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As it is said that in this global era the growth of state depends on Foreign Policy which determines the presence and role of state demotic and internationally. The flexibility of foreign policy possess a crucial impact in pattern of international relations, my this article aims to bring up a little bit review of the foreign policy of Pakistan since independence, first, let’s clear the concept what is foreign policy?

According to George Modelski “foreign policy in the system tie activities beloved by communities changing the behavior of other states for adjusting their own activities to the international environment”. When Pakistan newly came into being in 1947 because the nature of partition the major industries and other assets were taken up by India as , Pakistan got complete sovereignty and independence but was completely depended in terms of technology security issues, bad  economic condition, these where key issues which negatively affected policy-making process of foreign policy till today consequence are being faced in shape of  extremism and terrorism.

When Pakistan got independence second world war was ended cold war was in its initial age  United States of America  (USA) had initiated martial plan to support western destructed Europe malnourished from two world wars, Actually martial plan aimed to support western Europe and protect them from communism and spread capitalism in this regard 12billion$ were projected and on the other hand USSR today’s Russia was initiating such plans in  Easter Europe for protection of communism.

The lack of modernization and Security imperatives were top issues which entangled Pakistan with West as we know war between Pakistan and India occurred in 1948 , but obstacles are not futuristic if a skillful leadership settles down them with futuristic concept but unfortunately only the existed threat from India was considered futuristic and decision-making process of foreign policy became under pressure .

Preventing future aggression from India our  leadership ignored USSR which  was a power in this region and other regional States and opportunities and  jumped into lap of USA and joined  western sponsored security pacts in 1954,55 these were steps which put Pakistan far away from  Nonalignment which was a huge blow and its consequences have been faced throughout history and today’s Mr. Trump’s demand “do more” is one reflection of them.
Here the claim of ideology takes in some context the last breaths, in fact Pakistan took several support and security aids, equipment’s by such pacts. Establishment of Pakistan was facilitated by USA security aids were provided, those who abuse U.S their generations could have eaten the weight in 1952 which was sent by the U.S when Pakistan was facing shortages of weights.
Economic and militarily assistance was part of US strategic policy for countering communism, Pakistan’s partnership with USA brought up infinite advantages to Pakistan, goads services and loans from USA brought boost in national economy, more important support in terms of defense and security which decreased the sense of insecurity from India. In September 1954 Pakistan joined a  pact “SOUTH EAST ASIA TREATY ORGANIZATION”  (SEATO) its members were Australia, Great Britain, news land, France, Phil pine, Thailand, Pakistan, U.S).This organization meant to improve mutual co-operation among members specially its main objective was that an aggression and attack on a member state will be faced collectively, But U.S made it clear that this organization will counter down communism.

In 1955 Pakistan joined another pact ( Baghdad pact ) later renamed (CENTO) central treaty organization whish’s  members were Iran, Turkey, Great Britain, earlier Iraq, here U.S linked its self with security committee and assisted them for   containment of communism, Here a question comes in mind participating in several pacts, where Pakistan got help in war of1965,71 ?
Because of alignment with U.S and west Pakistan was excluded from nonaligned movement (NAM) it was a massive blow.

Did the decision of joining capital block and such pacts work in war of 1965 ?? If in that era foreign policy had achieved goals, would  Pakistan have lost part of its territory East Pakistan today’s Bangladesh?
Wasn’t India supported by USSR in 1971?

Answer comes yes, why USSR assisted India? Because USSR was very disappointed by response of Pakistan, also USSR invited Liaquat Ali Khan in 1949 but Pakistan ignored it.  Closed ties with U.S alarmed USSR that  Pakistan would be a bunker for capitalism, this distrust was proven in 1979 when USSR attacked Afghanistan our territory was used against USSR that’s why our mothers couldn’t meet with their children when they went in army public school on 16 December they didn’t back. That’s why we lost our an educated generation in civil hospital Quetta, that’s why we lost our brothers in police training center in Quetta. No one can count martyrs killed by so called Taliban.

The desire of dollar entangled Pakistan in cold war we had provided land to U.S to defeat Russia in 1979. Groups of Taliban were trained and produced from here and sent in Afghanistan. That war got end but after 9/11 the wave of extremism disseminated over here. U.S leveled it’s all contributions in the disintegration of USSR but what we achieved?
Can our authoritarians answer that do they return all lives which have been lost in terrorism if they get dollars again?

This is time our politicians should address weakness of foreign policy and improve relationships with regional and extra regional States. The concept of pluralism must be adopted with various skills as which was shaped during Bhutto regime.
By Noor Jan 
Karachi Pakistan

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