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In this week’s episodes, Eugene and Ae-shin’s relationship hits a rocky patch, and they haven’t even technically started dating yet!!! 

One thing that I really love about Mr Sunshine is the characterisation of Ae-shin. She knows exactly what she wants in life and even though everyone around her feels like she should just live a normal life of a noblewoman, she refuses to back down and follow the social norm. Instead of living like a pretty flower she attests that she wishes “to burn brightly, and then wilt. Like a Flame”, a life she claims is just as vibrant as that of a Flower, but clearly one with more meaning. Even Eugene is unable to dissuade her from pursuing this path, which I think is brilliant as it just shows how willful and strong Ae-shin is as a character. And well we can always afford to have more badass women on TV. 

Eugene’s masterplan to seek revenge on Lee Se-hun played out in this week’s episodes. In a rather elaborate scheme, Lee Se-hun is found to have the all-important document in his possession and therefore is deemed a traitor. At first, I thought Eugene was going to kill him himself but that would have far too many repercussions on him and America, so the sly fox decided to plant the document in the foreign ministers home. A stroke of genius really as it eliminates one of the people that destroyed his life and he doesn’t get his hands dirty in the process. And luckily the slimy Pro-Japanese supporter Lee Wan-ik doesn’t take Lee Se-hun’s place as Foreign Minister, he’s amusingly placed in Agriculture instead! 

Eugene and Ae-shin’s relationship was rather rocky in this week’s episodes, after that rather adorable but awkward hug, things looked like they were slowly falling into place, he even invited her back to his hotel room where they listened to his beloved music box, under the pretense that she is actually a he, (Ae-shin is wearing her western attire after all) and is one of Eugene’s friends from America. Was it just me or was Hina’s comment “He’s listening to a music box with his friend. How awkward” rather hilarious, I just love how nosey she is. And given the fact that he is supposed to be entertaining a male friend, listening to a music box would indeed be strange. But the cuteness couldn’t last could it, after declaring his past as a slave, everything got a little strained and they went their separate ways, of course there was far too much pinning going on, to the point that you want to shout out at the TV “just go see her/him!!!”. But I guess with any TV show conflict is needed to keep everything interesting. And judging by the final moments of episode 10, a mirror to their initial meeting – Tram drives past, them on either side of the tracks – but with teary eyes, they are going to work it out. 

One of the cutest moments this week was when Ae-shin started learning the letters S, U and V. She claims that S only has sad words. So her Teacher decides to teach her some happy words and one of those is Sunshine! Laster at that tram encounter, Ae-shin is going through those words she has learnt and when she see’s Eugene’s shadow caused by one of the street lights, she calls him Mr Sunshine. And there we have it ladies and gentlemen, the namesake of the show! He is her Mr Sunshine because he is someone that makes her happy and brings light into her life!!! I am in love with this series!

Let me know in the comments section what you thought of this week’s episodes of Mr Sunshine! And if you have any theories please divulge those bellow too!

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