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Avoid Complacency As You Age, Keep a Chip On Your Shoulder

Complacency in life is something that all of us can quickly fall victim too.  As we become more successful for instance, many people tend to let up or not work as hard as they once did to achieve that success. After a time many will see that success fade due to Lack of urgency in keeping that success.

For many others as they age, they fall into the trap and  have believed that age old advice that has been passed down generation after generation that, we need to start slowing down, to take it easy after all ” your getting older”. The taking it easy way of life both mentally and physically, causes you to lose that edge we need to stay strong, healthy, and successful.

This is something that creeps up on all of us quickly if we are not careful. Take a look at most of America as we age, look at the physical condition  of the typical senior, out of shape couldn’t walk a city block for many with huffing and puffing, a considerable loss of their bodies muscle mass, blood pressure problems, having difficulty going up and down stairs, chronic diseases set in due to lack of concern with their diet and maintain an adequate strength training program. All this due in a majority of cases to a lifestyle of over indulgence and lack of physical and mental exercise and a lack of urgency or understanding to do the things listed above to stay healthy.

Taking it easy does not belong as a part of the human spirit, we were designed to grow and to always be a student no matter what your age is. One of the biggest reasons for depression among the senior population is a lack of growth, too much idle times on their hands, no goals or just plain and simple living in the past.

To be successful and to maintain a dominant and a high quality of life where you call your own shots and live independently, starts by being aware of the lifestyle you should desire to live when it comes to protecting your health and physical fitness.

By having a Chip on your shoulder does not necessarily mean you have to walk around  angry at life and at people, no. A negative attitude in life will get you absolutely no where, I am talking about  having an edge to you that you will not be controlled any longer by poor physical health, a weak body and negative thinking. In other words you take back control of your life right now, starting today!

I mean you get angry enough at the situation that you cannot keep paying doctors co- pays every month for medical problems that you can easily avoid, and getting run around town for one test then another, it never stops. One way to change the trajectory of your journey on dead end avenue is by getting out of bed in the morning and get started on that exercise program consisting of strength training, cardiovascular training and stretching.

I also mean having a chip on your shoulder that you get angry enough that you no longer are intimidated by a long flight of stairs and wondering if you can get to the top or not. Or, can I carry a bag of groceries in the house without having to ask for help from my neighbor.

Getting determined enough that you are going to lose that extra 20-30 pounds you have been walking around with plus, your going to improve the poor overall physical condition that has caused you to have to take insulin shots to control your type 2 diabetes.

Once you see that your life both mentally and physically are being controlled by this state of complacency
 and, you have been living “this take it easy lifestyle”, you only then begin developing that chip on your shoulder that you need to take command of your well-being and get back control of your time and spend it on things and activities you want to do rather than going to every medical professional in town. Once you get caught on the treadmill of having to go to your family doctor for illnesses’ you could have prevented in the first place, you cant seem to get off of it.

When you get into enough emotional  pain mentally, physically and financially due to poor choices with lifestyle habits that led to your breakdown to begin with, then is when most of us decide to do something about the situation.

That is not for you! Decide now to get that chip on your shoulder that will get you motivated enough that you are not going down that path of decay as you age sure, there are changes that take place however, you have total control on how to defeat it and, keep yourself at the top of your game well into your 60s, 70s, and 80s and for many, beyond.

Your destiny is in your control right now. Today is the day to decide to become stronger, leaner and a whole lot healthier.

Richard Haynes PTA, CPT
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Bradenton, Florida.

Richard Haynes PTA
Total Joint Fitness LLC

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Avoid Complacency As You Age, Keep a Chip On Your Shoulder


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