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2024-05-14 17:30
My Jesus...You are my rugged comfort that fills me with perfect peace so true...The inspiration that shows me to look forward to greater daysWhen I need anything my heart yearns for and alwa… Read More
2024-05-11 21:08
My Jesus.....Please plant the seeds of your anointing within me every new day.. Let the beauty of your sweet spirit infiltrate all that I am I want to see the movement of your powe… Read More
2024-05-08 16:40
My Jesus.....You are a beautiful ☔ rainfall that brings refreshment to dry land...A breathtaking horizon that offers guiding light every day I see the 🌈 rainbow of your pr… Read More
2024-05-01 14:26
My Beloved Savior...When I feel like giving up and can't take another step to greet a brand new day...My heart ♥ is filled with sadness that I have failed you and have no true worth a… Read More
2024-04-30 14:48
My Jesus..Traveling along my pathway, sometimes fear grips my heart ♥ in a powerful way..At that moment, I'm filled with worry and anxiety and can't see your  hands Feeling… Read More
2024-04-29 20:43
My Jesus.....I'm yearning for your sweet anointing to begin to flow perfectly within me...Like a breathtaking fountain of life cascading into every part so true Restoring everything to… Read More
2024-04-24 15:39
My Beloved Savior...Whenever I call out your name, I know that you hear my sweet cries so perfectly...You come to my side with passion in your heart ♥ and great love and grace to best… Read More
2024-04-18 18:20
My Sweet Jesus...My greatest desire is to know more of you and to feel that in every way...I want to be your vessel that is ready to be filled with your amazing love I want to see your… Read More
2024-04-17 21:24
Jesus..Thank you for the beauty of your breathtaking heart ♥ of pure love..It's open and ready to overflow with all that I'll need Like an eternal gift of hope from Heaven above… Read More
2024-04-16 16:00
My Savior...I can't exhault your mighty name enough it's true..You're the joy of my heart ♥ to the greatest degree I want to give you all of the praise You're due My sweet L… Read More
2024-04-15 19:44
My Precious Jesus...Sometimes my heart questions and searches for answers throughout the moments of the day...What is my purpose for being here and the plan that must be enabled with care&nb&hell…Read More
2024-04-13 22:00
My Jesus...You are the bright 🔥 flame of life that ignites my heart ♥ with pure love every new day...The refreshing breath of restoration that fills all parts of who I am&nbsp&hell…Read More
2024-04-11 17:20
Jesus...When my heart ♥ is deeply burdened by the 😯 worry and fear that daily life may bring...I feel like I don't have the inspiration or motivation for one more step An… Read More
2024-04-08 17:34
My Jesus...Let me hear your mighty voice in my spirit so plain and true...Every essence of who I am wants to know now exactly what you have to say My Savior I want to pattern my footste… Read More
2024-04-06 23:47
My Jesus...The beauty of your anointing illuminates every step of each new day...It is a captivating shelter where my spirit can find sweet love and grace A breathtaking, refreshing fou… Read More
2024-04-06 15:36
My Jesus...When I feel so alone and I reach out for you with great care...I never have to wonder or question if you have the time Through such incredible dedication you are always there… Read More
2024-04-05 21:09
My Beloved Savior..You are the great healer whose anointing renews every part of me...Like pure honey it comes to me with care from your mighty heart ♥ aboveAnd begins a miracle work… Read More
2024-04-04 21:13
My Jesus.. You are my best friend who stays by me in every true way...My beautiful light of perfect love in my heart ♥ there for me The breathtaking inspiration that I need… Read More
2024-04-04 12:21
My Jesus...Just One step into your presence and suddenly I'm made brand new..I'm not like the person that I was before in every way I'm becoming in every essence more and more just like… Read More
2024-03-31 18:26
My Savior...I am so grateful for you loving me more than I can imagine grand and true...You gave a special gift so many years ago of mercy and ♥ heart's delight Master, you saved… Read More
2024-03-29 20:06
Precious Savior...There is a sense of humility in my heart ♥ as it begins to seek much more...The grateful part of a yearning spirit who wants to find what true love is at best S… Read More
2024-03-28 15:51
They stood together crying out with their hearts 💕 filled with disbelief and true despair...As they watched Him pass before them carrying a ➕ cross that was heavy and so rough… Read More
2024-03-22 15:54
My Saviors perfect grace is always there without fail for me...It's always there without great limits or boundaries big or small It fills me with perfect peace and a dear love so ideall… Read More
2024-03-18 14:44
My Jesus..I want to display your pure and perfect,  genuine love in everything I do..I want others to see everything wonderful about you when they look at me Every time I see my re… Read More
2024-03-15 20:37
Most Precious Savior..My heart looks for a glimmer of ☀ sunshine just as the rain ☔ is about to come through...And thick clouds seem to be building with intense fog all over the… Read More
2024-03-12 21:09
My Beloved Jesus..You are my safe haven that carries me in your precious arms of great love...I place everything and myself into your hands to see it all through Giving me help and assu… Read More
2024-03-06 17:06
Precious Jesus...Your breathtaking anointing is a beautiful sight that helps me in every way...It uplifts my soul and spirit to new and brighter heights never thought of before And give… Read More
2024-02-28 16:22
Jesus.....My ♥ heart's greatest desire above all is to bring glory and honor to you...To lift your name up with praise and thanksgiving for everything that you mean to meThe greatest… Read More
2024-02-27 16:21
My Jesus.....You are the perfect peace that calms my heart ♥ and spirit with a tranquility so true...The wondrous joy that warms my heart and mind with an unbelievable awesome delight… Read More
2024-02-17 15:59
My Jesus.....I am coming before your throne with a humbled heart ♥ today...Excited to find the person that you designed me to be Opening my spirit now to hear all that you have t… Read More
2024-02-15 16:02
My Jesus...Your anointing is the seed of life that's taking root within me...Looking for faithful and prosperous ground upon which to grow A beautiful expression of your love that flows… Read More
2024-02-11 23:39
Precious Jesus...Please help me to cleanse my spirit right now in every way...Help it to be completely focused upon your mighty loveNever focused on worldly things but on you every day … Read More
2024-02-10 16:25
My Beloved Jesus.....My heart yearns for more of your power and presence every day...I want to feel the essence of all things that are the best of you To get closer and become connected… Read More
2024-02-08 16:23
My Almighty Savior.....Please show me how to be properly equipped every day...As I take each foot step please give me your wisdom so true Teach me to seek your will and rely on you in e… Read More
2024-02-04 17:09
My Jesus.....As I take each step so carefully along my pathway...I stop and think about my surroundings and everything Suddenly I realize something special on this day Your sweet l… Read More
2024-02-02 22:39
My Beloved Jesus...When I lean on you my heart is renewed and strengthened by the purest love so true...My soul and spirit are greatly uplifted and inspired for wonderful things I becom… Read More
2024-01-31 16:07
My Jesus.....You are my life's complete mission and purpose in every way...Every thing I should be or ever hope to be comes from you Your sweet anointing paves the pathway for every bra… Read More
2024-01-30 22:32
My Jesus...I can see breathtaking blessings flowing from your heart like living water for me...It enriches me with the power to be restored, refreshed and renewed again It opens up the… Read More
2024-01-29 16:36
Precious Jesus.....Thank you for being my Breathtaking Sonshine that's always there sparkling just for me...Like a beautiful gift of purest love that comes directly from your heart with care… Read More
2024-01-27 23:03
My Savior...When I feel like giving up your hand of compassion is there with such happiness...It surrounds me with a peace and adoration I've never known before And shows me the deepest… Read More
2024-01-25 22:37
My Jesus.....The precious gift of mercy is like a beautiful rose 🌹 given freely from your heart with incredible love...It is nurtured and multiplied without limits or boundaries and… Read More
2024-01-23 16:07
My Beloved Jesus.....Thank you for your sweet mercy and patience that are always there for me...I'm grateful for the beautiful blessings that come from your heart each day I'm honored b… Read More
2024-01-21 17:43
My Jesus.....I look at the ever changing dark world before me and the many things to behold...My heart ♥ looks to you for clarity as something definitely is now taking place You… Read More
2024-01-20 23:31
My Jesus...Sometimes when I see the clouds in the sky, my heart ♥ fills with sadness in every way...I can't find the happiness and joy that my heart ♥ so richly craves in great… Read More
2024-01-18 22:53
My Breathtaking Jesus.....By the unfolding of your wondrous hands, great things begin to take shape so mighty and true...The seeds of a unique miracle now start to take hold so perfectly&nbs&hell…Read More
2024-01-17 22:04
My Precious Jesus.....Each step in your presence is illuminated with the brilliance of your love and grace...There is strength and endurance in your power to never give up in any way Th… Read More
2024-01-15 22:11
Jesus...I come before your throne on bended knee with tears so pure and true...My heart is so crushed and greatly broken more than I can now stand I've been treated so miserably and poo… Read More
2024-01-14 17:42
My Jesus.....My heart is so grateful that you are my mighty Savior and King...You are everything I'll ever need in my life and more The encouragement and inspiration that makes my spiri… Read More
2024-01-12 16:24
My Precious Jesus.... Thank you for the perfect blessing and gift of another year...It is a light of hope and promise from your heart just for me A pathway of new beginning with yo… Read More
2024-01-10 20:45
My Beloved Jesus...The greatest gift that I can get is knowing I belong to you...I am your precious child so adored and greatly loved by grace You keep me in your tender care with anoin… Read More
2024-01-07 23:52
My Jesus...You are my strength that uplifts me and places me on my path every day...The encouragement to believe in great things and horizons that are true My inspiration to hope for dr… Read More
2024-01-03 15:54
My Jesus.....Your love blesses me with peace and tranquility every day...It shelters me with your anointing and keeps me safe and whole It restores me and makes me new in many wonderful… Read More
2024-01-02 22:29
My Breathtaking Savior...You are the light of life that fills my spirit with such happiness...The purest breath of energy that gives me strength for each day The wondrous anointing that… Read More
2023-12-28 20:06
My Lord...You are everything my heart yearns to be and so much more...You are my mentor and King that my spirit respects and lovesThe greatest dream and success that my soul is now reaching… Read More
2023-12-25 18:57
My Blessed Savior...When my heart receives your pure love so true...It is the greatest gift and so much more A breathtaking blessing that comes from you Overflowing with excitement… Read More
2023-12-24 18:17
The perfect gift was given many years ago one fine day...It's worth more than anyone can ever think about or soon believe Yet it's available to seeking hearts in a special way The… Read More
2023-12-16 22:25
My Precious Jesus...When I reach out for you my spirit rises higher than ever before...My heart fills with a delight that mere words cannot give real justice to A true sense of completi… Read More
2023-12-16 17:16
My Jesus...Your love fills me to overflowing with a special joy I cannot contain...It gives me a great and mighty example of everything that is so real It is a perfect reminder of what… Read More
2023-12-15 22:56
I look up and see a breathtaking light so wondrous and true...An awesome illumination bringing peace sweetly to meIt fills my heart to overflowing and makes me feel brand new My spirit… Read More
2023-12-13 21:14
My Beloved Ĵesus.....When I think about the refreshing life that comes from your anointing..My heart yearns for more of the breathtaking beauty that it gives To ignite with Heaven'… Read More
2023-12-13 17:58
My Jesus...This pain inside of me becomes so intense at times...I feel like quitting and not facing another day My heart just cannot see any real goodness to find My spirit searche… Read More
2023-12-12 22:27
Dear Jesus.....How do I describe what my dreams are supposed to be?What are the true goals of my inner heart at its best? Sometimes I try to know what is important to meBut it is in you… Read More
2023-12-10 23:44
Lord Jesus...Prepare me to hear your voice so perfectly and clear...I want to know everything that you have to say Teach me your greatest wishes now and please draw me nearI want to be… Read More
2023-12-10 23:14
Jesus...There's an eerie sense of silence in my heart right now...A strong sense of pain is beginning to overflow I've got to find a sense of tranquility somehow And such great hap… Read More
2023-12-09 23:48
My Jesus.....When my heart is burdened with heaviness that's too hard to bear...And my spirit just cannot seem to rise and plummets further down My soul looks to the brilliance of your… Read More
2023-12-07 22:49
Jesus...I have but one important Christmas wish on my heart this year...I yearn for your glory like a beautiful rain from above That refreshes me with your anointing that I hold dearAnd… Read More
2023-12-06 16:22
My Precious Jesus.....There's disappointment and sadness taking a strong hold on me...As I look deeply into who I am I don't see much that's there I wanted to be something special for y… Read More
2023-11-28 16:00
My Jesus...You are the light that beautifully brightens my heart every day...The wondrous joy that gives me reason, purpose, and much moreThe breathtaking power that takes me every step of t… Read More
2023-11-26 22:25
My Jesus...My heart desires the breathtaking beauty of your sweet presence each day...To fill every moment and start within me something great and brand newI want to feel your magnificent mo… Read More
2023-11-25 16:09
My Jesus.....How do I show others how much you mean to me in many ways...To let them see the  precious bond and great devotion that we share Let it be great gestures from you that… Read More
2023-11-24 21:52
My Jesus...How can I express how grateful I am for all that comes from you?There's a flow of anointing that enriches every part of meIt gives me a sense of inspiration that is wondrous and t… Read More
2023-11-19 17:23
The Thanksgiving table is being set for the grand feast to take place.....There's fine china and glass ware and centerpieces placed with careCreative linen name cards beautifully line with t… Read More
2023-11-18 23:17
My Jesus.....Please help me to remember what's important every day...And to realize that life is a precious gift from above Keep my heart true and fill it with gratitude in every way&nb&hell…Read More
2023-11-12 15:55
My Jesus.....There's a perfect peace that cannot be broken ready to fill with delight...A wondrous joy that's always abundant to chase the big clouds away I can see the precious glow of… Read More
2023-11-11 15:51
My Jesus.....I can hear your voice sweetly whispering wise lessons of love to me...Something that I need to take mind of and work on every new day The words and thoughts I focus on matt… Read More
2023-11-08 16:18
Jesus.....When my heart feels like no one cares in any possible way..Feelings of great failure seem to prevail and strongly abound I'm at the point of giving up and have nothing else to… Read More
2023-11-05 16:04
My Jesus.....My heart yearns to be your instrument ready to serve you in every way...I place my spirit and all that I am,  ready for fine tuning into your hands Take all my brokenn… Read More
2023-10-29 15:21
Dear Jesus.....The table is being set with the finest of everything...It is a banquet of grandest style like never seen before Delicacies are being prepared and I hear the angels singTh… Read More
2023-10-28 16:42
My Savior.....My yearning heart reaches out for your anointing and its life changing flow...To become a deeper part of your heart and spirit in every wayLord, this is my desire and there is… Read More
2023-10-25 14:59
My Jesus.....Please grant me a heart filled with humility and perfect love...Begin a wonderful restoration by the power of your great handsHelp me to realize your great anointing and wondrou… Read More
2023-10-22 14:40
***** THOUGHT FOR THE DAY *****The greatest gift that you can give is the gift of yourself and a loving, caring heart.** For one shared moment can mean a lifetime of inspiration** One beauti… Read More
2023-10-18 17:08
My Jesus.....You are everything I will ever need each day through...To fulfill me and give me great hope and so much more My brilliant ray of inspiration in all I do Jesus,  Y… Read More
2023-10-15 14:55
My Jesus...In my heart ♥ I can see something wonderful now before me...Two mighty hands are opening and the light is ever bright Your joy is beaming everywhere with love and grac… Read More
2023-10-08 22:26
My Jesus...When I feel like the wind is cold and blowing stronger at times...And I am now standing alone with no one else to talk to There is no consideration or courtesy that I find&nb&hell…Read More
2023-10-08 17:14
My Jesus...The breathtaking gifts from your heart are precious,  beautiful and rare...They show your perfect love and grace in such a magnificent way Each one is a unique and speci… Read More
2023-10-07 21:01
Jesus...Precious Lord I need a flow of your miraculous healing power from above...To flow in to me now like warm perfect oil from the window of Heaven true A sacred, wondrous gift comin… Read More
2023-10-06 16:03
Jesus...Just One ⚓ anchor can make all the difference in the end...It can set the stage for real success beyond compare Opening the door of hope upon which all depends Provid… Read More
2023-10-03 18:15
Jesus.....We need the great fire of your anointing to flow mightily from shore to shore...Fill every heart to overflowing with your sweet spirit, love and true grace Warm every home wit… Read More
2023-10-03 14:49
Precious Jesus...I want to hear your great voice and feel all that you are pouring into me....Like the beauty of a new rain ☔ filling an empty vessel to overflow But I have to lea… Read More
2023-10-01 22:04
My Jesus.....On those days when I feel alone like no one seems to care...Looking for someone to talk to but no 💕 hearts can be found. I am filled with feelings of emptiness that… Read More
2023-09-29 15:00
My Breathtaking Jesus.....As I take those initial steps on my pathway, suddenly I begin to feel...The falling rain ☔ 💧 drops coming down so cold and unwelcoming It makes m… Read More
2023-09-26 23:55
My Jesus.....My love and adoration for you is more than any words can say...You're the breathtaking beauty that ignites my heart and spirit with delight You're encouragement and inspira… Read More
2023-09-22 14:48
My Jesus.....The greatest, true blessing of my days is knowing you are always there...Even though my heart at times may not see the beauty so clear and newMy spirit knows that you are there… Read More
2023-09-19 19:07
My Jesus...There are so many things that I'm believing for every new day...These are things that make me feel worried and filled with a strong kind of fear But then your spirit draws ne… Read More
2023-09-08 15:35
My Beloved Jesus, You are my stronghold and everything wonderful that is so dear to me...The breathtaking son light that captures my spirit and allows it to soarWhen I feel your anointi… Read More
2023-09-08 14:30
My Jesus.....When I reflect upon your beautiful face a peace begins to overwhelm me...Suddenly,  everything begins to have some meaning and purpose that is true I desire to know al… Read More
2023-09-04 13:51
Dear Jesus...Let your healing power flow so perfectly within me...Like refreshing oil from your heart of grace with sweet love Restoring my health and wellbeing so perfectly And co… Read More
2023-09-03 19:41
Dear Jesus.....When the walls seem to crumble in the grandest way...I look for strong foundation upon which to stand My spirit reaches out each and every day Trying to find your po… Read More

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