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Increasing Stream Viewers with These 5 Ideas

Increasing Stream viewers can be a tough challenge. Let’s face it, the average live streamer is incredibly boring and tiresome to watch. That is also the answer as to why, so many streamers are sitting day to day with little to no audience.

As a new or less known streamer there are in fact, plenty of alternatives to spice things up and dramatically increase your viewer count. All it requires is a bit of courage and creativity. Two attributes anyone going into live Streaming with the intention of making a living out of it, must possess.

As we’ve clarified before, it’s not the easiest competing in the world of live streaming. But it could’ve been worse, for example if you are in the business of blogging. As with anything, you need to stick out from the crowd and serve content that is engaging and entertaining.

Increasing Stream Viewers

If you aren’t experiencing channel growth you don’t have any other choice but to do something different to attract new people. In this article I’ll be giving you 4 strong tips that have all been proven (by small and big streamers) to be brilliant on streaming platforms – simply because the number of viewers they attract.


Can you cook? Good for you. Can’t cook? Even better. To pull this off you’re going to need some sort of bright (so people can see) kitchen environment and the possibility to put up your streaming gear in it. Decide on a dish or cookie or just about anything that you can (or can’t) cook, and do a cooking show! I’m talking like Gordon Ramsey style, just not the same quality on the outcome. A cooking show has great potential to be hilarious and educative at the same time, especially if you are not confident in what you are going to be cooking. A tip for this sort of show is to be at least two doing it, just because the more the funnier.

If possible, consider using multiple cameras in different angles. Such as one where you prepare the food and one where you cook it. Prepare a shopping list prior to your cooking show and make sure all ingredients and other necessities are at home.

Here’s an example of a cooking show on stream:


A talent show is meant to be a lot of fun. What you want to do is get something like a TeamSpeak channel where you have administrative rights. Set up a group for the jury which is inaccessible for anyone unless you move them to it, and have a lounge group where the contestants can idle/communicate while waiting for their turn.

Obviously, you need to get the connection information out to your stream. Either spam it in your chat or just put it somewhere and link to it. There will be a max slot limit in your channel, so some are going to be left waiting. Therefore, you might want to kick/ban those who are eliminated or disturbing to make room for others. Then again, if there’s a lot of contestants you are obviously not going to be able to allow everyone a chance in just one talent show. Set strict times to be able to pull it off.

Prior to starting your talent show you need to decide on a format. Whether it’s going to be an event that ends with your session, or if it should stretch between several days. Is there going to be auditions, quarter, semi and a final? How many finalists? These are all things you can copy off any talent show, just cut it down to fit your needs and possibilities.

boy screaming into microphone

It’s especially important that you have a prize for the winner, perhaps even a prize for the 2nd and 3rd placements. It doesn’t have to be all that fancy or expensive, people are just way more likely to compete when there’s a prize in it – regardless what it is, they are there to win. Some examples of prizes are game keys, skins for game equipment, cd keys and mousepads.

Now as you are limited to voice only in TeamSpeak your contestants will have to be creative. Playing an instrument, singing, beatboxing, telling stories or jokes are some thing you can suggest for your talent show. Preferably you should be a jury of an uneven number, so the vote cannot come up equal for whether someone should go through to the next stop, or be eliminated.

You also need to set a time limit as to how long their act can be. Set this dependent on the number of contestants; if there are many they might get 2 minutes, if there’s not as many perhaps you could go with 4. Just be strict on moderation; if someone’s completely dragging down your mood and stream with their act, don’t hesitate to disqualify them and move them away from your channel.

If you’re unfamiliar with TeamSpeak, get comfortable with it first so that there will be no delays in the talent show because you aren’t sure how to manage it.


Not too long ago, Twitch added an IRL category. Since streaming from your smartphone or tablet is possible nowadays you can take your stream on a real-life adventure! Just make sure that it’s appropriate and not against the law in or policies of the streaming service. I’m not suggesting you should take your stream to the cinema, but perhaps for a local event that could potentially be appealing to a larger audience.

Pokémon Go hunts used to be rather popular but that trend has pretty much died, so your best bet is looking for other trends that you could take part of.


I used to watch a streamer back in the days who’s streaming alias now is JoshOG. He ran this movie night event once every week where he played a story-line type of game. It was hugely popular, and viewers enjoyed it a lot.

The idea is that you get a game in the “Graphic adventure Interactive drama” genre and play it through with the help of your audience. When it boils down to taking important decisions that will impact the course of the game, you need to make sure to involve your viewers not to upset most of them. These things can be fragile!

Fortunately, Josh being a Twitch partner could limit the chat to his subscribers at the time of the movie night – thus making spoilers less of an issue. In case you do not have a partnership, you might want to consider getting a few extra moderators for your movie nights that can keep users posting spoilers to a minimum.

I’d say the best time to run this type of event is at night. So, while you cannot adjust to everybody’s time zone, at least stick to your own running this a bit later than in the middle of the day (just for the mood, you know).

You can see an example of a JoshOG Movie Night below.

Painting Session

Bob Ross brought new life to painting on stream. If you have some painting equipment, or if you’d like to get some, it’s a brilliant idea showing off the creation process to for your viewers. Decide on something that you are going to replicate through your painting skills, and then just go all out.

Consider using the video below as your inspiration. The use of multiple cameras and following a person (in this case Bob Ross himself) painting while you are trying to replicate this particular painting, is a clever way to boost interest in your session.

What’s Also Important

Remember to be engaging with your audience as much as possible throughout the entirety of your event sessions. Do not be shy. All from asking what ingredient might be the best, or whether you should just quit and throw your oven out the window – for laughs, not that you should do it. You are going to be marketing yourself in a new way and some viewers will decide on whether you are someone they would want support.

Get to know your audience better by talking to them just as you would in a real-life environment with other people. You’ll quickly get a feel for how they are and whether it should be a more humorous or more serious kind of thing. These types of events always bring a whole bunch of new people that you might not be familiar with since before, so adapting and being creative when needed is key to holding on to them.


You’ll want to announce your event a few days before it’s going to take place. Not only is it a hype factor, it makes for a better chance of you getting more attention in the beginning of your session. Make sure that the word gets out on your social media and possibly website if you have any.

Also talk about it in your stream what’s going to happen and when. The build up is just as important as the event! In case you need jury members or a cooking partner, you might have to reach out to your friends a few weeks in advance to be able to schedule it together.

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Increasing Stream Viewers with These 5 Ideas


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