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Top 10 Best Power Banks in India (2016)

This is a generation of Smartphones. Today everyone in this world have at least one smart phone in their pocket and they are completely dependent on it. A smart phone can do a lot of things when it has charged batteries. Many mobile phone have a battery life of less than a day and they may run out of battery at a crucial time making you feel handicap. Here the power Bank comes into play.

A power bank is a device made to provide you with the charging for your batteries when you are on the go. The power bank comes in all kind of shapes, sizes and capacities and there is plethora of options, but choosing the right power bank for your smart phone is not an easy task. Not every power bank will suffice your smartphones battery needs. You need to choose the right one for your mobile phones on the basis of some factors. Don’t know what things to look for while buying a power bank? Don’t worry below I have mentioned the points on how to choose the right power bank.

  • First and foremost, you need to know the battery rating of your smart phone. If you do not know your mobiles battery size, then read the specification of your mobile on the cover box or in the manual. You can also find it printed on your battery.
  • Chose a power bank having size (mAh rating) equal or more than that of your battery size. For instance, if your mobile battery size is 2000 mAh, choose a power bank which will have a battery of 2500 mAh or 4000 mAh. If you buy the 4000 mAh model, it means that you’ll be able to charge your smart phone at least twice. In any case, opt for the one with the highest mAh capacity.
  • Also check the ‘current draw’ of your mobile phone. Many older smartphones draw a current of 1 A but the newer ones now draw a current of 2.1 A. Chose a power bank which will have two ports for charging, one the 1 A port and other the 2.1 A port. If your power bank is able to provide a current of 1 A and your smartphones draws 2 A of current, then it will take more time for the bank to completely charge your device.
  • Check what type of cell is the portable charger using. Is it Lithium Polymer or Lithium-Ion? The lithium-ion batteries have a better charge density and is less expensive than the Lithium-polymer. The lithium-polymer on the other hand is essentially same as the Li-ion batteries. The Li-Poly batteries are thin, safe to use and have a better battery life but are also expensive. So here the budget decides on which type of power bank to go with.
  • Chose a power bank that comes with a power cut feature that will cut off the power in the event of a short-circuit. Also look for a bank that had auto cut power feature to cut off the power automatically once the charging is done. This will prevent it from getting overcharged.

Here are the top 10 best power banks a.k.a portable chargers available in India. Choose a power bank from the list below considering the points mentioned above.

Top 10 Best Power Banks in India :

  1. Asus 10050 mAh Zen

    The Asus tops our list of the top 10 best power banks available in India. The Asus Zen power bank has a battery of 10,500 mAh and is capable of charging your device at a very high-speed. The charging speed of this power bank is really amazing. This is possible because it has a ultra-fast charging port that delivers 2.4 A output. The output current of this charger is more than all the power banks listed here which gives an output of 2.1 A. The body of the Asus power bank is built of lightweight aluminum chassis which gives it strength and also make it look premium. It is available in four different colors: Black (Zenfone look), pink, golden and silver. The silver variant looks similar to the MI power bank. The Asus power bank has a ‘Power safe technology’ which guards against short circuits

    The battery is Lithium ion type and has said before this type of batteries are cheap. But the Asus power bank is costly despite having a Lithium-ion battery. It comes with a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.1,528, flipkart-Rs.1,499)

  2. PNY BE-740 10400 mAh

    The PNY BE-740 ranks second in our list of top 10 best power banks in India. It is very compact and lightweight which makes it highly portable. The white glossy finish gives the power bank a comely look.

    Overall the portable feels premium and fits easily in the pockets. It has only one output port of 2 A which has enough capacity to charge most smartphones and tablets. So if you want to charge your device more than once than this should be your choice. The charging port is on the bottom while a LED and portable charging point is present at the top. A button is present on the front side which when pressed and hold enables the LED. The PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank is good for all people who are looking to charge one device at a time. Rest people should skip this one. It has a 1-year warranty.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.1,210, flipkart-Rs.1,395)

  3. Romoss 10000 mAh Polymos 10 

    Romoss is a brand which is specialized in power banks. They make some of the best power banks at an affordable price. Hence, it stands third in our list of top 10 power banks available in India. The Romoss power bank is available only in white color. It is thin, compact and portable, fits easily in the pocket. The portable charger has two output port one of 1 A and the other of 2.1 A. t comes with Advance futures such as Over charge protection, over discharge protection, High Voltage protection, Auto Switch off after charging your device. The 10000 mAh battery can easily charge most of your smartphones at a descent speed. The time taken to charge the power bank fully is 6.5 hrs.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.1,399, flipkart-Rs.1,749)

  4. TP-LINK TL-PB 10400 mAH

    The TP-LINK PB 10400 mAh power bank ranks fourth in our list of op 10 best power banks available in India. This power bank will allow you to charge your device multiple times or charge two devices at once. The only downside is that you’ll have to carry some extra weight with you. The power bank looks appealing on the design front but the weight is little more than the rest of the banks listed here.

    It has two USB ports of 1 A and 2.1 A at the top and a battery charging port at the side. it’s best suited to those of you who use big phones and also tablets. The charging time of this charger is approximately 2 hours which is very good. It has multiple protection techniques which protects your mobile from getting damaged due to short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge and over-discharge. The TP-Link provides a one-year warranty for this product.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.1,035, flipkart-Rs.1,300)

  5. Portronics Velocity 10400 mAh

    The Potronics is a leading brand in innovative portables. The velocity ranks fifth in our list of the top 10 best power banks available in India. It is a 10400 mAh battery with two USB charging ports of 1 A and 2.1 A. It is capable of charging almost any devices be it be smartphones or music players. You can charge your device multiple times with a single charge with this portable charger. The body is completely black which gives velocity the professional look. The device is designed to be light in weight and handy which is essential for those users who are travelling frequently and cannot afford to carry a large power bank with them. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.1,172, flipkart-Rs.1,199)

  6. Intex Na IT-PB12.5 12500 mAh

    The Intex Na IT-PB12.5 is sixth in our list of top 10 best power banks available in India. The Intex Na has a cool and stylish look. The body built is of strong metal and has a textured design on it. The size of this charger is little big and it does not fit in the pocket.  The power bank has three output ports and one input port. It has two output port of 1 A and one port of 2 A. The input port has a rating of 1.5 A which means that it will take more time to get charged. The charging time is approximately 6 hr. It comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

    Buy From:(flipkart-Rs.1,099)

  7. OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank 

    The One Plus Power bank stands seventh in our list of top 10 best power banks in India. The One Plus has a nice design. It is slim and lightweight and feels like a smart phone when put in the pockets. It is compact an easy to carry. The one plus comes with two USB ports giving output of 1 A and 2 A. There are no buttons on the power bank. A gentle shake activates the four blue LEDs on the right edge, alerting you to how much power remains, while charging is automatic. The portable charger will charge your smartphones very fast. The charge time of this power bank is around six hours. There is a multitude of safety features built into this Power Bank, with safeguards against overcharging, overheating and short circuits.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.1,799, flipkart-Rs.1,799)

  8. Intex Na IT-PB11k 11000 mAh

    The Intex Na IT-PB11k is eight in our list of top 10 best power banks available in India.The Intex Na have a Lithium-ion battery size of 11000 mAh.. The design features and rest specification is same as that of the Intex Na IT-PB12.5k and is mentioned above.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.999, flipkart-Rs.929)

  9. Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAh

    The Ambrane P-1310 stands ninth in our list of top 10 best power banks available in India. it is a 13000 mAh battery capacity portable charger that comes with Samsung Cell Lithium Ion Battery. It will not only charge your mobile phone but also other devices like tablets, handycams, etc. Ambrane P1310 13000 mAh PowerBank comes in two colors i.e.: Black and white, Blue and white. The power bank is compact and can easily slide into your pockets.  It has one charging port and two discharging ports. The discharging ports have output rating of 1 A and 2.1 A. It also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.999, flipkart-Rs.999)

  10. Lenovo 10400 mAh

    The Lenovo is last on our list of top 10 best power banks available in India. It has a battery capacity of 10400 mAh and can charge your device multiple times. The design of this power bank is also good with the edges curved giving it a very stylish look. It has two output ports of 1 A and 2.1 A. The Lenovo Power Bank has charge time of approximately 4 to 5 hours but it depends on the charger you are using. If you are using the charger with a rating of 2.1 a then it will take 4 to 5 hours to charge fully. It takes more than 10 hours to charge fully with a charger having current rating of less than 2A. It comes with one year manufacturer warranty.

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.1,189, flipkart-Rs.1,199)

Do leave a comment if you have any query or confusion about which power bank to buy. Also tell us about any other power banks which are good but not mentioned here. 

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Top 10 Best Power Banks in India (2016)


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