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Get More Engagement on Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

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You have your law firm’s Facebook page set up. Only one problem – no one is engaging with your page.

It’s a common problem and many businesses feel that B2B marketing on Facebook doesn’t work.

But we at Marketing-Savvy Lawyers are here to tell you that it can work.

By using these simple tips we will show you how you can get more engagement on your law firm’s Facebook page:

1. Ask Questions

It’s called social media for a reason. Being social means that you talk.

Think of every single social interaction that you have with people on a daily basis. What is the most common device we use to initiate and further a conversation?


Example: When you see someone during the day you will usually say phrases like:

“Hi, how’s it going?

“Hey, having a good day?

“Hi, what did you get up to yesterday?

All of these are questions. They’re our natural way of connecting with other humans.

Asking questions on your Facebook page is a great way to start conversations, discussion and sometimes even debates.

Try some of the following questions on your page:

” What does everyone think of _____?”

“How’s everyone’s day going?”

“What’s your most burning legal question about _______?”

“What is the number one question you would ask a lawyer?”

2. Tell People To Like, Comment and Share

There are 3 ways to interact with a Facebook post – like, comment and share.

Sometimes people aren’t sure what you want them to do, and sometimes they can’t be bothered to hit the ‘Like’ button.

Telling people what you want them to do is a simple and easy way to get more engagement. It’s a subtle command. By giving people subtle commands you increase your chances of engaging with your post.

Use phrases like:

“LIKE this if you agree”

“COMMENT with your thoughts on ______”

“SHARE if you think this is cool!”

3. 80 Characters Or Less

There have been many studies done about how many characters you should use in a Facebook post to get maximum engagement. The numbers vary but the lesson is the same – keep it short.

At Marketing-Savvy Lawyers we go by the 80 character rule.

People don’t have time to read ‘War and Peace’. People’s reading style is different online. When people are online they don’t read, they scan.

If people see a large amount of text, then typically they will skim over it. However if they see a short amount of text then they will tend to read it because they think it is less effort and time on their part.

4. Promote Your Golden Content

Facebook have really pushed their promoted ads. I guess it makes sense with them being a publicly traded company. They have to make money somehow.

But we are not advocating that you promote ads for everything you post. We’re asking you to be a bit more savvy with what you promote.

  • Promote your golden content.

This could be an absolutely amazing blog post or video that you’ve done. Maybe it’s an eBook or something that people can pay for

  • Promote your special offers

Everyone loves a good deal. This is a great way to not only generate a bit of extra sales, but also raise awareness for your brand.

5. Use Images

Images are the most engaged format online. A picture paints a thousand words. Images are quick and easy for our brains to process. In fact our brain is proven to be able to process images and visuals much faster than text.

The other plus is that images are emotional. They can really help you create an emotion.

If you were talking about divorce law, then an appropriate image of a broken family with people crying may be a very powerful image to use. (Please note that this must be done in good taste and appropriately. We do not advocate emotional manipulation).

Get good images from a decent stock photography library and start to experiment with your posts.

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Get More Engagement on Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page


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