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The Perks Of Being D… · 12:43 23 Mar 2018
My parents always advised me to never depend on others when working together.“People are generally lazy”, they said. I actually saw this as a benefit. Since I have never bee… Read More
Shizuka And Family · 10:00 23 Mar 2018
Acabei no domingo esta série, e passei o tempo todo a perguntar: "mas porque raio é que eu só vi isto agora?".Só para terem uma ideia fiquei um dia inteiro alapad… Read More · 07:00 23 Mar 2018
RT @sfspca: This hero risks his life to care for cats in war-torn Syria. He rebuilt his cat sanctuary last May after it was destroyed – but… -> RT @DorothyERoberts: Sacrament… Read More
Those Not Complicate… · 06:00 23 Mar 2018
Via:  Kit 'N CarlyleYou can also find more infographics at VisualistanVia:  Wumo Via:  I Love CoffeeSushi Making MachineVia:  Thumb Press Read More
The Breakfast Bowl · 05:46 23 Mar 2018
One of the frequently stated reasons for the decline of cereal consumptions is the trend toward greater convenience among consumers. Pouring a bowl of cereal with milk seems to be too arduou… Read More
An Important Message
Finding Hope Ness | … · 03:18 23 Mar 2018
Be not afraid.  I posted that a few minutes ago. Just that, nothing else. It was an impulse. A message to myself that I should have kept to myself, I soon found myself thinking. Yes, i… Read More
The Ascent · 01:38 23 Mar 2018
Pexels | BurstHow am I in the same financial situation I was in 10+ years ago? I have the same amount of money in the bank and am still struggling to make a buck.The only differenc… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 22 Mar 2018
You know what's been getting my goat lately? Those posts and articles you see telling you what smart women/good mums/great parents/women over 30 should have or do. What a load of crap. They'… Read More
Bora Bora Travel Diary
Cheryl Shops · 15:00 22 Mar 2018
After five glorious days in Moorea, we set off for Bora Bora. As I mentioned in the previous post, Bora Bora was the intended destination for this trip, and while I had a blast with my frien… Read More
Where's My Lunch?
Aahaachennai · 13:09 22 Mar 2018
What is he waiting for?A soul of patience,his gaze scans the scene aheadsurveying every inch.Hello! It's really frustrating.The seat is rough and prickly.I've been waitingfor well over an ho… Read More
Stephanie Stebbins, … · 09:57 22 Mar 2018
SlinkInto my roomOn whispersSlinkUnderneathWhere IAlwaysWait for youSlinkInto my thoughtsThe darknessFading the moreYou staySlinkAway if you mustGoLeave the whispersOf youOn the floor Read More
Liquid Energy
Jack · 09:30 22 Mar 2018
She said I had potentialIn the form of liquid energyThe kind that runs right overIn a red hot flush of synergyTo saturate the page.She loved the cutOf my druggy cliché mysteryAnd thou… Read More
A Child Within Us
Izzy On The Eye · 09:29 22 Mar 2018
Staring at simplicity Realising divinity A woman is alive, Within her, a child hides, Though darkness beckons And cynicism threatens The inner child calls To disregard it all. In spite of th… Read More
In My Heart · 04:36 22 Mar 2018
via My Paradise | Julie Mae Bacus from Ang Suga Publication (CNU) Didn’t know that this 13-year old poem of mine was already published by @angsugapublication’s Worpdress blo… Read More
Versos Ditos · 17:56 21 Mar 2018
Quero tocar sonhos.Fazer um mundo livreDa cor do arco íris.Trazer a calmaria no meio da tempestadeNo meio de sonhos bons.Quero prometer as estrelas do céuE dissipar as nuvens… Read More
Anécdotas, Historias… · 13:00 21 Mar 2018
La primera vez que entré a un casino perdí todo el dinero que llevaba, que era poco, en las máquinas tragamonedas. Luego volví a ir y tripliqué lo que llev… Read More
Flowerpot Days · 10:37 21 Mar 2018
Once again the Beast from the East disrupted all our lives - in my case, meaning a postponement of an overdue visit to see my mum, which was a shame but just as well I didn't go, as Devon wa… Read More
50 Ways To Combat Stress!
Editor Bob · 09:33 21 Mar 2018
Stress and constant worry doesn’t really get us anywhere. Though Eustress or the good stress helps us overcome complacency and laziness but if stress level increases, our body release… Read More