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How to Change Cholesterol levels in body?

How to Change Cholesterol levels in body?

Can people lower Cholesterol Levels just by altering their diet? The answer to that must be very definite “yes”. When a simple Cholesterol-lowering diet was offered to a group of London civil servants, the proportion of those with Cholesterol values below 5.2 mmol/l rose from 5 % to 29%. So it can be done. Those who try it find , very often , that they actually enjoy the news eating style , and the way they feel on it.

Cholesterol reaches the blood stream from two sources, in the Food we eat(as in eggs) or from our own livers, where it is made from fats(mainly animal fats) taken in food. Dietary Cholesterol is probably much less important than eating animal fats in producing atheroma, so that except in people with very high Cholesterol levels. High Cholesterol foods such as eggs and animal liver need not be too restricted. Nevertheless , two or three eggs per week , and liver no more than once a week are probably enough for any adult.
What really matters ,however  is how much fat we eat. We get our fats from red meat and Dairy Products such as cream, cheese , butter and Full Cream Milk. The authorities now recommended that dietary fats should only account for between 30 and 35 per cent of the total calorie intak-this is far lower than most British diets.

This is Especially for children . For most British children 40 percent of their food energy supply, measured as calories, is taken in as fat, this figure rises to 50 per cent or more for junk food addicts. This is potentially tragic, because atheroma starts in childhood, and all those hamburgers and chips are likely to lead to heart trouble in relatively early adulthood.
For parents worried about themselves and their children , there are immediate steps to be taken . the first is to grill, rather than fry , foods. Very small Children , say up to the age of five, may need full Cream Milk as a source of energy. After then, however it is better for everyone to drink or cook with semi-skimmed or skimmed rather than whole milk.

For most Part butter and hard margarines should be largely replaced by Low Fat soft spreads made from butter milk, or by soft margarines made from polyunsaturated vegetable oils. If you must eat cheese , choose cottage-type makes with low fat content , rather than traditional cheddar.
Vegetable oils , rather than lard or butter, should be used for cooking , and fish , poultry and vegetables should replace , as far as possible , meats and dairy Products. There is no need to cut out beef, lamb and pork altogether, but it is wise to eat them on a maximum of two days a week, and to cut off all the obvious fat before eating them.

The most important thing about this change is that it is a positive one, towords expanding food experiences. It is not a question of cutting down on will find that you will eat just as much, and be just as satisfied. After a high vegetable , high fruit , fish or poultry meal with pasta, or say, a baked potato , than after the meat and two veg and pudding and custard so beloved of british.
And the new tastes you will encounter on the way will be a revelation. Experiment with spices and throw away salt cellar, and enthusiasm for , food enhanced-without putting on weight. Of cource, not everyone can or wants to eat Italian style.

So changing your style of eating (Abolish the thought that it is a “Diet”) to include all these new possibilities should be looked on as an adventure. Rather than an imposition – as a positive step to a much more enjoyable life.

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How to Change Cholesterol levels in body?


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