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There was a time when cherishing a moment for a lifetime, seemed like nothing but a metaphor. Oh, how the times have changed that we have the technology and ability to actually keep a memory saved with us forever.

And ever since the Internet became a thing, ‘cherishing the moments’ became a whole another story. Especially when it comes to something that makes you giggle, Internet has a ton of it stored for you.

Everyone has a fair share of Embarrassing Moments that they go through. And along with the tragic accident, one also hopes that nobody was there to witness. Here are some of such embarrassing moments that these people wouldn’t have hoped to end up on the internet.

Take a look.

1. The sleep-grabber

It’s evident that they had a blast, but this guy doesn’t seem to be tired – even in his sleep.

2. “Dafuq is that!”

The expression of these girls clearly say that they’ve seen something they shouldn’t have seen.

3. The ‘leak’ of faith

Well, she’s excited to make a perfect score. Though, I’m sure all her excitement must’ve drained out when she saw this photo.

4. Yoga pants fail

I guess we can all agree that this woman had a poor choice of pants for stretching exercises.

5. Why should girls have all the fun?

This guy decided that he wants to wear shorts too, and shame on those who pass a judgment on him. You go, boy. You’re fabulous!

6. Santa’s been naughty

The Face Santa has at the moment says it all. He’s been delivering gifts for years, he deserves one himself. And he is looking at it.

7. Sexy Mama

This woman sure found the best angle for her photo. But what she failed to realize was that the mirror behind her caught the wrong one.

8. Tread carefully

Looks like this woman couldn’t keep her sh*t together during the party.

9. An excruciating party

Looks like a sexy chest-kiss didn’t go well for the guy.

10. WTF is that!

One unfortunate placement of someone’s foot, and a family photo is ruined forever.

11. What is he looking for?

Wait! No. Please keep your findings to yourself.

12. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!

These Royal guards are renowned for their expressionless-ness. I wish the camera clicked his face too, to see how do they look while falling.

13. Slippery floor

Haha, Even though God could walk on water, this girl drops some sick moves on the water, that even he can’t beat.

14. Toilet rush

It looks like she did her business in a hurry and just left the loo without checking that she has grown a ’tissue tail’.

15. Keep it in!

Please someone tell her that her ‘naughty belongings’ are peeking out of her bag.

16. Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting

The dog thinks that everyone does it the same way.

17. Frisbee catch

Okay, usually people grab it by the hands. But even if you’re trying to catch it with your teeth, you’re doing it wrong.

18. A disaster in bed

She must’ve been embarrassed when she woke up. But, it’s too late now.

19. Play-time buddies

Before posting something, make sure you check your background. Though, I’d love to know, how the girls justified that ‘toy’ to others.

20. What a monster

The guy’s face clearly says that he isn’t happy with what he is seeing.

21. Trunk in the junk!

The little innocent elephant… All he wants to do is explore, that’s all!

22. Waiting in line

How silly you have to be to be standing behind mannequins and imagine it to be a line?

23. What’s going on?

Looks like the girls are having an ‘experiment’. Get a room, though.

24. That one friend…

None of the others have an idea of what’s about to fall on them. Theyhould’ve had another After-picture of it, too.

25. Must. Win. The. Marathon.

The word you’re looking for is ‘disgusted’.

26. Oh, Grandpa!

When you’ve aged, but you still think you’ve got it.

27. Another unfortunate positioning

I know that the guy isn’t peeing on the girl’s hand, but his posture is not at all suggesting otherwise.

28. “Dat Ass, Tho!”

I can’t imagine how long this guy has been under a dry spell, that he feels turned on by his friend simply bending down.

29. Meeting Stan Lee

The look on Stan’s face shows how proud he is of not making Hugh Jackman wear this ridiculous costume.


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