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Need Period Relief? How Pot Combats Cramps and PMS Symptoms

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The Pain creeps in unexpectedly and slow. At first, it’s a subtle discomfort like a needle’s prick stabbing away at your stomach. As minutes or hours pass by, the discomfort develops into a crippling pain. It makes even the simplest tasks like standing up seem unbearable. Dysmenorrhea is the name of the dreadful feeling. Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for extreme period pain that’s commonly known as cramps. Many women across the world experience it.

As much as over the counter medicines might be handy for some, they’re not effective for others. Can marijuana help? Yes, pot can be highly effective in combating cramps and PMS symptoms!

Marijuana boasts a long history as a healing aid for women. As this 2002 review cited, as early as 2000 BC, women took tonics made with beer, mint, saffron and hemp seed to ease pain during difficult childbirth. A Chinese medical text, in 1956, listed the utilization of cannabis flowers to ease menstruation symptoms.

Queen Victoria famously took the herb to ease painful cramping. Because of its effectiveness, Victorian doctors were more than happy to prescribe. Actually, she received Cannabis indica every month.

Extensive research opines that cannabis is effective at combating cramps and PMS symptoms.

The following are some of the ways it does so:

#1: Pains and Aches

Generalized abdominal pain, breast, and back pain are highly common in women around the globe. Pot is popular for its effective pain fighting abilities. Both strains high in CBD and psychoactive cannabis are famous for the treatment of different pain conditions such as cancer pain, muscle spasms etc.

#2: Headaches

Women experience different types of headaches during menstruation and PMS. ‘’Menstrual migraines’’ are common during this time of the month. Pot can be handy if you find yourself with a bad headache. According to a 2016 study, which was published in Pharmacotherapy, marijuana boasted the ability to reduce monthly migraines from 10.4 down to 4.6. This is quite substantial, right?

#3: Period cramps

Cramps are a big part of a woman’s period. A woman can experience painful cramping days leading up to menstruation. Often, the pains continue the entire way through. The cramping takes place when hormones trigger muscle contractions within the uterus. The cramps are almost similar to the small-scale labor contractions. The good thing is preclinical research indicates that the main psychoactive in cannabis THC is a muscle relaxant.

While smoking is one of the most popular ways of taking pot, vaporization is a healthier alternative you can use to take your mind off discomfort and pain. Actually, lucky individuals have effortless access to pot-infused suppositories to reduce cramps within a localized area.

#4: Diarrhea

It might not be the prettiest topic. Nonetheless, women with PMDD and PMS experience gastrointestinal distress during menstruation, menstrual cramps contribute to an array of nasty factors. Cannabis, with its muscle relaxation attributes, helps to ease the muscle cramps. Additionally, marijuana is a potent anti-inflammatory. That means it might be useful with bowel conditions.

#5: Mood

Several days to a woman’s period can be rough. This particular time goes by the name luteal phase. During this phase, a woman’s body undergoes different changes as it prepares to shed the uterine tissue. For women with PMDD and PMS, hormonal shifts can cause nasty emotional ups and downs. You can turn to marijuana to not only promote positive well-being but also lift your spirits. Smaller doses of pot compounds boast antidepressant effects.
Are you feeling a little bit off? It might be time to smell some delightful green flower.

Final Thoughts

Today, even with pot’s illegality in many parts of the world, women still use it to self-treat the womb problems. In fact, numerous women use this herb to self-treat conditions, which are related to pregnancy, irrespective of the potential and social medical risks.

If you experience dysmenorrhea, it’s high time you consider trying pot. You’ll not only benefit from the above benefits but also plenty of many others. Try pot today during your period and discover its magic.

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Need Period Relief? How Pot Combats Cramps and PMS Symptoms


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