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REBAAR Review: Is ThisThe Best Deal For BCAAs?

Whether you are just trying to improve your physique or take it to another level, taking care of your diet is something you will have to do. This way you will maximize the effect of your workouts and enable muscle growth.

BCAAs are one of the most popular supplements, and generally, have a great feedback from the users. These branched chain amino acids play a huge role in energy production as well as protein synthesis, making it extremely important for anyone trying to maximize their results. With so much influence and countless benefits, it is no wonder people are in love with it.  Today we laid our hands on one, called REBAAR Branched-Chained Muscle Reinforcement

In this review, we will try to see is it any good, and can the ingredients packed inside actually help you achieve your goals.

What is inside of this formula?

As expected Rebaar has all three branched chained amino acids necessary for optimal results and growth of muscle mass. Here you can take a look at the dosages and the official label:

REBAAR Supplement Facts


Among the three, leucine specializes in stimulation of protein synthesis, and does so with an amazing efficiency. Because of this some label it as a primary BCAA. REBAAR obviously understands its importance and puts the highest amount of dosage into the formula. Its main role is to help your body build muscle, resulting in more lean mass.


Although not so popular and researched as leucine, it is of the same importance. All three combined make up somewhere around one-third of all muscle protein, and the deficiency of any can lead to the loss of muscle mass. This one on particular acts as anti-catabolic agent with some researchers indicating it promotes glucose uptake and consumption.


It doesn’t have as strong muscle building power as the previous two and is probably the least researched, but still, brings few great benefits. It provides so much needed energy for the muscles, making it possible to go through few extra reps. Although it lacks in direct muscle building properties, valine can increase metabolism, reduce stress, and improve cognitive function.

REBAAR Branched-Chained Muscle Reinforcement  designed by BELDT  Labs has everything a regular BCAA supplement should have. There isn’t too much wisdom around products of this type, and it is the best when it stays this way.

Should I expect any side effects?

All in all, BCAAs are considered to be very safe, that combined with efficiency being main reason so many people consume it. You could experience some minor ones, such as fatigue. Some users claim to have experienced chest pain after the usage of a branched chained amino acid. This statement is not related directly with REBAAR or any particular BCAA:

I found out the pains (along with a tightening in my throat, and a shortness of breathe) were from the BCAA’s when I gave a bottle to my friend to try and he asked me if I ever had chest pains – and thats when I realized it was from the BCAA’s.”

How do other users feel about REBAAR?

We didn’t find much feedback for REBAAR Branched-Chained Muscle Reinforcement, but the few comments we found were very positive:

Very friendly & professional customer service through email. They’re products are high enough quality that deserve online reviews and feedback so I appreciate them being adamant about asking me to reply and review. Thanks again and please keep up the good work. Athletes and veterans with physical injuries like me need more brands we can trust.

It is a shame this one has so little comments available. So far, BELDT Labs has not failed to deliver high-quality products, so it is our belief this BCAA makes no exception. Here is yet another customer expressing his feelings about it:


Where to buy?

Since it is relatively new to the market you shouldn’t be hoping to find a bottle in a nearby supplementation store. However, if it has caught your attention, the fastest (and easiest) way of buying REBAAR is via this link.


  • Stimulates protein synthesis
  • Can fight fatigue
  • Relatively safe compared to other types of similar supplements


  • Not all components are well researched
  • Lacks feedback

The final verdict on REBAAR?

If you are looking for a good addition to your diet in terms of branched chained amino acids and want to experience their full benefits REBAAR is one to consider. If you are a fan of BELDT Labs and want to support their work I suggest choosing their supplement. If that is not the case and you are just searching for a good BCAA it can still be a nice choice, but there are few better options that have been on the market for much more and get almost nothing but positive feedback from the customers. That way you can be 100% sure you are getting the real deal, and with this one, you are still not so sure.



The most important part of this blend and every BCAA supplement in general.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Some relate to it as a primary or main amino acid of this type because of the amazing benefits it has to offer. It has a big part in protein synthesis, directly having an impact on lean muscle growth.

Clinical Research

L-Leucine is most researched out of the three amino acids found in REBAAR. [1]


Yet another amino acid used in the synthesis of the protein, but with a slightly lesser role.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It is not as popular as its big brother leucine, but still has plenty to offer. Isoleucine is most effective in increasing endurance during workouts and speeding up recovery time.

Clinical Research

L-Isoleucine and L-Valine haven’t been researched enough on their own, but there is plenty of studies indicating their value as BCAAs. [2]


L-Valine is something many people overlook while talking about BCAAs, but it is still very important part of the mixture.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Although there haven’t been many clinical studies on this specific amino acid and its effects on muscle growth, it is believed valine can provide energy to the muscle. Besides that, it is also used to improve cognitive function and fight stress.

Side Effects


It is a feeling of exhaustion.

What Causes fatigue?

If you experience such a side effect it is most likely caused by leucine.

Chest pain

It is a feeling of pain in the chest area.

What Causes chest pain?

Some customers reported this problem, but it is unknown which amino acid from the blend causes it.


How much does REBAAR cost?

It is actually quite cheap – you can get it for roughly $40 via online marketplaces.

Is this a high-quality supplement?

Let me give you a rather simple answer – yes it is! It consists of a great ingredient mixture and has a lot of positive feedback. What more could you ask for?

Where can I buy it?

In addition to Amazon and BELDT Labs’ official website, a good deal on REBAAR can be found HERE as well.

User Tips

“BCAA’s are safe and should help you sculpt your body to unimaginable levels…” – Peter

“Haven’t used REBAAR yet but have used plenty other BCAA’s in my time. They rock!” – Stephen

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REBAAR Review: Is ThisThe Best Deal For BCAAs?


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