoided. In addition, foods high in sugar should also be avoided. Treats should be meat-based and given in moderation.


Ferrets love to play with each other but are not good with small children because they tend to bite. They cannot be trusted with small pets such as mice, rat or rabbits. In addition, they need to be supervised with cats or dogs because they hurt a ferret during rough play.

You will need to have a veterinarian that knows about ferrets for their care. Ferrets also need to be supervised when they are out of their cage. In addition, they are also a flight risk so you will need to be careful when you come and go. If you are considering a ferret for pet, you need to remember that they can be a costly pet.

Links for this article can be found at Doctors Foster and Smith, Love That Pet and All About Ferrets. Please read the above links to decide if a ferret is the right pet for you.

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Is a Ferret the Right Pet for You?


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