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Let’s understand our universe

Spiral galaxies are the most beautiful of the universe. Their magnificent impressive format extends from seconds to thousands of light years, their arms are made up of hundreds of billion stars and make a milky stream. But their centers have a different story.
There are two beautiful galaxies present today but there is a dark mystery in my heart.

The first NGC 4698 Galaxy, this picture was taken from Mount Lemmon Arizona’s 0.8 meter diameter scleman telescope.

The NGC 4698 galaxy is quite close to us, about 600 million light-years away. This picture is beautiful in which the dusty external arms of the galaxy are clearly showing, the inner arms are covered with clouds of dust such as black pearls in a thread. The center of this galaxy is bizarre, it is more light than expected and it looks like it will come out of the galaxy’s replica.

The second Spiral Galaxy is the well known celestial body M77. We can see the M77 replication better than NGC 4698. Incidentally, this galaxy is also approximately 600 million light-years away. The red dot in its horoscope is indicating the birth of the new stars and they are hot from the birth of the new stars and there is the cloud of big gas. Its center is also thick and bizarre like the center of NGC 4698. It is more fanciful than expected, more coordinated. Looking at this picture carefully you can see a green glow left in the center of its center, like a green searchlight.

Both galaxies seem normal at first sight but it is clear that something is going on in them that they separate from other galaxies.

The stars generally emit light of every color, on each wavelength. This is called continuous spectrum. With the use of any prism, all these colors (wavelength) can be seen separately. But the heat gas emits certain color that is called emission lines. An example of this is the Nian bulb, if you see the light emitted from Nian bulb with the prism then you will see the lines of only a few colors instead of all colors.

The Gas Cloud of space is similar. They emit a certain wavelength color light that is dependent on the components of the gas cloud. Green from the cloud of oxygen, green from hydrogen to red, sodium, yellow light emits. It is a bit more complicated but it is enough to understand its simplest form. If you use the spectrograph tool to break the light of the galaxy in its component colors, you can know the structure, constituent element, temperature and speed of that galaxy.

By the spectrograph the light probe of M77 and NGC 4698 is known that the light emitted by the nucleus of them is much more complicated than the normal and without the simple spectrum, there are complex emission lines. This means that there is a lot of hot gas in the center. This is strange, but another strange fact is that what could happen in the center of a galaxy that could make this huge hundreds of light-years-wide gas cloud so hot?

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Let’s understand our universe


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