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Your Beliefs: Change Your Life Today

The ideas and principles within this article “Your Beliefs” will, if followed correctly completely supercharge every area of your life, enabling you to create incredible results a lot quicker and with a lot less effort than you may have always thought.

You see one of the biggest stumbling blocks that people encounter particularly when building an online business is their beliefs. Your beliefs are what determine whether this day is a success or if this life is a success.

The one common thing, the common thread that all successful people have in whatever area of life they move in, is in their beliefs. They know without question that they will succeed. That they will achieve their goal regardless. Failure never enters their mind because they believe in only one thing and that is of course “all out success”

Its your beliefs that will keep you going when times are tough.

You see when your belief system is working for you then other traits appear, like certainty , expectation and purpose and when these appear then things really start to snowball.

So getting your beliefs in order is critical for success whether its starting a home business, getting into shape or building better relationships. You need to have the right beliefs in order to have the right results.

Remember, a belief my friends is just a thought you have more often than others. One that you keep telling yourself so often that it eventually becomes a physical manifestation in your life.

For example, you may keep telling yourself that you are terrible at meeting new people or that you are no good in business or you can never lose weight. You repeat these mantras like a ritual with that voice you have in your head. The one that never stops talking to you. Yep that one. And guess what when a situation does appear such as meeting someone new you will automatically behave like your beliefs have been telling you.

This then becomes a self fueling never ending downward spiral. You have the physical evidence to prove to yourself that you are terrible at meeting new people which only confirms that your beliefs are 100% correct and on it goes.

This my friends is what a belief is. A recurring theme of thought, not always negative as in the examples above but more often than not.

Changing Your Beliefs

The most critical part here is to first realise and accept that you are having these repetitive thoughts that do not serve you in any way shape or form. Once you realise they are happening you can then set about changing your beliefs for ones that will serve you better.

Now obviously not all of your beliefs are negative you will have positive ones too, so we don’t need to change everything you think about, Phew!

First of all you really want to start making a list of any areas in your life where its not going as well as you would like. Try not to make the list too long for now, perhaps your top 2 or 3. We don’t want to overwhelm ourselves and get too depressed before ever starting any changes.

This list could contain such items as a business you recently started or relationship you are in. What ever it is and it is important to you then put it on your list.

Next I want you to get a clean sheet of paper and then write one of the subjects from your list at the top of the page . Then draw a line down the middle of the page. On the left of the page I want you to write all of the Negative Beliefs that you have concerning this subject.

If your first subject is “ starting a home Business “ some of your negative beliefs might be “ I don’t have the skills to be a success in business”, “I believe its too hard to be a success online” or “I just don’t have the time” .

If your subject is losing weight then you might write down negative beliefs like “I am always going to be overweight” or “ I am no good at exercising”. Really dig deep and find those beliefs that have been holding you back, possibly for years.

Now this next bit is the part were we begin to construct a new life. We are going to cross out one by one each negative belief that we have but as we do this we are going to write on the other side of the page a new positive belief.

For example, if you have written “ I don’t have the skills to be a success in business ” you may now want to write something like “I know I have more than enough skills to be a success in business.” Or if you put down “I am always going to be overweight” Change it to something like “I am absolutely capable of losing weight”

Just continue down your list of negative beliefs, crossing them out as you go along and replacing them with new empowering ones and feel the relief you have when you realise you can achieve your dreams and you are not going to be held back any more.

Eventually you will be faced with a list of beliefs in areas of your life that are important to you that you can use to create massive change with.

Once we have these new beliefs your work is now to imprint them on your mind until they replace the old diss-empowering negative beliefs. You want to repeat them to yourself as many times as you can at various times of the day. Carrying them around with you on a small business type card is the way I do it. This way you can then read them whenever you have a spare moment such as on a train or waiting in line. You could also post them around your house, on mirrors etc as a constant reminder. Just be sure to always look at them.

A Word of Warning

Changing your old negative beliefs into new and positive beliefs is not going to happen over night. Some of your beliefs may have been kicking around and holding you back for years so don’t expect everything to be perfect by the morning. The key here is consistency and persistency .

Results Will Appear

Eventually the areas of your life where negative beliefs were creating negative results will now be producing positive results. If at this point your thinking “I don’t believe him” well guess what, here is another area of your life that needs to be looked at and new beliefs created for.

It stands to reason that this all works and why not. If a negative non empowering belief or thought can produce the physical equivalent and you know this to be true from the results you have been getting then it must be true that a positive empowering belief or thought will produce its physical equivalent. Besides, having empowering beliefs sure makes you feel nicer than drag me down beleifs.

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Your Beliefs: Change Your Life Today


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