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2022-12-09 19:34
Those of us who wear disposable contact lenses go through a lot of them over the course of a year, which includes those individual blister packs that the lenses come in. You might be surpris… Read More
2022-11-11 21:18
Many people wonder, are takeout coffee cups recyclable? And the short answer is, generally, no. Here’s what you need to know: Takeout coffee cups are usually paper lined with plasti… Read More
2022-06-12 18:00
I really hate the look of plastic hanging baskets, but the problem with the nice metal wire baskets is that you have to keep buying new liners, usually every year. I have been trying to come… Read More
2022-04-14 01:25
CDs and DVDs can’t be recycled curbside with the rest of your bottles and plastics, but they can be recycled by companies that specialize in recycling these types of materials. Here ar… Read More
2022-03-26 19:27
During the early days of the pandemic, it seemed like growing your own food was all the rage. I saw these mushroom growing kits mentioned by people and I was pretty curious to try them but n… Read More
2022-03-08 19:33
Amin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia CommonsOranges, lemons, onions and other produce often come in mesh plastic bags. You may have wondered wheth… Read More
Why Are Recycled Products More Expensive?
2022-01-21 01:11
You may have noticed that sustainable and eco-friendly goods are frequently higher priced than the less sustainable versions. Recycled products are no exception. This may be surprising since… Read More
Making Potting Soil From Garden Soil
2022-01-05 22:35
I have long been interested in the idea of making my own potting soil. I have an abundant source of soil in my back yard and it seems like there should be some way to make it usable as potti… Read More
Are Metal Bottle Caps Recyclable?
2021-12-29 22:30
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support! Most communities will… Read More
Green Living Gifts
2021-12-09 15:41
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Thanks for your support! For the holidays or any… Read More
Can I Recycle Solo Cups?
2021-11-28 18:54
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support! Those red plastic cup… Read More
Cool Recycled Jewelry Gifts
2021-11-11 10:52
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Thanks for your support! We need to consume less… Read More
2021-10-27 00:26
I recently had the opportunity to get my soil tested for free by the Penn State Extension office, and I also bought a home soil test kit so that I can continue to test my soil as I attempt t… Read More
2021-10-06 19:24
I have compiled here all the Green and Grumpy articles that explain how to recycle common items and some weird miscellaneous materials as well so that you can easily find information on what… Read More
2021-10-02 19:20
If you read this blog regularly, you know that when there are no other options for recycling an item through the usual municipal waste channels or via drop-off locations, there is often one… Read More
2021-09-22 01:41
There is a great new documentary called The Story of Plastic brought to us by The Story of Stuff Project, who are known for their accessible short animated videos illustrating and simplifyin… Read More
2021-09-09 01:00
Pens, mechanical pencils and markers are tough items to recycle, because they are made up of multiple different types of plastic, metal, ink and other materials. In the United States, there… Read More
2021-08-26 19:08
There has been a big push lately for people to eat less meat due to its impact on the environment. All food production takes a toll on the environment due to the amount of water and energy u… Read More
2021-08-18 21:30
Some of the most frequent questions I get asked on this site are about plastics recycling. And one type of plastic that is particularly troublesome for most people is polypropylene, or #5 pl… Read More
2021-08-12 16:15
Paper has value as a recyclable item, and books are no exception, so yes, you can recycle books, however, you may not be allowed to put them in your curbside recycling. Not to worry, there a… Read More
2021-08-07 03:17
There is a lot of confusion around recycling numbers, what they mean, and which numbers are recyclable. Let’s talk about recycle numbers (or recycling codes) and what they can and can… Read More
2021-07-29 02:36
If you are trying to cut down on plastic bottles and disposable drink containers, you may have wondered what is the easiest way to find someplace to refill your water bottle when you are out… Read More
2021-06-25 19:05
Getting packages shipped to your home creates all kinds of special types of packaging waste. How much of this stuff can be recycled? Some items are easier than others. Here’s a helpful… Read More
2021-05-24 19:41
What can you do with leftover bubble wrap? You shouldn’t put it in your curbside recycling, because it is considered a “tangler.” Meaning it will end up wrapped around the… Read More
2021-05-08 13:05
Update, May 8, 2021 (original article published July 21, 2019): I have recently learned that the recycling programs at Home Depot and Lowe’s may not be happening at all branches. Ho… Read More
2021-04-22 20:57
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support! Red mum cuttings grow… Read More
2021-04-17 16:27
Nitrogenated beer cans like Guinness often have a little plastic “widget” inside. © User:Duk / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0Understanding Aluminum Can Recycling If you… Read More
2021-04-12 20:54
Many people use the terms “soil” and “compost” interchangeably. But they aren’t exactly the same. Most soil has compost in it, but straight-up compost isn&rsquo&hell…Read More
2021-03-29 21:23
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support! Colorful mums can be… Read More
2021-03-25 03:21
I get this question a lot. Mostly from my significant other as he is trying to get some stubborn food residue out of the bottom of a narrow-necked jar or while cleaning some aluminum foil. … Read More
Will Cicadas Eat My Garden?
2021-03-18 17:49
Is this cicada eyeing my tomato plants? In many parts of the United States, cicadas are a common presence, filling the air with a distinctive loud buzzing sound in late summer. But once i… Read More
Understanding Aluminum Can Recycling
2021-03-16 01:43
Unlike many other “odd” types of materials, aluminum can recycling is generally pretty straightforward. Your state either has a bottle and can deposit, and you return your cans f… Read More
2021-02-22 22:09
Paper is very recyclable in general, but shredded paper can have some issues for recyclers. So to answer the question, “Can I recycle shredded paper?” The answer is yes, sometime… Read More
2021-02-19 15:56
(Article updated 2/19/2021) Update: It has come to my attention that Preserve is no longer taking #5 plastic through the drop-off bins at Whole Foods and the Gimme 5 program. I contacted… Read More
2021-02-11 16:53
What’s the deal with plastic bottle caps? Some communities say to leave them out of recycling, some say they are fine. Some communities want you to leave the caps on your bottles, othe… Read More
Comparing Energy-Saving Light Bulbs
2021-02-04 04:40
You’ve probably seen some new and weird-looking kinds of light bulbs at your home improvement and hardware stores lately. Many of these bulbs are more expensive than the old standard l… Read More
Can I Compost Chicken Bones?
2021-01-29 20:11
In most composting situations, meat and animals products are some of the items you do NOT want to compost because they will cause problems. However, there is one special type of composting s… Read More
2021-01-15 21:04
An active landfill. Many people picture landfills as big holes dug in the earth where trash is dumped in and some soil is layered over the top. They assume the plant-based stuff like yard… Read More
2021-01-03 21:58
Light bulbs are tricky items when it comes to recycling. They are made of glass and metal and usually a few other materials. Plus some contain potentially toxic materials. So it is important… Read More
2020-12-29 21:33
How do you recycle aluminum foil? In most communities, aluminum soda cans and beer cans are accepted and encouraged for recycling. But what about stuff like Reynolds Wrap or those aluminu… Read More
2020-12-15 20:27
If you’ve never done any composting of your food scraps and yard waste, you may be intimidated to start, but don’t be. The process isn’t that complicated. Let’s jump… Read More
What Is Carbon Farming?
2020-12-13 19:26
Carbon farming is a way to fight climate change through growing practices.In doing some research on at-home, DIY ways for individuals to fight climate change, I stumbled on the concept of &l&hell…Read More
2020-11-25 22:16
Can you recycle a TV? Maybe. But in many places, it’s not that easy. Let’s get into it. First of all, televisions and other electronics do NOT go in your regular recycling bin… Read More
Why Is Plastic Recycling So Confusing?
2020-10-28 02:55
Plastic recycling – are we doing it right?When it comes to recycling, some items are pretty straightforward. We know that aluminum cans and soup cans are recyclable, paper isn’t… Read More
How To Recycle Cell Phones
2020-10-25 20:19
Are you planning on upgrading to a new5G phone like the iPhone 12? Or maybe the Samsung Galaxy Note20? Do you already have a junk drawer full of old mobile phones that you’re not sure… Read More
2020-10-20 22:09
After eating that takeout pizza, you have probably wondered to yourself, can I recycle pizza boxes? They are cardboard, so… Unfortunately, the answer is generally, no, you shouldn… Read More
2020-10-06 17:34
#1 – Vote for representatives who are making climate change a priority. There is only so much we can do as individuals to reduce climate change by changing our own habits and lifes… Read More
2020-09-17 02:33
We are shopping online more and more, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased that trend. In August, online sales increased 42% over the same time last year. All kinds of over-consumeri… Read More
2020-09-11 22:52
We need to consume less stuff. That’s a given if you are trying to live more lightly on this planet. But if you are going to buy something for yourself or for someone else as a gift, c… Read More
Can I Recycle Styrofoam?
2020-09-05 18:52
A styrofoam cup – can it be recycled?Styrofoam is one of those products that seems to have gone through phases of recyclability. At one point, we were allowed to put it in the recyclin… Read More
2020-08-31 07:41
It’s a daily deluge of junk mail. Stop the madness! The Scourge of Junk Mail You’d think that in this digital age, junk mail in your home or work mailbox would be a thing o… Read More
How Do I Recycle Batteries?
2020-08-25 21:01
What are the rules for recycling batteries?If you’re like most people, you probably have a pile of old, dead batteries gathering dust in the basement or a junk drawer that you’re… Read More
Does Vinegar Cleaner Work? I Tested It
2020-08-21 18:46
You can make a natural, non-toxic cleaner from vinegar, water and lavender (optional).So I feel like I have been recommended to try vinegar as a natural, non-toxic cleaner about 500 times, b… Read More
2020-08-10 18:47
There’s nothing like a delicious cup of warm chai tea to start the day.I love Starbucks chai latte, I cannot lie. I also love many of their other flavored lattes, but the chai latte is… Read More
2020-08-07 01:50
If you’re wondering whether you can compost coffee filters, the short answer is YES as long as they are the regular old paper filters. Most paper products are fine for composting… Read More
Should You Compost Tea Bags?
2020-08-01 20:06
A variety of different tea bag styles. For those of you who are tea drinkers, you probably saw this frightening study that came out about a year ago saying that many of our tea bags are e… Read More
Does Hot Water Kill Weeds?
2020-07-22 03:00
If you read this blog, you know I am a big fan of finding ways to kill weeds naturally without chemicals. My favorite non-toxic all-natural weed killer hack is using vinegar on my patio ever… Read More
How To Waste Less Food
2020-07-13 19:49
Food waste is an enormous environmental and economic problem. In the United States, we waste about 40 percent of perfectly edible food, which is 125 – 160 BILLION pounds of food that g… Read More
How To Recycle Corks
2020-07-09 02:36
What can you do with all these leftover wine corks?Whenever we open a bottle of wine, the used cork gets thrown into the silverware drawer where they accumulate around the cutlery organizer… Read More
How To Grow Garlic
2020-06-17 17:53
Garlic growing in my garden.Since my garlic is almost ready to be harvested, I thought it would be a great time to talk about growing your own garlic at home. If you’re like I was befo… Read More
Introducing The Green And Grumpy Bookshop!
2020-06-15 20:33
Just added, you can now buy environmental sustainability books through The Green and Grumpy Bookshop! Our online bookstore will feature titles on everyday green living, zero waste tips, eco… Read More
Going Meatless – Review Of Beyond Beef
2020-06-09 21:25
A 16 oz block of Beyond Beef plant-based meat substitute.If you read this blog, you know that I’m a meat eater who’s trying to cut back. So I’m always on the lookout for go… Read More
Can I Recycle Plastic Clamshells?
2020-06-02 01:43
Plastic clamshell packaging.The short answer: No. Check with your local recycling program, but in general, recycling plants don’t want this type of plastic. Why Can’t I Recyc… Read More
Composting For Apartment Dwellers
2020-05-29 03:17
The EPA estimates that about 22% of the trash that ends up in landfills is food waste, making it the largest single component of our discarded solid waste. Many people think that food scraps… Read More
How’s Your Recycling IQ? [Quiz]
2020-05-15 20:05
How well do you know the recycling rules?Are you a recycling maven or a “wishcyler” who throws everything in the bin and hopes for the best? Recycling can be confusing because it… Read More
Become A Master Recycler!
2020-05-12 19:06
You can become a Master Recycler in many communities.My county (Cuyahoga County in Ohio), has a great program called Master Recyclers. It’s a 9-week series of seminars and field trips… Read More
Making Zero Waste Microwave Popcorn
2020-05-06 02:23
Microwave popcorn with nothing but a paper bag.Snacking is one of the toughest things about trying to live and eat with less waste and trash. Most chips, pretzels and other yummy snacks come… Read More

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