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INTERVIEW: Against The Current Are Ready To Take Over The World

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We had the pleasure of meeting Against the Current at Atlantic Records in prep of their new album release, wanting to know more about the band that has received millions of streams and followers in all places. This young group is comprised of vocalist Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow, and drummer Will Ferri, who revealed their first full length album, In Our Bones, today (May 20th) to the excitement of fans all over the world. We caught up and had a chat with the band below regarding musicianship, challenges and what they listened to growing up.

Yesterday (May 10th) you released a new song called “Young & Relentless.” Have you read the comments to see if people are getting into it or not?

D: I don’t really go in too deep into that.

W: I skimmed over. They seemed to like it!

Did anything inspire you for the lyrics or even the instrumentation?

C: The lyrics were based on our life right now. Everything is the catch-line “go, go, go” because it’s how we felt over the last year or so. It’s like all we do is just: we’re going, we’re going, we’re going. We are young and we are definitely a young band in terms of how long the band has been a band and also in terms of how old we actually are. We’re willing to put in the work and we have the drive to get it done. Gonna be relentless about it.

Speaking of “go, go, go” you were in Europe recently. What was your favorite city/country or maybe your favorite show?

D: London or Amsterdam were my favorites probably.

C: I really like Amsterdam. Germany was good as far as shows go. I like cities that are more "city-y." If I can walk next door and get food I’m a happy person. Sometimes you’re in the middle of nowhere you’re like “yeah, I don’t know where anything is.” I really liked Copenhagen a lot though because we had an off day there and I got to walk around the city and it was awesome. But yeah, everywhere in Europe is pretty awesome.

You’ve been taking some time off for a month or two right?

W: Yeah we definitely have some time off but everything is picking up again.

You’re doing Warped Tour! Is there anyone you want to see in particular?

W: There’s tons; there’s so many. I’ve never seen Sum 41 before.

When did you know that this was your career path?

W: For all of us it was probably pretty young; we’ve been doing this for a long time. As soon as I started playing music.

C: It was kinda what came natural to us.

You’ve been a band for 5 years, have you noticed anything that’s changed with your musicianship?

C: Yeah for sure. I mean the first three years were kinda just figuring things out for us so we didn’t really launch anything until we launched our Infinity EP back in 2014. Even since then, from that EP to the full length record we are about to release, it’s so different than what it was. In a great way obviously of course. If we hadn’t grown or developed at all as musicians then something was a little missed there.

Do you have a song that’s most meaningful to you on the new album?

D: I guess my favorite on the album is “Roses.”

C&W: You want to elaborate? What do you like about it?

D: It’s got some cool guitar parts. What’s your favorite? (pointing to the other band members)

C: Mine’s “Wasteland.”

W: It’s so hard. I love the song called “One More Weekend.” I love the music of it. It’s so care-free. Perfect for summer.

Since you cover so many songs on YouTube, is there any songs you wish you wrote yourself?

D: I’d be better in life if I wrote “With Or Without You.”

W: Things would be a lot different right now... “Bye, Bye, Bye” N-Sync.

C: Maybe “Livin’ On A Prayer.”

Is there any song that you’re dying to cover that you haven’t yet?

D: We were actually talking about it on the car ride down. We had no idea what we were going to cover next.

W: I’ve been on a big Blink-182 kick. Covering a Blink song would be kinda cool and different.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

W: Maybe pacing ourselves, in a way, because since day one we’ve had big dreams and a lot we wanted to do. Maybe we thought we were ready at one point, but we definitely weren’t. Luckily we’ve had a solid team around us to pace us so we could take the natural steps to where we want to be.

Do you partake in any other art forms?

W: Everything’s an art if you think about it. I like cooking a lot.

C: I’m a bad cook. I can burn grilled cheese.

W: Made a really dope dinner the other day for Mother’s Day. Kinda killed it.

C: I was making dinner last night and I was in charge of grilling the chicken. To me, anything involving poultry is really stressful because you can’t mess it up or people die. I was like crying and I burned myself. It still hurts!

How important is it to add each of your influence into a body of work?

D: You want it to sound like your style. Keep it consistent.

C: I think we balance each other out so it’s important for all three of us to collaborate on things. When it gets too heavily “one person” it starts going in a direction that doesn’t make sense for everything else. Everyone’s keeping each other in check if the balance gets offset a bit.

Do you write on the road or when you’re off from tour?

C: We did all the writing when we were off, this time. Usually when we’re on the road it’s kinda hard to write. I mean I know I’m personally writing like a lot of lyrics and voice noting things in my phone but we’re not sitting down and writing songs. We were just lucky we didn’t have to this time but it might in the future be like the only time we do have to write an album is on the road.

W: It’s kinda like when inspiration strikes but it’s never just sitting down. I actually wrote the music for the “Young & Relentless” on the Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour, which was a year ago maybe. That was one of the few things I wrote while on tour that ever amounted to something. Usually it’s just too busy.

C: It is really busy.

W: Which is kinda crazy though because in country music it’s so different. Dan and I are big fans of this band called Florida Georgia Line and they literally bring out an entire writing crew, in their own bus, on every single tour. If they want anyone to write with they just have all these people to get creative with. It’s like a studio bus.

What did you listen to growing up?

D: I listened to country at first with my family when I was really little but now it’s more rock. I still listen to country though like I love Florida Georgia Line.

W: The new Dan and Shay jam is dope. “Road Trippin’.” Shouts out.

C: I like a lot of older stuff. I grew up on what my parents were listening to. My mom liked a lot of Grateful Dead, Madonna, The Who, Led Zeppelin, etc. My dad liked Frank Sinatra, the Four Seasons with Frankie Valli and people like that. It was kinda a mix of things. That’s still what I listen to. I like things now but that’s the stuff I always go back to and never get sick of it. Now if I like something, I listen to it a lot and after a few weeks I’m like “eh, I’m over it” and never listen to it again. The 70’s is my favorite period of music. That’s what I always go back to. I have like forty 70’s playlists saved on Spotify right now. I just alternate between those all the time.

W: I just made a Spotify playlist called “Katy Ferri.” It’s just all Katy Perry hits. I thought it was funny. Especially since I don’t know if you can see if my Spotify is public or not.

C: Mine was at first but I had to make everything private because I don’t want people knowing what I’m listening to! Sometimes you just listen to something weird for a second.

C: Mine was public and I didn’t even know it was public and then people would be like “I see you’re listening to…” and I would be like “nope! No, no, no!” I made it private, completely private, so no one ever sees it anymore and a guy came up to me at a meet & greet and said, “so why’d you make your Spotify private?” I said “literally because of you! Because of questions like this!” I don’t need to share everything. I can share when I pee too if you want. Music is such a personal thing and we already, by being musicians, share so much with people. Sometimes I want to have something for me. When I’m in my room listening to weird instrumental music I just don’t need you to know that that’s what I’m listening to!

W: No shame.

C: It’s no shame; I just want privacy sometimes.

Have you ever had an amazing fan experience that you’ll always remember?

C: We’ve had a lot of amazing fan experiences. My favorite fan experience are re-meeting the fans that we’ve kept up with. There’s a lot of fans that I know really well and I get really excited when I know their show is coming up and I’m going to see them. There’s a bunch of fans I talk to almost every day on twitter, over DMs, and snapchat. When I see them it’s like seeing old friends I haven’t seen in a while. Those are the best fan experiences to me.

How do you want to be remembered? That’s a deep question I know.

W: Hopefully we did something that resonates. People 10 years from now can find something in. Just timeless, hopefully. That’s a big goal.

C: I think having that nostalgic feeling but not nostalgic in an ironic way. Not in a way when you hear early 2000’s songs now. You’re like “oh yeah! This song!” No one’s actually listening to that milkshake song and thinking “oh god, this is a great piece of musical work.” – Although I LOVE that song and put it on every time I drink a milkshake! (Which is more often then I care to admit). But that way when you hear a really old song that was in some 70’s/80’s movie that makes you feel good when you hear it; like super “Breakfast Club” style… make you feel good, feel like home.

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INTERVIEW: Against The Current Are Ready To Take Over The World


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